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  1. You have new born nipples that are smaller and release easier (needing less suction power) and regular nipples. If your child is in the percentile of growth that yours seems to be in- go to regular nipples. And (guessing a boy, big! Girl) they will be moving to the sippy cup faster as well. Plus, your pediatrician (that is trained to be obsessed with percentiles) will let you know their perspective at the 6 month check up.
  2. Chaos stems life. Peace breeds death. Call it life what we see.
  3. You need an SO..
  4. Built in for me to protect the none men. DNA, lack of arm on my Y, or SJW aside- built in sacrifice. Built to feel superior, built to protect the inferior. *Builds logic barrier for incoming.
  5. I consciously don't, only my subconscious wins out. Mystery of love and all that..
  6. Playing victim gets you much more attention than playing hero. Relate it to your mind- do you remember negative things more than positive things from your past? Before you say positive- what takes up more time within your mind? Anyway, positive stories are great, but don't stem good conversation. Negative story ignite a slew of conversation. 'Simply', victim stories start conversation, and hero stories end them.
  7. It comes down to how much merit your mind gives to the section of brain behind your left temple.. mirror neurons.
  8. Tobacco according to the founding fathers of America..
  9. More knowledge and understanding leads to more depression. Understanding one's cycle leads to more time spent in them than following along with them. A way of prolific speed- thus happiness is quicker and depression is elongated. A warping of natural cycles. *On the average.
  10. I had no best subject, as I barely passed any of them. Based on my current job: Persuasiveness, charisma, and knowledge. 9w1
  11. * Correctly stated: The mind is developed or exist for the sole purpose of guessing the unknown in an attempt to have the body survive the unknown. Intuition (as possessed by a minority) stretches that predictive nature beyond the confines of even fewer individuals. Anxiety is the minds lack of understanding (or learned wisdom) of the patterns used or fruitioned by its results. A failure to recognize, analyze, and contemplate patterns as a given state. Instead, the anxious compound the data and 'fear the results of the known (knowledge based on previous data). And anxiety comes from those knowns in the form of a spiral descending into memories that relate (in idea/values/morals) to the subject (hand-picked) and often sending them into a funnel of emotion (mostly anxiety). -Not coming to a proper product of prediction. Thus, giving product to the mind's fear of the knowns and worse case scenario contemplation. Not to be confused with: Giving product to the mind's fear of the unknowns. One taps the memory for predictive patterns that may lead to a certain result. The other taps into memory and becomes encompassed by the weight of the results. One uses the cycles. One is the cycles. *So yes. My point was to answer the above as being a lack of intuition was taken well. But, to say it as a whole is anxiety, no. As your quote should have read: You mean the lack of any intuition or the ignorance of its existence. Which would have been correct. As my smart ass comment was 'as if' to give merit to the mind's natural inclination... Funny right!! Like to say it is glorious to call a square a square...
  12. We see a purpose in people: We engage. We see people grow past their purpose (or us): we delete them. We must save room for the important. Guilt over it is just another alienation we place upon ourselves to stave off the hunger.. for something new.. different. Complexity's given from political correctness to eternal grace (granted stage) aside. We are simply the cold vampires of knowledge and individuals do not matter. They really don't. Unless you can find the Ulysses of another type that matches your merit. Another tale. Anyway, INTP stands for evil in the complexed mind of the mean. As should it be, for their numbness births our drive into the unknown (until we realize at some point something greater is the cause). Not to say we do not remember you as the idea or imprint of you.. just not you as an individual.
  13. As in giving merit to the product of the mind's fear of the unknown... *Eyeroll* Giving rise to the Intellectual human is simply a (false sense of) superiority to begin themselves at the end of the beginning. Let the sensors know the true meaning of growth and intuitives the false sense of understanding.
  14. For me it is balanced contentment. As my weak Fe strives for- so that my mind can optimally perform. Or balancing the emotional environment for the good of me and ultimately my clear thinking (without distraction of outside influences of emotion pressed upon me). Evil, malicious, and self serving as it might be- my mind serves itself, protects itself, and provides optimal environments for itself. I am simply an observer.