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  1. Go to sleep!..
  2. Stopping in to say hi; thinking good thoughts for. about you: Hope you, SO and baby are all doing well. :hug: 

  3. I am perfectly Gary! Just like my perfect Garyados!
  4. Update: Lvl. 35 I have seen all 3 regionals I cannot get. I caught a Lapras last night, and hatched a Lapras right after that!!
  5. I've hatched 4 Smoochums... :/ Got another Togepi though! ...... added to this post 0 minutes later: Read 'em and weep!
  6. I'm just gonna put this here.
  7. Togepi!!!!!!!!!!
  8. This thread was a good read. My opinion: Yes, quite intelligent is he. Chris. Yet not in my way. His theory is awesome and I enjoy it- right up my alley. Quite pragmatic in language, grounded, and strict. Un-fitting is his ability with vocabulary to paint complex meanings with simple words. This leads to definitions not being found and the creation of new words to encompass his meaning. While I find this fitting for his mind, I find it puzzling for my own. This is simple wiring differences, intellect aside. In context, he is a mechanic of language using his skills to venture beyond mechanics into metaphysical regions. The issue being the mismatch of grounded mechanical language to explain something that runs by a different set of metaphysical mechanics. Thus, explaining a fluid system by means of a structured system. I have no doubt of his intellect, nor his understanding of what he has promoted. I do doubt his ability to hone in on any underlying mechanics of a chaotic fluid system, and in accordance his ability to go a level deeper to the clear singular mechanics that create such chaos-which isn't really chaos at all. Example: He is wonderful at describing the house, but not it's contents. Instead he convolutes the windows of that house. Instead of giving you a look in through windows (which I don't think he can see), he creates a value in word upon the windows- that he assures you he will explain later (when he can see himself). I believe he wants so bad to solve the problem(s) of metaphysical mechanics, and like the many obsessed geniuses will never give up on such a thirst. I just don't think he can see it. That epiphany of the windows. Sadly, he could simply find one that was born to see it clearly and easily. His Ying without the Yang. He should find Yang. As I am built for the opposite. I don't truly understand his approach. As I am a metaphysical mind stumbling upon common mechanics of reality. No matter how intelligent we are or think we are, we will ever be half perfect. It is in our coding, Chris.
  9. more pichu
  10. Ambra hatches 3 Snorelax, 3 Lapras, and 3 Dratini.
  11. Over 30 5k hatches no 5k baby Pokémon. Employee hatched 2 5k and got Pichu...
  12. 2 Igglybuffs.
  13. Yeah, mine just glitchs out and won't load no matter how much I restart: Spectral Igglybuff: