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  1. I did not do well at all. It is all a blur to me. I don't even know how I was able to graduate. I did not seem to retain or absorb much. Some college that was much the same. Always behind. Except for math, I felt like I had the education of an elementary student. Any issues I might have had could have come from multiple negatives. Yet the biggest comes from me, introspection. I spent so much time and energy on my internal world that I had a loose grip on reality. So I spent 20 years wrapped up in this cocoon of delusion and only saw the world through a thick haze. I didn't belong in this strange world of reality. Out there I was dumb, worthless, and simply a body. But, in here I was god among men, creating universes, complex philosophy, and devoting myself to understanding the inner machines of my world. I changed. Out from the oppression of readied whips I flourished. I demanded education of myself and have not stopped since. I download data and knowledge into my mind as rapidly as possible. Nothing beyond my reach, nothing my mind cannot comprehend. Yet, here I sit typing this post over a decade later knowing that I have only obtained a fraction of a percent of the knowledge I want and must have. With the grammar of a school boy, vocabulary found wanting, and (worst of all) inability to convey and share my inner worlds vast depths in a comprehensive way. Someday, though...Someday I WILL be educated enough to hold merit. Until then I will continue to share my world in my good ole pseudo intellectual way.
  2. I wanted to be a mathematician that worked at NASA when I was little.
  3. Do you rationalize it? Do you list benefits of it? Do you use it to self medicate? Does your body crave it? Does you mind think that a drunken state is the preferred state? Can you control it at all times? Can you refuse a free drink? Are you asking for help because there is a part of you that is unsure you can make a clear decision on your own? Get help, you are already asking for it. Listen to that small voice in your head that is telling you no. Reach out to loved ones and professional help.
  4. Calls a game that brings in an estimated 1.3 million dollars a day a flop.
  5. My reasoning for stockpiling Evee candies is the following: -Evee Candies are high value now and will be in the future with new evolutions. -I have an Evee spawn now, but with the regular spawn changes, that may change for the worst in the future.
  6. Not as protected as you might think. I already know your full name, where you work, your education history, and the actual names of the PHDs you work under. Along with family members, nuances of preference, and personality (as well as clashes of dynamics of family, friends, and social dynamics). And that is only from your posts and Google. So don't be cocky. Just watch your information disclosure on public platforms. Sorry to be a villian, here. I really am just trying to help.
  7. Great point, thank you for sharing.

  8. Remember a lot of these people with these powerful Dragonites cheated with the pokemaps or got lucky with a Dratini net close to them in the early part of the game. I just hit 1,000 Evee candies. Just in time to give them out at Halloween.
  9. Unfortunately, for a research analyst it would be too easy. :/ As an analyst with nothing but a lead, I would do this: Find key sites of media platforms visited. The pages visited would easily show a pattern to point to the username. Or key word search the site, example: -Then I would investigate the sites tools and find if that person's history is available. If so: -build a packet of information gathered from individual posts. Then link all similar information to build probability of truth based on number of correlation data points. Then compare data sum to known facts of individual to produce a percentage probability of matching the individual with the username. Example: weight, height, nationality, orientation, relatives, name leaks, occupations of self or family, names of places in a localized area, etc. And this isn't even the deeper shit I can do all within legal means. -------------------- Anyway, my point is not to freak people out here. I am just saying watch what you put on the nets, it can be gathered. And there are analyst out there that can and will be able to break anonymous historical data. Hell I was even trained to get inside the head of the person and become them to create predictive analysis. Lesson to learn? Yes, the odds are quite low that this will happen. But, if it does/did happen... Think before you share. I apologize for being a jerk about bringing it up. I just don't want OPs case to become a huge headache.
  10. Quite low I would assume. That would be for the legal console to decide during disclosure. *Shrugs* I'm just a Joe Schmo on the subject. I do feel a lawyer would not want a person to discussing the case with anyone, though. I doubt it would come to any of this being found, but: Did plaintiff visit this site while on a school log in computer. Did plaintiff visit this site while on a school wifi student log in account. What are the terms of use agreed to before access was granted. Did a student or students discuss their professor in a non-constructive way on a media platform. Defamation, libel Etc. Odds are it would be settled outside of court and a non disclosure agreement signed, anyway. Then OP could never tell us what happened anyway.
  11. If it has already been done and a legal case is being built. I would not speak about it on a public forum. It can be used and the mention of intent based on resentment of witnesses is already established in the OP (even loosely) is a blunder. IMO.
  12. Innovator-Banker
  13. It will not load on my phone.
  14. Lucky!!!