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  1. Expressing feelings verbally can be very awkward for INTJ, you'll probably have to train your bf in that regard :-) . But do not worry about ENFP-ness, it is totally hypnotizing to us ;-)
  2. Believe me, I have been asking myself exactly the opposite question. :-) Why in the world would an ENFP (which = awesomeness) would like INTJ??
  3. I liked The Ring (Hollywood version). The boy from movie looks totally IN_J to me...
  4. I think it's because we are not good at or comfortable with acting spontaneously. We 'see' problems in future arising, than we try to avoid depending on ad-hoc decisions. Instead, we try to build a system that will be robust enough to solve all the problems and dangers which will arise. This requires thinking, envisioning problems, solutions, collecting necessary information, etc. Hence nickname 'system builder' or 'mastermind'.
  5. I've been told by people that I remind them of Keanu Reeves, and I think it's because of that characteristic look in the eyes. Maybe not always "death" stare, but some kind of "laser" stare like other forumers mentioned...
  6. Sounds familiar to me. I think your 'friend' is jealous and she is probably gossiping you to your mutual friends. Make some plan and get her out of your life. Beware, do it with cold-head, as she will try to involve you in some 'fights' and try to keep love-hate relation to you.