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  1. I'm curious if you are class conscious? I've entered a few rungs higher than my parents. However, it has been pointed out to me that I'm not fancy as it is predicted that I should be. BUT, internally I find myself more judgemental on "low brow" preferences and behavior. I don't fit in with the "high brow" folks either What are your thoughts on class stratification?
  2. I don't have kids but it amazes me how my coworkers and friends are slaves to the schedules that sports demand. They can't do anything but sports on the weekend. During the summer break, a family vacation is out of the question when more than one kid is involved with sports. If I ever have kids I'll never be a slave to that cult
  3. She wasn't just "getting it off her chest". It was a serious cry for help I completely agree with everything she is going through. My bil is a loser. Their goals are completely mismatched. He doesn't want to seek professional help for his depression, anger management, etc I think she needs to just get out but I don't know how honest I need to be when she asks for my thoughts on the situation. Personally I just want to go over the steps in how to file for divorce for her. I'm the big sis and still want to act in that protective role I guess. I see no reason for her to continue this marriage if he doesn't want help fixing it
  4. I need advice in how to offer adequate emotional support for my infp sister without meddling. She shared "the elephant in the room" in regard to her marriage. I've acknowledged the issues long ago and figured she's an adult and I'm not the one that has to live with him. For the most part he advoids his marriage by working and drinking. His only day off is on Sunday's and he treats her like shit. He is a miserable guy. I'm sure he would benefit from an antidepressant, exercise, sobriety etc. I'm pretty tight lipped and tried not to take sides but I'm not sure what else I should or should not be doing. My sister has a good profession and doesn't have kids. Honestly I think she deserves much better but that's not my position to share that with her. What are your thoughts? Thanks
  5. Luckily my hubby and I already agreed on most things so this worked out for us.

  6. Picky eaters who will not try anything at least once. I have a theory that those folks are bad in bed
  7. I've done this several times. I also had a list of must have's and have nots before I got into a relationship after my divorce. Look for that list and see if you qualify.
  8. Yes, I spent 12 years as an officer. I am separting but do not regret my service at all. Try it! It's not a permanent situation.
  9. I know 2 people who suffered from migraines thier entire life. Both get Botox injected into thier scalps every 3-4 months and swear by it! Most insurance companies cover it too!
  10. I love sour cream other than that I could do this diet. But I eat sour cream everyday. I don't eat or drink sugar, I'm not a carb lover. But sour cream--I eat it everyday on my eggs I'm normal weight I wonder if I'd get that 6 pack if I cut out sour cream. So can you drink wine on this diet? I like wine.
  11. I had a 2 year relationship with one. I'm female so this may be different for an intj guy. Eventually I could not put up with him cow towing to me. His sweet sensitive side and my brash inquisitive self never clicked. He was my first relationship after my divorce, he gave me what I needed at the time. He was a sweet man, good to me, but couldn't give me what I needed intellectually. Our conversations were so vapid but the sex was awesome.
  12. 1. Intelligent and curious about life, always growing and improving himself 2. Engages my mind and likes to explore 3. Open minded but sticks to what he believes. Doesn't cowtow to me
  13. My friend is a social worker who is a therapist. This is a common thing. Some fathers are actually traumatized seeing what else a vagina can do and lose all interest in sex with their wife. They require therapy. She warned me when I have a baby to be sure my husband stays at the head of the bed and focuses on my face and not my crotch.
  14. Happy Holidays (:

  15. Thanks guys! I love this forum. I am normal. It's tough being an intj and a broad. I don't have that death stare and I'm not selfish. When I see something unique and think somebody in my small circle would like it, I give it to them. That happens any time of the year. Living in Europe, Christmas is much more endearing. I've been to many Christmas markets in Germany and Prague. It is about people getting together, drinking hot mulled wine and enjoying themselves. I have yet to see a brat having a meltdown over their parents not giving into buying them crap at the vendor booths. Black Friday is something they do not understand. Especially when it occurs the day after we are thankful for what we all ready have.