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  1. Any toilet with a decent flushing mechanism should remove poo streaks almost all of the time. If your friends' toilet requires manual cleaning after most poops, the roommates may solve the issue by installing a toilet tank repair kit that has a better flushing mechanism. If poo streaks are an infrequent thing because their toilet flushes properly, then, yes, roommate #2 should be grabbing a brush and toilet bowl cleaner whenever there is visible residue.
  2. I have been railing against direct-to-consumer prescription drug advertising for years. A ban on it is long overdue.
  3. From first-hand experience, the Wirecutter-recommended Jarvis standing desk is excellent.
  4. Or a "I am Groot" option.
  5. No forge or anvil in the kitchen = no need to wear an apron in the kitchen.
  6. You either did not read my linked article or you disagree with the police officers' explanations in the article: Just like a lot of the public, a lot of the police want vehicles with: 1) more space for their stuff; 2) AWD for bad weather; and 3) more space for themselves. (For the record, I prefer a vehicle with a low center of gravity and plenty of cargo capacity... which isn't a SUV or CUV.)
  7. SUVs stopped being a fad in my mind when police organizations began to favor them over sedans.
  8. No one needs to wear a lead-lined apron because microwave ovens contain microwave radiation.
  9. You feel a desire to socialize and are using alcohol as your social lubricant. I feel no desire to socialize and, not coincidentally, have never used alcohol. Never = tetotaling-never. Doesn't matter to me if other people drink or don't drink... unless they are planning to drive afterwards. We are both INTJs. What’s the difference between you and me? I was raised as a free-range kid and there were few kids my age in my childhood neighborhood. I learned how to be independent, imaginative, and not be concerned about being left out during the rare group opportunity. Belonging to a group was and is not a life priority.
  10. Your use of the phrase "normal contributor to society" is interesting. It is a way of saying you feel obligated to socialize? Or do you feel a no-pressure desire to socialize more?
  11. Your ice cream sammich privileges have been permanently revoked.
  12. Some people discover life is better on their own.
  13. Not a good plan to expect Boomers to fix the problems they caused. It is in your generation's self-interest to mobilize and start replacing Boomer elected officials with your own ASAP. Millennials already outnumber Boomers: Gen X will never have the numbers by themselves to take enough power away from Boomers and clean up the many Boomer messes. By the time enough Boomers die, millennials will overshadow Gen X with their collective power just as the Boomers once did.
  14. To eliminate confusion, Tom Brokaw should have been assigned the task of defining and naming all generations.