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  1. Hey there. How did you go with your Arduino board?

  2. One of those areas, there's a skull sitting on a brown block in front of a sacrificial table, I accidentally blew the skull off with a stray ice bolt. I had to jump up onto the brown block and then step off again to trigger the door open. Maybe this helps... Sorry should have quoted - but you know it's Skyrim related
  3. You're lucky. I'm hit with the problem I can't kill Miraak. He just goes intangible and stays that way.
  4. Ye-es, there's one at work and he's pretty good on the whole. He plays to much music at work for my taste and has an insane amount of useless social knowledge. But he's ok all the same.
  5. I bought an Arduino clone - Freetronics Eleven board -Soldering station and some solder -multimeter -third hand work holder -"beginners" kit of misc electronic parts -2 passive IR motion sensors -2 active IR motion detectors -bunch of High intensity LED's I decided I need to get into electronics and this seems a reasonable and interesting way to do it.
  6. I have a 4s and am half way through my contract ATM. It would cost me about A$948 to break contract, so no I'm not upgrading at this point. I may consider the iphone 6 this time next year when my contracts over. Aussie 4G plan pricing may be better then as well (surely couldn't get worse).
  7. I've done lots of wine. Best was banana and a passionfruit/mango has been good as well. A fruits of the forest from discount preserved fruit was good as well, also made some Christmas sherry for my Mum to cook with. That worked out really well. Have also done a bit with distilling spirits. Have a bunch of work colleagues who hang out for the work christmas party where we can bring spirits :-)
  8. That smell sounds like you didn't sterilise properly. Hit all the containers you use with cold water and sodium metabisulphite, drain the solution but don't wash it out - that defeats the purpose and the sodium metabisulphite will dissipate in 24 hours
  9. Hiya. I'm from Bris too. Kinda looking for like-minded ppl.

  10. Our family has a major reunion coming up on October and I'm really wasn't looking forward to it, fortunately my Dad read a copy of "Please Understand Me II" and has thankfully advised people that I'm "working". I am actually taking some time off at the same time, but I'll be spending it alone :-)
  11. That's a cute cat.

  12. I used to, it was good to work things out for work. Now I found that talking to my cat works even better. <-- Cat. Her name is Layla. It's also useful when explaining to work companions where I got my ideas from. Back then Me: I got this idea talking to myself in the shower Other person: ...okay... (backs away slowly) Now Me: I got this idea talking to my cat Other person: Oh wow! What a cute cat, hey that's a great idea!
  13. Vegetables, I used to only eat potatoes and tomatoes (not strictly a vegetable, but you know) and the potatoes only deep fried in oil. Today I had a roast chicken subway with all the salads quite pleased with lunch
  14. Hi Bullwinkle, from another Australian also. I'm from Brisbane and it's cold enough here for me atm.
  15. 1 x HP Microserver N40L 2 x 4GB DDR3 ram sticks 4 x 2TB Seagate drives 1 x Sata DVD drive 1 x Intel Core i5 CPU 1 x Asus 1155 mini-itx mobo 2 x 4GB DDR3 ram sticks 1 x 60GB SSD 1 x Antec silent case 1 x Sata DVD drive The HP is another NAS box on the network, and the core i5 is a "encoding" PC I'm ripping and encoding all my DVD's