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  1. *hugs Analyze*

  2. I don't seek out either gender in particular for friendship, but my friends are overwhelmingly of the opposite gender. I don't have fixed notions of what is required for a relationship to happen. If I want a relationship, I'm going to pursue it regardless of how well developed my interaction with that person is.
  3. My sense of morality is largely influenced by the non-aggression principle, the preservation of freedom, and the respect of the free will of others. It has been dosed with some pragmatism because I'm not a delusional idealist. My moral code is not immovable. I will always try to preserve principle, but sometimes concessions need to be made to reality.
  4. Even if you really are indifferent about passing or failing, I see two main choice pathways that are optimal. 1. Try harder ever if you don't care, so you're not wasting time and money. 2. Admit that you aren't going to care, and that going to school isn't right for you. The worst possible thing that you can do is stay in school while constantly doing poorly and making no progress towards a degree. This is expensive, wastes your most valuable asset, being time, and will eventually result in a poor state of mental health. You may feel indifferent to it right now, but eventually constant failure wares down your self esteem. This is coming from a person who has seen several people be in your position. I have one friend who chose the second option and lives a very low cost life, but he is happy. I have another who decided to try harder and has a good career. I also know two people who just went with the keep doing shitty for years and then dropping out with no degree and a massive loss of resources. Both of them are miserable and in debt. There is no secret to making yourself care. You really need to examine what you want in life. Best of luck.
  5. I really think that trying to ascribe logical reasons to human preferences is a sort of simplistic approach. There are such a myriad of psychological reasons why people prefer the things they do. The best hope for gaining logical answers to these sorts of questions would require substantial scientific advancements in neuroscience.
  6. I'm normally very careful with my language. If I'm committing to doing something, the structure of my comment would make that obvious. On a side note I would normally just do things for someone without mentioning them. I don't tell people I'm going to get them something or that I'm going to act differently to make them happy. If I can do one of these things for someone I care for without taking actions that I find distasteful, then I'm probably just going to do it. False hope really is a nasty thing to me.
  7. So the answer I'm seeing is that the definition isn't agreed upon. I don't think it's reasonable to aggregate everyone's responses and make it sound like they're all necessary to be a "quality woman". Different people value different things, and they would like their partners to be average to above average in those things they care about. This isn't some great tragedy or surprise, nor do I think someone who uses this term automatically has high standards. I can easily see someone referring to their girlfriend/wife as a quality woman, which essentially just equates to being someone that they like, based on their own subjective use of the term. I'm sorry, but the idea of trying to reach a definition based consensus on such an inherently ambiguous term is sort of dumb.
  8. Do they come with relevant audit results? I love a woman who knows her paperwork. Also just remember guys, a 9001 cert isn't a life time thing. It has to be re-earned every few years.
  9. It has nothing to do with texture. The taste is just disgusting.
  10. Canned Spinach (Even though I love fresh spinach) Greek Yogurt Jello of any variety
  11. Red Dust by Paul McAuley. The pacing is sort of strange, and things aren't as detailed as I would like, but it's still a unique book. I can appreciate a book whose stylistic presentation is non-standard, because it speaks about the author's preference for their own ideas rather than copying previously successful formulas.
  12. I'm excited for it, but like others I am concerned about how much FPS there is going to be compared to RPG elements. I like games that give me a lot of options in terms of how to handle a situation, and I don't really enjoy spending 40 hours shooting enemies. I'd rather spend 40 hours doing fetch quests, as long as there is some nice dialogue/writing to accompany it. I really hope it isn't like inquisition, as that whole game suffered from a real sense of detachment for me. At the end of the day the most important thing for me is not the gameplay mechanics, but how much I love the universe and its characters.
  13. Much more realistic depiction of war and the fact the rebels can't have clean hands. The rebels had depth in this film that they previously lacked, which was nice. The empire was still nonsensically evil - but it was a prequel so they were sort of limited. I really enjoyed it, and I think it was a step in the right direction. I have always loved the feel of star wars, but thought the morality was incredibly simplistic. This movie definitely improved my opinion of the franchise as a whole.
  14. Milk
  15. ... so, correct me if I'm wrong, but is it today or nine days from now?