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  1. I don't know when I'm going to have the time to properly immerse in this, but I'll figure it out. It seems wrong to play it a few hours after work each day, so I'm probably going to take a day off so I can just sink into it for three days or something. It will be a fine three days. Mass effect is indeed awesome
  2. If only I knew. I've had sushi before, and while it's good, this is not something that has happened to me. If only I were able to profoundly influence my life by eating sushi.
  3. Early voting will be open next weekend, and I'll be there.
  4. I really don't mind. I'm still excited to vote for someone whose principles I support.
  5. Glad to hear you had a good event.

  6. It is about voting for someone I believe in, who will try to make the nation be what I think it should be. It is a refutation of false dichotomies. It is a statement that I will not live my life by some delusional desire to be on the winning side, but rather accept that sometimes standing on principle means that victory is not assured. It is a moment of great pain and suffering, as a result of my intense love of my country, and frustration at the things that are occurring. It is a thing that causes me such great discontent that I am forced to physically push myself to the point of not being able to think anymore, so that I can find peace in exhaustion. It is a moment of sincere reflection that we have so severely blasphemed such a marvelous idea.
  7. I already did it last night, but I agree that it's strange to see so many people dwell about it.
  8. My political views don't mesh well with most people in this country. I find a lot of what people advocate for to be deplorable, but I ignore it. I'm more concerned with how a person conducts themselves than anything else. If someone wants to have views I strongly disagree with, or even find appalling, then that's fine as long as they aren't actively being what I consider to be a bad person. When I really think about it the biggest thing for me is that the person in question is not a hypocrite. If they're consistent about themselves being in line with what they're spouting, I'm much less inclined to be bothered.
  9. Never have I seen anyone regularly post, or converse, in such a manner. When I post here I avoid long paragraphs, because I don't like the way they look. It doesn't really bother me when people send fractured thoughts as they pour out of their mind, at least that way I know they aren't applying some filter.
  10. I would abstain from doing so. The person I am now is the culmination of all the events in my life, pleasant and unpleasant ones alike.
  11. Both the campaigns have been exceptionally nasty, and the media has been even worse. The entire affair has been very solemn, and it only reinforces my stalwart belief that neither nominee has the integrity I desire in a President.
  12. I've always been able to adapt to a schedule and have it feel right so long as it's consistent. At present I'm a morning person because that's what life needs me to be, and so on my off time it feels right to maintain that. I don't think I'd have any issue becoming a night person again if it was realistic to maintain that schedule daily. I don't think my body has a natural preference.
  13. It's beautiful! :nice:

  14. Yes, it was just a thought.

  15. Did you write this?