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  1. *Waves at Red Kitty*

    Come back soon ya hear?

  2. *drinks some citron tea*
  3. Coffee, stat!
  4. Too early for that, and I barely got into my coffee - which is caramel btw.
  5. Your fault for getting your head stuck in that mask.
  6. Oh just in time for that ugly Halloween avatar of reckful's
  7. Ohh embedding youtubes now. Nice.
  8. Not only was it candy corn, but it was candy corn flavored marshmallows. You're welcome.
  9. Oh I can offend you with this post
  10. Wouldn't that also make you easily offended since everyone today is offended by everything?
  11. Was that the pumpkin spice version?
  12. I don't think that is a tim tam.
  13. Should I even ask what tim tams are?
  14. This thread is really going to the cats.
  15. Dibs on first post!