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  1. I did that on the first day lol.
  2. So apparently they also increased the flee % rate for the Pokemon. Seems like a cash grab for people to buy Pokeballs. Good thing I can access 3 pokestops from my bed.
  3. did you save all those charmander from the rain? how sweet
  4. I took over a gym (which is also a gym in real life) and put my 960cp Pinsir in there and felt proud. I walk over to the cable machines and I see a really brolic guy furiously tapping on his phone. Next thing I know, I'm knocked out of my gym, and he put his 2000+CP Dragonite in there. I just found it funny that a stronger weight lifter than me took me out and put his stronger Pokémon in there.
  5. ahhh so that's what they meant by level 20 is the soft cap
  6. everybody here battling gyms with their >1000 CP pokemon and I'm sitting here just trying to complete my pokedex....too bad all I'm getting are Pidgeys and Zubats.
  7. Just went for a stroll in the park and got a Scyther and Hitmonlee show up. Caught both but they're kinda weak.
  8. I talked to my boss yesterday about how everyone is playing it. She was saying how stupid it was and how everybody needs to grow up and whatever. Then she started asking me questions about the concept of it, and how to play, so I explained it to her. She still thought it was stupid. Come into work today, walk into her office to give her something....and there she is...playing Pokemon Go, already level 5 in one night. Asking me to explain to her how to battle gyms. And I taught her how to put a lure up, and just caught myself a 559 Pinsir :)
  9. I got a Dratini luckily on my way home, but it's the weakest Dratini ever. Don't care cause he's mine!
  10. I went to sleep with the gyms around me being mystic or valor. I wake up and all six are now owned by instinct.
  11. Just be careful out there!
  12. They only go down to 1HP if you go to friendly gym and train, but they faint if you fight enemy gyms and lose. With that said, TEAM VALOR!!!
  13. Are you in a super rural area? I think this game has huge advantages in big cities. I'm in NYC, and at work I can be at my desk and access 3 pokestops. At home I can access 2 from my bed. And there's at least 10 gyms within 5 minute walking distance for me in each direction.
  14. 1) Being smart enough to know when to cut negative stuff out of my life 2) My abs are starting to show slowly 3) Learned discipline
  15. Dump him, or talk it out and see if he's improving through actions...if not, dump him.