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  1. Very picky eater here. I was 11 when I first accepted that lettuce might not be hazardous to your health.
  2. Hi. If you're ENFP, we love you, but we're not going to say it. If we for any odd reason do, you'll think you misheard us and we will not repeat it.
  3. I just started Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.
  4. While I'm an adherent of science, I am not very interested in the particulars. I dislike maths. I enjoy technology but not to the point of wanting to do it as a career. I am a musician. I am a writer. The act of creation is fundamental to my being. You could say that I am god.
  5. The Punisher. I can live with that.
  6. When I was growing up we had two PCs, one running Windows 95 and the other running 98. I have no idea what kind of hardware was in those. Coinciding with the release of Warcraft III, we bought a new one with Windows XP. My first very own PC must have been bought in 2003 and also ran XP. My father then bought me a new one in 2006 to play Oblivion, which I further upgraded in 2007 before getting yet another new PC as a birthday gift. Of course, it was a pre-built HP piece of shit, so even after putting in a GPU it wasn't good for much, so for three years I did most of my gaming on an Xbox 360. I only really got into PC building in 2010 when my grandparents helped me pay for the parts. Windows 7 ATI HD5770 AMD Phenom II x4 4GB RAM I then upgraded my GPU to an NVidia GTX 560 Ti for Skyrim, in 2011. In late 2012 my CPU started misbehaving, so with some money I had saved in addition to the money I was given for Christmas, I bought a package deal containing an ASUS P8Z77-V motherboard, an Intel i5-3570k and 8GB RAM. Half a year later, i.e. summer of 2013, my GPU decided to die on me, so I replaced it with a GTX 660 I found on sale. Then, in September, for Rome II, I grabbed a 120GB SSD. Just after Christmas I sold my GTX 660 to my father and used that money (in addition to Christmas money and savings) I bought a GTX 770 and a Fractal Design R4 case. I have had some thoughts on upgrading my CPU for Watch Dogs in May, but I won't be able to afford it so I think I'll wait until Christmas.
  7. Another Atticus Finch.
  8. I think young males - I say males for a very specific reason - should focus less on becoming "alpha males" and more on becoming well-rounded adult men, meaning things like a sense of maturity and the skills needed both to function in modern society as well as provide for oneself in addition to potential children.
  9. I've spent the past week sporadically playing as Alfred of Wessex. I got lucky with a plot to kill my incompetent brother, King Æthelred of Wessex, in March 867 and inherited the throne. I have now gotten to the point where two thirds of all counties in England are under West Saxon rule and I recently made myself King of England. God I love that game. Apart from Crusader Kings II I played the first three episodes of The Wolf Among Us, which is absolutely amazing, and also spent some time online in Mount & Blade Warband.
  10. Hoping for Everton finishing fourth and Hull winning the FA Cup. Apart from that, I don't care much about this season any longer. AVB was a stubborn fuckwit and Tim Sherwood has no tactical ability whatsoever. COYS.
  11. Online friends who have taken the MBTI: INTJ x2 ISTJ x2 INFP Real life friends who have taken the MBTI: ENFP ENFJ ESTP ESFJ Real life guesses INTJ xSTJ ISTP -------- I've known the ENFP since we were children. Being an only child, he's the closest thing I have to a brother. We talk about shit. We occasionally do shit, mainly involving food and talking about shit. Pretty much all of the sensor friendships are... incidental rather than deliberate. They are people that I have spent time with in one way or another, actually doing things, from which a friendship has developed. Both of the ISTJs are gaming people. The ESTP, ESFJ, xSTJ and ISTP are all people I have met in school and who turned out to be great people (and dependable for group things).
  12. Total War campaigns. I don't know how many hours I have on Rome and Medieval II before I got them on Steam (definitely numbering in the hundreds), but my playtime on Steam is as follows: Rome - 34 hours Medieval II + Kingdoms - 51 hours Empire - 186 hours Napoleon - 56 hours Shogun 2 - 120 hours Rome II - 32 hours Total: 479 hours And I still can't finish a campaign because I lose interest halfway through.