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    After being involved in a few gender wars here, I noticed a disturbing trend
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    Men defending men's rights were getting banned
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    My parting shot is to point this out to those bothering to look here.
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    While even the most vitriol feminists are still here spreading their shit lies
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  1. The original map was destroyed, so in case you want to do it again, answer to the INTJf map thread, please.

  2. I suppose you maintain your own sewer system, mine your own coal to power your electrical appliances, drill your own oil to fuel your car. No one person knows how to make a pencil; cog, the world is dependent of fucking cogs; you can't even feed yourself, without the hundreds of cogs that make it possible. Build and maintain your own luxury... you are looking at a piece of equipment built with minerals dug out of some African shit hole where young boys and men work and die in slavery, put together in some Chinese sweatshop, before it sailed across half the planet so you could buy it off the shelf at $199.99. You don't even know what happens to your shit when you push the flusher; nor do you comprehend the danger men tackle, to make sure your cell phone doesn't lose connection. The point of luxury, is that YOU don't have to think about this shit; you just keep on carrying on. What would you use, to wipe your ass.
  3. Did you even read his post? Here, let me repast it for you... Now Iliana... To answer your first question, peter's past implies that inherent male superiority is built upon their inherent inferiority. To answer you second question, I no point did I so much as imply that either gender need be inferior or superior. To finish, my statement about women is based on the idea that men are inferior; yet men built the world all around you, not women, men; and if an inferior creature did all this while in the presence of a superior creature, even so much as an equal creature, you can only draw one conclusion of that other creature. If this means I'm idiotic, than so be it; my idiotic species continues to build and maintain your luxury.
  4. Logic fail. Are you saying women are superior? If so, then women were too fucking lazy to be considered equals.
  5. Just as well. I'm sure he'd appreciate your bigotry. Which brings up a special point, VAWA. According to VAWA, DV is a crime committed by men on women. So if he couldn't tolerate your disgust at his gender transition, and tuned you in; it wouldn't be considered DV, because he was born with a pussy, and therefore gets a pussy pass.
  6. Ok, so you would date an FtM after reconstructive surgery.
  7. So let's if I f got this straight, according to FemmeBott... (TS after SRS) MtF sexually attracted to men = gay MtF sexually attracted to women = SOMETHING NOT LESBIAN!!! MtF shouldn't use female change rooms! FtM sexually attracted to men = straight FtM sexually attracted to women = SOMETHING NOT LESBIAN!!! FtM can use the female change rooms if they can prove they were born female when caught. And somehow we're the bigots here?
  8. Your arguments are the equivalent of saying, tomatoes can't be called a fruit, because that would change the meaning of apples. Or purple ketchup can't be defined as ketchup, because it will do something about the specialness of hotdogs. They make no sense, they're stupid arguments. Cow milk is milk, goat milk is milk, soy milk is NOT milk, because you would have to redefine everything about milk, and soy milk drinkers shouldn't be allowed to use the same locker rooms as milk drinkers. As a goat milk drinker, I'm offended that a soy milk drinker would expect me to fine them attractive and datable, I date ONLY other goat milk drinkers; I find it disgusting that a cow milk drinker would switch to soy milk and still say they are attracted to goat milk drinkers, they are cow milk drinkers, and I don't want anything to do with them, end of story!!!
  9. You type that post, and see no problem with child support laws? Well, of course you wouldn't, you're thinking in terms of being a woman. And the first part of your post is misandric, just letting you know, before you start popping off misogyny crap; I'm anti-feminist, not anti-woman.
  10. You're the only one here confusing sex with gender and sexuality. On the slapping hand... would you be ok with an "intersexed" person changing in your locker room?
  11. is revolutionizing prosthesis. There's another guy who's working on the melding of mind and PC because he thinks typing is just too slow. So the advances are happening. The question is, should we make plans to welcome these cyborgs as people? Or just wait until after grotesque discrimination like we did with everyone else?I imagine that lesbian wouldn't know how to cope, maybe she should be jailed just on principle, pre-stonewall style.
  12. Indeed, perception can be damaging.