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  1. Great contributions! How sad and frustrating that it's not completely obvious to everyone because it's really rather simple.

  2. I think it adds a more comedic flare when the comedian in question is laughing at their own jokes. It's just a little discouraging to laugh when the person is speaking in a somber tone with a straight face. Although, dry humor gets a pass on this. Answer: No. I'll abstain from the poll though. :p
  3. Why do some believe it's their business to make conclusions about other people's decisions, especially when A) it doesn't concern you and B) they (the person who "commits" suicide) isn't directly harming anyone. To be more direct, no. As others have said, the fact that so many variables are in contact when someone takes the plunge is likely to lead to a bunch of inconclusive and simultaneous, multifaceted explanations.
  4. It's just another defense mechanism. That's really it. Like most things, it has some merit but, I'd rather not spend too much time divulging in it. More often than not, it's best to take things head-on. I personally just use this kind of coping as a "break'" when things just get a little too overwhelming.
  5. no fireworks + no fireworks = no headaches!!! Yay
  6. that's even better ^
  7. Neighbor's fireworks = massive headache
  8. 5
  9. That's how I see it. Usually, when people blame their problems on their perceived "intelligence", I tend to think they're anything but the latter. There's a common disease were people confuse being logical with being rigid and unreasonable and being intelligent is somehow a recipe for social ostracization. Intelligent people know how to get what they want and can recognize whether their problems are a result of external or internal influences. Idiots just tend to blame their problems on the easiest targets; often bloating their egos or redirecting their faults in the process. I suppose people do whatever they can to avoid self-contemplation, such as life.
  10. Boooring
  11. No love for Daria? :( I personally found this character to be so darn relatable when I was in high school. Though, I was a lot more expressive than her (which isn't saying much), everyone probably is though.