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  1. I think once the game goes live you won't be able to purchase in-game money or ships anymore. It's just for the people supporting the game from the beginning.
  2. Still alive?

  3. As someone who has grown up with dogs, and currently has two, I'd say not to bother. Dogs are very social and do not do well alone. If you leave it in the backyard and only spend an hour or so a day with it, it's going to get bored and lonely and start barking and tearing stuff up. Unfortunately one of the things they tear up is themselves. The shelters I've volunteered at have gotten dogs in that have damn near chewed their paws off out of boredom. They bark until the neighbors complain and Animal Control comes and takes them. Then the owners come in bitching and telling the staff "I play with him almost an hour everyday". Unless you are willing to devote as much time as you would a child, don't bother. It's just going to end up badly and the one going to suffer, and possibly lose their life over, is the dog.
  4. Judging by the engineers I deal with on a daily basis, not in the least. Going by some of the engineers I've met in the past, sure.
  5. Already in the group. I fly under Cristalis Mu.

  6. Have you found yourself an organization yet? We're in the top 2% (size) if you're still looking. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/EDENDIRECT

  7. Thus far I love it. Haven't put many rounds through it yet, but it's a great little pistol.

  8. Guy in my class had one, solid. Would you recommend it?

  9. My current carry piece, M&P Shield .40. Very nice little pistol. I also have a couple Mosin's, 1940 and 1942. As well as an AK-74 I am rebuilding.
  10. I was walking down the aisle of an aircraft when I tripped on a piece of plastic. While I was going down I tried to catch a seatback, but only caught with a little of my hand and bent my wrist back.

  11. Yeah, I'm fine. Just a sprain. Hurt like hell though.