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    I think my spamming buisness stopped being a valid source of income.
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  1. If we are, I have a bone to pick with the designers for not making it a little better.
  2. It seems like it would just be faster to have tvs have small vials of poison that spray on you if it senses reality tv on for more than 10 minutes. That's what it's going to eventually devolve to (again) anyways.
  3. There's one obvious reason. The fact that even "smart" people tend to have little to show for it makes most people think it's not worth their time. Travel from one side of the internet to the other, looking for "the smart people" and chances are you'll be disappointed with what you find. The "nerds" that people in this thread are using as a synonym for "smart" are the people associated with being bitter that they don't get free relationships, and are socially incapable, if not openneckbeards. If intelligence wants to be viewed as a positive goal for all to achieve, it has to actually cut out all the riffraff.
  4. We'd have to know what modern society would be like without common access to it to know for sure. Realistically, I assume it is somewhat a negative. Whether enough to comply with the people in whichever part of the EU insist it's so bad that it needs to be cracked down on, I'm not sure.
  5. That depends what you define spiritual as. Also moral. Is someone less personally moral who just happens to be smarter enough to ACT more moral considered more moral than someone who tries more to be, but their low intelligence makes it harder?
  6. If you run around holding racial IQ statistics, and demanding everyone talk about them despite them not really mattering, then you can assume it is at least a little. If not inherently, then you at least have to question the motives of the one doing it.
  7. Good, actions that maximize utility weighted by perception. Bad, actions that minimize utility.
  8. But this is exactly why most people reject it. The people saying this line are often white females who themselves pretend they are not part of the oppressive ruling class based on a few trivial differences between them and males. Black people would tend to disagree, having you know... many of them a life surrounded by actual poverty.
  9. Why do people always try to bring up the dictionary definition of feminism in discussions of it. I don't think I've once seen people criticizing the conceptual definition. If they're talking about "feminism" it is understood that they mean the actual formulated movements themselves. Any distraction from this is a red herring. Just like words like whore, bigot, heretic, whatever else have you, the dictionary definition tells you very little of the actual context of words. If someone thinks modern feminism movements are doing it wrong, telling them to identify as one is like telling a nonreligious person to call themself a heretic. Or telling someone who doesn't hate white people to call themselves a white power advocate. I'm sure that was defined seemingly neutral as well. Whether abstract terminology defined by other people is technically accurate or not does not matter. What matters is the thigns that are being expressed by it. They is a key component to philosophy of language. Leading off onto the people who criticize the concept of egalitarianism. Movements named for a specific group make sense for people for them there is a substantial difference, like ethnic minorities. But no one who is trying to be realistic thinks that is true for white middle class females in the western world. Classical feminism has made way to postfeminism and egalitarianism in the modern world. And while females obviously still have many problems, I think it is safe to say they have enough cultural capital to try to discuss solutions as equals, instead of as victims. No one realistically thinks otherwise who does not have a victim complex.
  10. Baphomet? Nice. Chuckling at the people commenting about it who don't know anything about what it symbolizes.

  11. Communitarianism. Ascetism. Utilitarianism. Ahimsa. Serenity. Leniency in smaller matters. Not answering hypothetical or personal questions like an asshole, unlike most people on the internet.
  12. "FGHBfHgbfhGFplfhdbDFHdflhf." The faint sound of the very first life florping about after it's genesis. And it didn't even occur to you.
  13. Possibly, but by necessity we must come down on the idea that we do to some degree, but not fully.
  14. You make a good point. I'm sure you could get away with calling just about anything a religion because of how flimsy the word is.

  15. Nothing. In vigintillions of years I will be reborn, none the wiser. And in our present reality I will not live to see it.