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  1. I stay on the fourth floor... "Housewares"...

  2. Hey Monte,

    thanks for pinging.

    how many levels you live on these days ?

  3. Good morning.

  4. On my home stereo, it's usually on 6%. Occasional 20-30%. On my earphones, it's around 20% (comply foam tips rocks).
  5. "to do the things you want to do" - still in the searching phase. Maybe i'll decide i want to be a tree, in which case i'm all good. For my current job - both drive and horsepower are in lack. Drive being the bigger problem. I do good in the context of current project though. But who would be happy being a 'good average' ?
  6. Hello !

    All is good. See you're in christmas spirits.

    Thanks for finding the time :)

  7. Howdy! How is your world today?

  8. 24, IT, developer. Started working in a US based company (i'm in Europe), they have a IT department here. Plenty of 20's. About half of the devs / QA guys who aren't senior fall into this range.
  9. Have read his trilogy few years back. Seems reasonable. He is very clear that his data is subjective and states that this will require a paradigm shift (i.e. take subjective into account as evidence, because consciousness is subjective in it's nature). As for all his claims which he derives his whole TEO - of course it's suspicious. Does he really have that high consciousness to grasp the whole system ? Maybe. It might be like a dude who has never left his village trying to create a map of whole world on his own.
  10. But managed to turn into a benefit in the long run.

  11. Actually, I am loaded with OCD...

  12. Hi there. Must say you're very observant.

  13. Good morning.

  14. Hi there,

    thanks, everything does seem to move towards more clarity and purpose.