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  1. How ... comforting ... ;)

  2. I would instead conclude that ongoing war = poverty. Peace can be quite poor.

  3. I will not reveal my identity further. Distance has a habbit of badering me. I told Jezebel I would prove the claims to her. But it is unfair to badger me like this. It is all true, and not even that much of a big deal at the end of the day. I don't own the seats myself.

  4. Well, it is true. And the claims were not that grand. Knowing someone who owns seats on exchanges is not a grand claim. My claims are nothing compared to Major Chords. Has he lost credibility?
  5. How could I and remain anonymous? I have already revealed too much. Just don't believe me and move on. Jeesh! (I just think it is funny, stuff that is so ho-hum to me, is so unbelievable to you. :D )
  6. No. I'm done. It tells me quite a lot that you don't believe it. It is very revealing to me in fact. No one else needs to know, but I know. I know you can not see people for who they are. But I have known that for a while. Some 'N'. Enjoy your small world formed from Google searches and TV shows, and don't let reality confuse you.
  7. Why? I have already revealed too much. I AM anonymous on here. Just go on believing I made it all up. That causes you much less cognitive dissonance. (My mother is also close friends with people whose family name is on several huge university buildings, because their ancestors donated the money for them. I am not who you think I am. But, I am from a very small town, and because I know wealthy people, does not make me wealthy. And the guy who owned the seats was just a regular Joe. As normal as anything. My mother still talks to his mother occasionally. And all these "wealthy" friends of my mothers were from an ever-so-tiny Midwestern town. Bet you wouldn't expect that. )
  8. I'm not surprised. You may not have enough 'N'. However, it may be good to know, that just because people don't brag, doesn't mean they don't have anything to brag about. It is because in polite company, bragging is vulgar. But you backed me into a corner.
  9. Tell me the last time you were on a trading floor? CBOT, CME and CBOE. I babysat for a guy (or his kids) who owned seats on them. He was a close friend of my family. I have been to visit his office many times. My first job out of college was in the Marketing department of the CBOT. I invited traders to parties when they introduced new instruments. (I was a Marketing major undergrad.) I was invited to eat at the member's only restaurant that overlooked the CME exchange, and I was on the floor a few times. My cousins were runners for different exchanges. Uncles and cousins and family friends were brokers. I later worked in IT department for CME Group.
  10. I don't know about tie. But yes, they wear the company's jacket to trade. Kinda important to know who you are trading with in that fast paced environment. ---------- Post added 06-20-2014 at 05:57 PM ---------- I have told you enough. And for all I know your knowledge of business could have come from being a mistress or even call girl of some business men telling you wild stories. Maybe that is why "dressing for success" is so important to you????
  11. That is like saying a baseball player is "dressing for success" when he plays a baseball game in a uniform. And staged photos for an IPO are not normal business days.
  12. One personal example I gave on this thread. Uh huh! Yes, if everything you know about the world you learn from Google image searches, that turn up staged photos, you might not even know that traders on the floor wear these jackets. (Not suit jackets, in case the image is not clear enough. Cheap $5 jackets!) You are are even less credible than I originally thought. And that is really saying something. (I have spent time around trading floors since the 1970's. Family friends owned seats on exchanges. Jessh! ) /thread .... this is embarrassing.
  13. In a bank, finance is a big deal. This guy was just below CFO for a corp with tens of thousands of employees. More ad homs when you can't win with logic. What else is new? I'm proud of my balance. Do you REALLY want to compare resumes? Cause I have a whole lot of experience with huge corporations on two continents.
  14. Not true. My desk was next to the accountants and financial people at some gigs. Funny. I gave a speech on "Dressing for success" in high school... in 1979!! This book. http://www.amazon.com/John-Molloys-New-Dress-Success/dp/0446385522 The world has changed since then quite a bit. It gets more casual every year. I dress well, just not in suits. I am not very 'N' at all. My only letter that is strong is 'F'. In all seriousness. My last job I sat in on meetings with management just below 'C' level going over risk reports for a huge bank. These people get respect because the calculus they know like the back of their hand makes your head spin. They are the smartest guys in the room, and it is hard not to figure that out. They coded what took me 6 months to code, in a few weeks using Excel, and compared my results to theirs. I could not understand the formulas, but they did, inside and out. They had no problem at all getting the respect they deserved. Usually when I work, the lower level business people know how stuff works, and the higher ups are very far removed and a bit clueless. With this risk stuff, the lower level business people were of next-to-no help, and it took very senior people to get involved to be able to complete the project. Believe me, they could have been wearing dirty, smelly sweats and gotten respect. If you get promoted because of your looks, and you aren't a model or actor or in sales or something, you're probably not that good at your job. And if you refer to IT people as "grunts" when they are keeping the doors of the business open, and the regulators away, then you are a fool.