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  1. This is interesting. My counselor administered the MBTI test to my class in my freshman year, and we spent a class period (English class) going over our results. It was very enlightening to find out my type, and understand my behavior more. I was able to get the types (anonymously) of about 80 other students, and I found that approximately 75% of them were N's. There were actually slightly more P's than J's. I attended a science and technology centered school for very gifted kids. This was the results of only 80 kids, but I believe it represented the general population of my school pretty well. Not sure on the male/female E/I ratios, as the info I had was anonymous.
  2. Astronomy, but I also enjoy marine biology.
  3. I'm 5'10", shoulder length blonde hair, grey eyes. I have been described as pretty. I have a figure, but I'm not super skinny -- more muscular since I play sports. I wear glasses/contacts. I definitely have the death stare...it seems to make people uncomfortable, and I am super-serious. I am reasonably fashionable, but I hate warm colors and wear cool ones (blue, green, purple...guess it goes w/my personality.) Also, I do have a friend who tested as an INTJ and is a fashionista/designs her own clothes.
  4. I have close friends who are of types ENFP, ENTP, ISTJ, and INFP, but I also tend to get along well with INFJ. I definitely prefer being around Ns, though. I often feel like my ISTJ friend doesn't have much of an imagination...but I still get along well with her. I do get along with other INTJs, as my parents are both INTJs, and I have a good relationship with them, but I have no close friends who are INTJ. My favorite other (non-INTJ) type is probably either ENFP or INFJ.
  5. Sometimes I wish I could understand people a bit better... so I guess my lack of an ability to understand the normal social dynamics of young people. I get along with adults much better.
  6. This thread has probably cropped up before, but I couldn't resist. I'll start: Every person you meet eventually ends up giving you the same nickname: Spock. Begin.
  7. Wow, sounds like a ton of people have terrible parents.... Not so with me. I am lucky enough to have two INTJ parents who understand me very well. It is my ESFJ brother who is the oddball.
  8. Phones are not fun. I prefer email by a landslide. The only issue with email is people don't check it enough. One of my friends hardly ever does, so I always send her an email in vain, hoping for a response, but have to end up calling her in the end. I keep hoping I'll get through to her one of these days that email is easier...
  9. According to what everyone tells me, when I was young, as in toddler-to-young-child, I was EXTREMELY bossy. I behaved very much in a manner similar to what you tell me your daughter does. I would make up complex games and make other kids, some of them older than me, play them, because I wanted them to do what I wanted them to do and in my mind, it couldn't happen any other way. A lot of times they would play, but sometimes they wouldn't want to and I would be crushed. Honestly, I don't know exactly how or why I changed, I just know I did. I was a really loud, bossy child who always wanted things my way. The bright side of that was I was a natural leader and people would follow me -- and usually, my games were pretty fun and the other kids enjoyed playing. These are definitely good characteristics in your daughter. But sometimes they just didn't want to play and I couldn't understand that. I was DEFINITELY an extrovert as a child. Then, at some point, I became quieter and more reserved, and much more mature, and by the time I took my Myers-Briggs test years later I was an introvert, albeit a slight-to-moderate one. Maturity will hit your daughter in due course, and she should naturally come to understand that others have opinions too. Just keep reminding her that while the games she wants to play are great fun for her, other people have games that they think are great fun as well. And everyone should have a chance to get to share what they want to play. Sometimes she just has to go with the flow a bit.
  10. I'm a blonde, and I'm a girl, but I'll respond to this anyway. In terms of what I like in guys, it doesn't matter so much, but if I have to pick, I'd say darker hair. With light-colored eyes. I like contrast. I don't so much mind being blonde, but I used to wish I had darker hair. 'Cause sometimes I feel like people look at me and think I'm some dumb, ditzy teen girl, when really I'm a straight A student who wants to work at NASA and reads astronomy text books in her free time and can code in Java. And a teen girl. So all I'm saying is, those of you who are saying you don't like blondes because of the stereotype, don't judge a book by it's cover.
  11. I generally prefer guys to be taller then me, if only because I feel really awkward around them if they are shorter then me...which is most guys. I'm still in high school, so not all of them have completely grown yet, and at 5'9' 1/2'', I tower over a good number of them.
  12. Extroverts just look happier on the ouside cause they're a lot freer in speaking of their emotions and showing them. We hide them, so we may be ecstatic on the inside and no one could tell.
  13. P. I can't conceive of being unable to keep dates and arrangements. I think it's a basic courtesy that people owe each other. And to some extent, S, but I can definitely handle being around an S seeing as my brother is one.
  14. The day my class at school found out the results of our MBTI tests, our counselor grouped us (unknowingly to us, because she saved the results for the end of the lesson) in tables by introverts and extroverts and had our tables write what our perfect weekend would be. These weren't all INTJs at our table, but I did agree with the result, which went something like this: Sleep in Read with a nice hot cup of tea (ok, the tea was my addition) Have a TV marathon (in my case, of Star Trek) Sit around and just think No homework (well, we are still in school) No immediate obligations to fulfill Kick everyone else out of the house Spend hours on the computer/video games
  15. It was beautiful the other day! And huge, perhaps due to an atmospheric magnification effect. I usually think about how it's a whole different world even though it just looks like a disk, and how it's so close yet so far, and how strange and alien it is. I work up a cold sweat thinking about its pure alienness, yet how normal it is at the same time. It's always there, constant and unchanging, yet we know so little about it.