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  1. Cooking, going for a bike ride, doing chores, listening to music from the 80's and 90's, anything that takes me out of my head.
  2. Forget 'INTJ', types, etc. Change before it's too late.
  3. Yes, took it twice. Tedious, expensive and the prep is time-consuming. Did bad the first time, did ok the second time - just enough to get in grad school on a full ride.
  4. I got Dwight D. Eisenhower
  5. I'm the official wave person here. Welcome.
  6. Check out this new avi...cool or what?

    1. Anemoi


      Quite literally eye on earth

    2. Eye on Earth

      Eye on Earth

      It's just nearly perfect. Might need to edit the colors a bit. Not sure if a grey-scale alien is fitting or not.

  7. I would welcome this kind of thing right now and even outside of work/school. It's incredibly difficult to make friends as an adult (more in STEM grad school, which is quite ostracizing).
  8. Money Friends Freedom
  9. I haven't read all the replies to see if anyone has mentioned this: if he doesn't want to be touched a lot but still has sex with you, it may mean that physical touch just isn't his preferred love language. He may feel that the good sex you do have is already enough, and probably isn't aware that you'd like more physical affection. Just let him know that you feel extra loved when he is affectionate with you (or that you feel unloved when he isn't). Focus on what you feel and not on what he's lacking. Also, don't expect him to be intuitive or mind-reading with this. Give him some time to adjust and make sure you are verbally clear and appreciative when he gets things right.
  10. I advise against using pick up lines with most INTJs. Just be honest and say something you really want to say. Give an honest compliment.
  11. But they look so good Nissan just released this one in Brazil And the new Jeep Compass looks nice and compact (as opposed to the Grand Cherokee). Why? I've come to appreciate feeling safer in a car, as in more physically protected. Maybe it's just an idea or who knows.
  12. Also, I look very young. I only started changing when I was 26 or so.
  13. 29. People ask me if I'm a freshman in college (currently a 3rd year PhD). If I shave, I look like a 20-year-old (or less).
  14. There are subtle but important differences between caring and caretaking and it took me far too long to learn about it. Fixers and caretakers tend to give because they derive their sense of self-worth from what they can give the other person. They usually operate on the covert contract that if they fix their partner, they will love them back. But it always backfires. On the other hand, when they care and not care-take, they give from a place of abundance. They give what the other person needs, not what they feel they must give them. And attraction comes not from giving or receiving but from vulnerability, authenticity, and polarity.