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  1. Big Picture Person Fuck that test.
  2. Glad the little lamb made it.
  3. Well, for one, you shouldn't judge anything through MBTI.
  4. Nah, you're thinking too much these two words are just synonyms.
  5. I hear dogs are very much in demand so no wonder you've got a tremendous head start in this department. I'd say, you've got the upper paw in kennel negotiations.
  6. If a song is stuck in your mind you're doing it wrong.
  7. Right on. Kinda like Twitter's gibberish, huh. This. When everyone has their (distributed) TV channel, own the distribution.
  8. Just came back today after weeks of having like, zero interest in reading the forum, and I wanted to check the INTJf political subform for lulz, of course. Now what? You closed it! Bullshit, Jeez!

    Well done, I appreciate the irony of it all. On a serious note, the political subform was a treasure of humanity. If you ever open it back in some kind of decent form I may even volunteer to moderate the hell out of it.

    Success and health in 2017.


  9. That's the correct answer. Well documented in iconography, worldwide. ...... added to this post 0 minutes later: Now that's bullshit.
  10. Nice. Are you also providing child support?
  11. Sometimes, but it's not without risk for me...