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  1. I purchased a 53lbs kettlebell recently. This thing can burn 400 calories in 20 minutes. I highly suggest you get one. Well, if you're not in shape at all you should obviously start with a smaller one. You can do the research yourselves. But it's a good investment.
  2. Smartphones are cool devices though when you think about it. It's a shame that people mostly use them to look at porn and cat videos.
  3. Yup. I'll be brutally honest. You sound like a loser who makes up stuff online to feel better about himself because you know that no one in real life would believe your stories in a million years.
  4. An opinion is just a personal interpretation of reality. A subjective truth, if you will. Considering human nature opinions are inevitable.
  5. For humanity as a whole.
  6. Why do you speak as if we're somehow separate from the rest of nature? What we do is natural. We are nature. We just have the self awareness and therefore an opportunity to make choices or fail to make choices that are either beneficial or harmful to us as a species. There's nothing that we can do that is in any way unnatural. So the question remains - what's the best course of action?
  7. Are people here really arguing about whether the government should be the one forcing women to have an abortion? Because that's stupid. I had a different thing in mind entirely. A smart way of doing things. Encouraging such abortions =/= forcing them. Encouragement doesn't even have to happen during pregnancy. It can happen years before pregnancy. By educating people on the benefits of genetically stronger humanity. Ultimately shaping society's opinion so people would accept the idea of aborting a defective fetus in favor of trying to conceive a healthy offspring. You could even give tax breaks or other benefits to families that have to go through that process. You could also encourage adoption instead of natural birth for families who have a hard time conceiving a healthy baby. There are many ways to do it that don't involve forcing people. I came up with this in less than five minutes. Imagine the alternatives that humanity could come up with if this was a serious debate. As for consciousness, I kinda agree with this (heavy Westworld spoilers):
  8. I voted yes simply because I believe that there are instances where it would be preferable to encourage abortion. But it depends on the severity of the illness and the potential for future treatment. If it's something like Down syndrome or something as bad or worse than that, then sure. Humanity needs smarter and stronger humans (which is why I'm all for genetic manipulation and "super babies"). But if it's something that current technology can render inconsequential, then I have to say no. For instance if the baby is to be born blind, that probably wouldn't be an issue for long. There's a very high chance that such a baby would gain the ability to see in the next 10 years due to technological progress. Blindness also isn't as big of a deal now as it was even 50 years ago thanks to all the assistive technologies that we currently have.
  9. I just saw this and it warmed my cold heart.
  10. Amazing writing, story and characters that puts to shame the rest of the gaming industry, immersive gameplay and a beautifully crafted world.
  11. The R5 1600x seems like a sweet spot between gaming and productivity. I thought about it, but I just don't need it yet. It's a new platform after all and I don't like being an early adopter. I'll probably wait for the second gen of Ryzen chips if my PC doesn't catch fire or something.
  12. Rejoyce:
  13. Which is yet another reason why Dark Souls stands out like a shining beacon of light.
  14. Motivation is irrelevant. Discipline is the key.