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  1. But it's easier to stick to your opinion than to read a bunch of facts that will prove you wrong. Imagine the horror of having to admit that you were wrong to a bunch of anonymous internet users.
  2. Voter registration office in Indiana got raided by cops and now some 45,000 black people won't be able to vote. If that's not voter suppression I don't know what is.
  3. And how do you think death penalty works? Just shoot the guy as soon as the trial is over? People wait on death row for years.
  4. I literally provided you with numbers that show the EXACT OPPOSITE. Why do you insist on repeating the same false statement? From the link I provided:
  5. I just gave you evidence that it costs more to execute. What are you on about? Is your argument that because it costs money to build prisons that criminals should instead just be shoot on the spot right after the trial? It's the only way that it would cost less, from a purely financial point of view. But it would still cost a hell of a lot more if you look beyond the most basic and shallow financial incentive.
  6. Of course it is. Just ask the person that you're locking up. Society is equally safe if the criminal is locked up or killed. But why do the barbaric thing if you don't absolutely have to? Society that does that doesn't truly value life. It's a barbaric practice of barbaric societies. Plain and simple. Death penalty isn't a better deterrent. Those things work on normal people equally. A person who doesn't want to spend his or her life in jail is the same person who doesn't want to be executed. There's no difference in level of deterrent. Criminals who commit such crimes don't expect to get caught, or their compulsions are so strong they can't control themselves. And death penalty is actually more costly: http://www.deathpenaltyinfo.org/costs-death-penalty
  7. Yup. Those people have no fuckin' clue what a society is. They are as immature as children in many ways.
  8. I'm not an exception either. But I'm aware that people are like this. That leads to introspection.
  9. That man sounds incredibly dangerous. National security dangerous.
  10. You never know man. A degree might prove useful somewhere down the line as you attempt to eradicate poverty. If you're so close to finishing what you started, then you need to consider that option too.
  11. Not completely though. Your party members can still get pissed off at you and even leave. Sometimes you may even have to kill them. You can influence them to an extent but you can't manipulate them with a few sentences like in ME 1 with Wrex on Vermire. Dragon Age 1 is a better RPG than Mass Effect even if it's not more enjoyable as a whole. But both series would benefit immensely from The Witcher approach to character writing.
  12. So Breitbart debunked accusations made against them? Sounds credible.
  13. Project Veritas also received a $10000 donation from Trump Foundation. Truly a shocking revelation. Such a swell guy like O'Keefe. Seriously though, when will these people fuckin' learn? Was it really too much to ask not to blindly trust a guy who's been caught doing the same shit just because you happen to like what he has to say? And then they wonder why people think Republicans are morons.
  14. That would have been a genius move that would go down in gaming history. I actually have a problem with the way Bioware writes characters and dialogue. Dialogue doesn't flow naturally. You can abruptly switch from topic to topic like an insane person, which breaks immersion completely. Things like "tell me more about your history" and "I want to know more about your government" in a middle of an important conversation is just weird when you think about it. That's something that better games do through books about events in their fictional world. It's a lot more subtle and just a better way to tell a story. Another issue I have is that you can easily convince every character to do exactly what you want them to do. Like they have no real personalities and convictions of their own. They're still likable, but not very realistic and fleshed out. It's a characteristic of badly written characters. They all have a single defining trait that's emphasized to the extreme. They're one-dimensional stereotypes that have a very obvious and predictable character arc. Each and every one of them. And finally, the morality system is shallow and it should be dropped. The reason why lesser evil theme works so well in The Witcher games is because the game doesn't tell you what to pick. It doesn't tell you what the lesser evil is and what the true consequences are. It gives you a choice and it lets you do what you think is best or what you think is the lesser of two evils. That's what we do all the time in real life. We make the best choice that we can given what we know. In Bioware games it's impossible not to know the outcome of being a dick vs being practically a saint. And that's just not fun.