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    Polymath after the fall.

    1. Polymath20


      why cant i hold all these potato


  2. This is just a bit of an observation from several ISTPs that I know. But do you think part of the reason that you work so much is because it's what you're good at. Where working on skills in other area's of your life would not be easy where overall I find Ti thinkers tend to like to optimize things including themselves. But the risk of optimizing stuff is that you become so specialized that while you may preform at 100% and feel like a boss, it's only in like 10% of occurrences and so really it might be better to have something work only 50% of the time as while it may not be as optimize and as good on average it would preform much better in terms of overall life performance.
  3. I got your book. :awesome: Now I can bask in the Glory of Rome and disdain all the Plebs forever! :awesome: 

    1. Anemoi


      Very nice! Enjoy. Keep the plebs at bay. 


  4. You've read up/know about day trading right? I remember you mentioning it. Can you respond in my blog about it? 

  5. You will die laughing.


  6. RE: Apocolaypse. Yeah that was bullshit. Gave the entire weekend weird vibes.

  7. You hope to go from making $47,000 a year to 1.18 million in only 8 years? Granted, you are self-employed so you decide how much to charge. But that's a 24 fold increase in salary. To do that you'd either have to increase what you charge by such drastic amounts that I feel like someone else would undercut you and you'd loose a lot of business. Or grow your company and hire other people etc. of which is going to both require risk and revenue where I doubt things would proceed as linearly as you've outlined them.
  8. I like it when people point out stuff like this.

  9. You are setting up a false dichotomy. It's possible to ask out a girl in a respectful manner. And getting rejected or the cold shoulder doesn't mean you weren't respectful.
  10. :( :hug: it'll pass bud

  11. Your database application is probably fine. Your files need to be repaired. I'm not sure how to do that though. There are probably open source utilities to recover