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  1. When is the last time you guys been intimate and had a little spice in your relationship? Of course that's not necessarily any of my business but the point is if there's no spark in yall relationship maybe he's outgrown it unfortunately? If you guys have been intimate recently but he still chooses to cheat or disrespect the marriage then YES LEAVE HIM! It will hurt but its worth your health, sanity, dignity and I know 30 years is not easy to throw away. Whatever these woman are doing for his attention you need to be doing and 10x better. Go get your hair styled, get rejuvenated, glow...make him see what he's fucking up. The moment you start to show you dont care is when he will actually worry and if he truly cares he will get it together. If he doesn't...you will know where he stands and you will make your boss moves and move on. It will hurt but in the end you will not be the one to suffer. Now, you don't seem like the type to play tit for tat and I'm not sure if you have religious ties to your marriage but if it were me I would be chatting it up with men and having me a side piece myself. I hope you not cooking dinner???? OR washing his clothes??
  2. I THINK I'm in somewhat of a similar situation as you but yours sounds a little more toxic. Not really sure how to give you advice on how to handle. All I can say really is don't give people the time of day. You don't have to stand around and take people's shit. You don't owe them answers to your life, who you are, what you're interested in, etc. if they are going to use that to size you up (I'm learning this myself). Of course that may not always work since we're always sharing SOMETHING about ourselves to someone eventually. I'm not telling you stop interacting with people but just to be careful with information. It can't solely be just the way you look that makes other guys want to try you so I ask what is it that they challenge you on that's making you question yourself? If they are giving you shit based on appearance alone (which I doubt) then fuck them and ignore them and move on with life. Is this primarily a work environment?
  3. Have a near death experience....
  4. Sounds like to me she wanted to boast about her healthy eating habits and introduce you to her social media. If it was the exact same bar as you say and for her to call it junk she probably didn't really look at what you offered her.
  5. I didn't say I find it interesting I was just saying I have similar thoughts but don't take them seriously. Of course I would never hurt a child. I just imagine the worst...
  6. I sometimes have a habit a imaging someone die in gruesome deaths even if they haven't done anything to me. Even if I see a baby I sometimes imagine would if the parent accidentally dropped it or it being eating by an animal. Just 'Would If' thoughts.....
  7. Does high-school count coupled with less developed children? Edit: I guess it does I was in High School by extroverts. I was the quiet one so of course none understood that and so they were trying to figure me out and the only thing they could come up with was that I was gay LOL!!! plus I apparently didn't wear the latest fashion trends or dressed 'fly' enough so my jeans and shirts became the topic of discussion. How I handled it? I cracked jokes at them as well. Some days it became annoying but I never showed signs that I was irritated. But that was only 9th grade. I'm sure now they are burden with bastard children and struggling...
  8. Maybe it's becoming repetitive to him and isn't leading anywhere so he's not bothering as much? Assuming you both aren't official yet.
  9. If that were true then there wouldn't be dress codes. At OP, I think the shirt is cool. The front part is a little bland but whatever. This is a shirt however....
  10. Its not a nail! Its an ancient artifact with great power!
  11. I came across this interesting jewelry site https://bjorgjewellery.com/ I don't wear accessories but they have really interesting items that I'll make an exception for. This is everything! "I can do anything" necklace I can't wait until it comes.
  12. Its interesting that I rarely see Ns (or at least Ns here) enjoy fighting games (Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Anime combat games with the exception of extreme jugglers) that may or may not require strategy depending on how you look at it. But the games I have played where teams are involved I'm usually the guy doing my own thing/strategies but coming to aid if I need to. I haven't played a great deal of MMORPGs because I don't have the time and am sometimes impatient with level ups. But due to time, I definitely prefer games were I'm kicking ass, requires stealth, or adventure...or shootem' ups occasionally.
  13. I think its more so just a joke at this point. I mean, clearly white people season their foods. Maybe applying less seasoning that other cultures but still seasoned for taste.
  14. When it comes to the rich, I don't agree with court rulings that the rich individual has to pay Mega Thousands to Sole Custodial Parent. I'm talking $30,000-$50,000 a month. I don't care if I'm worth $500,000,000+ millions of dollars. No child and/or Sole Custodial parent needs $50,000 a month to survive. The Sole Custody parent needs to get a JOB and maybe $5000 a month is a reasonable amount to support a working mother or dad. Just because I'm rich (I'm not) doesn't mean you sit on your ass and go shopping and collect my $30,000-$50,000 checks. Petty...I know.
  15. @king con @razgrim Ah yes we have an ADP system I'll look more into that thank you! @Paul Siraisi @HankMorgan thank you for the suggestions also!