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  1. Nice walk around the block Quiet Warm bath
  2. Woke up today. Organized a bunch of mail and bills and papers. Got closer to scheduling a very important appointment.
  3. Dx'ed with adhd-pi at 30 years old, and I am an intj... At least those functions describe me better than the others anyway. I feel like I wasted ten years of my life by falling for the 'adhd/add is not even real' meme... Dr. Russell Barkley has some great videos on youtube about the disorder if anyone is interested in learning more.
  4. I think about this: 'failing to plan is planning to fail' and make some rough sketch of the week/day. But my life is not so simple where I can plan every hour and then watch it just happen like that. I leave gaps open just in case, and give myself buffer times before or after each event that can be accumulated if those are events that just have to happen during the day and not at a specific time. So say I have a set thing from the AM to 3PM, and I have something I may do from 5-6, well I'll consider travel and other time and if I happen to just finish that even from 5-6, from 3-4, then I'll have that accumulated time left. For that, I have other things that are lined up to possibly do so there is incentive for me to get my work and any other errands done as soon as possible. None of that probably makes any sense as I write it out, but it does on my calendar. I also use an app where I can list and check off things to get done during the day.
  5. I'd laugh so fucking hard. And did when I initially read that post.
  6. intj, pasta, potatoes.
  7. Doggies evading danger, complement from family member.
  8. I occasionally "manspread" because of my large balls, not because I hate women. This is so fucking stupid and why China will bomb us out of existence soon.
  9. I don't know if I can say that I prefer it to freshly showered, but I do enjoy it. I'm smelling the Escada from here... it's nice, almost intoxicating.
  10. Hard to say, but I'm inclined to say it's better if you take in the appropriate amount of calories and less total fat than the fast food "diet." If I had to, I'd do it this way: Eat two of those meals, not all three, and have one healthy solid meal per day, plus a lower calorie smoothie for a snack later on if desired. For the weekend, unless I'm making food or going out, I'd eat those space meals as a quick and efficient breakfast or brunch. This way my body is still eating fresh foods and using it's jaw muscles to chew on things, plus I can eat out if need be without busting out my space powder in front of everyone.
  11. All dat PUFA... no thanks. Not as efficient as it seems. You would be missing out on a lot of other nutrients and antioxidants found in a varied diet. This actually is space food... I'd buy it for an emergency or something but not to sip on all day.
  12. Chemicals, I think.
  13. Warning followed by physical assault.
  14. They work together. One is largely subconscious and pulls 'stuff' in, the other organizes and explains the 'stuff.'
  15. I went from Mitchum unscented to Old Spice fresh.