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  1. That too, and will call you a conspiracy theorist if you question it.
  2. Be unable to grasp basic statistics, then be really smug about it and call people who do get it close minded bigots
  3. I'm not sure how many will understand the depth of this statement. Profound.

  4. I have gotten new insights about the world and myself while on psychedelics that have definitely improved my life, so it was valuable to me. Of course, I never claimed to have received some special arcane knowledge from another dimension or anything like that. I just found being able to process existing information in a new way, from a different perspective was very interesting and helpful.
  5. I agree, being surrounded by drug addicts could surely have such an effect. I know people who had alcoholic parents/siblings and they all eschew alcohol. I was against illicit drugs for quite long time as well, since I has getting my impression from typical high school/college potheads.
  6. And how exactly are you so sure what you perceive as the "normal way" is the only correct way? Are you some kind of omniscient deity? From a medical standpoint, "love" is also mostly chemical reactions in your body, maybe we should discard that as well. I'm not saying go do drugs, they are not for everyone, but saying they have no value or that you can't learn anything of substance while on drugs is the height of arrogance. ---------- Post added 03-30-2016 at 03:56 PM ---------- marijuana: don't like it, boring effect, not as innocent as everyone thinks MDMA : really cool on occasion, don't overdo it though. speed: utilitarian, tbh easier on my body than drinking disgusting energy drinks lsd: only once, really cool shrooms: favorite, really helped me a lot I'm not touching heroin, meth or new dodgy untested designer drugs
  7. hahaha. Thanks. That was funny! :)

  8. Unless people start mistaking you for a guy when they actually see you I wouldn't worry about it :)
  9. lol I read the sign but didn't notice the hands. Unbelievable.

  10. Now I've done my civic duty...go vote for Rubio. :)

  11. I had the same grocery occurrence. It can be hard to live with my white guilt, when I'm always catching myself casually oppressing everyone and get everything for free.

  12. - There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in our philosophy. - Psychedelics are a wonderful thing if used the right way. - Alcohol is one of the more vicious drugs, worse than most illegal stuff - Pot is not as harmless as people think - Excess in moderation works pretty well - That said, don't mix alcohol, pot cookies, speed, mdma and shrooms all in the same night :) - All the negative propaganda and war on drugs is harmful in numerous ways - You can't trust drug dealers
  13. zibber is right, being a white male is privileged as hell. I was sitting at a work meeting the other day, future plans, blah blah nothing special. But then it dawned on me what exactly was going on. There we were, seven white guys in a room, conspiring on how to develop new stuff and make money from it, preferably by selling it to other privileged white guys. Blissfully unaware how we were excluding and marginalizing women and minorities from the power structure we so deviously created for ourselves. The lead developer made a sexist remark at one point on how women are bad at using complex technology and we all laughed. it was all very relaxed, the oppression done in a very casual manner. Later I went to the grocery store to buy some fruit (doubtlessly made cheaper by exploiting minority workers). I was standing in the middle of the aisle looking at the shelves, taking up a lot of space. A woman came from my right pushing a huge shopping cart and had to stop because of me. When I notied her I casually stepped aside, smiled and said 'excuse me'. She hurried along and I realized that I just casually oppressed her. I was starting to get an erection, so I turned my attention back to the fruit. So all you white males complaining about sjw's, cut them some slack. Like a basement dwelling stromfront poster who blames all his woes on the jews, they too need outlets to vent their frustrations. It's not easy being up against a power like this. Here we are, oppresing the shit out of everyone, and we aren't even trying! Imagine if we did! We truly must be superior by their own logic. Keep being awesome.