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  1. Welcome back - good to see you here again.

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    2. The Frozen One

      The Frozen One

      It's been bonkers. I've been working my tail off lately. Otherwise, it's been good. I'm studying for yet another certification... as always. And am getting ready for the big eclipse coming up in August. I'll be taking time off to see that.

      What kind of changes are afoot for you?

    3. SnakeMXIM


      Sounds rough, but sometimes that kind of busy can be good if for a short burst.

      Career change - still within finances of course, but a change in industry to the world of (start-up(ish)) tech.

    4. The Frozen One

      The Frozen One

      What kind of start up? Sales? Support? Engineering?

  2. Almost two-and-a-half years. :(

  3. Glad to hear you'll be sticking around for a bit.

    Yep, all is well. Onward and upward, as they say.

  4. That return was very temporary. Hopefully this return will be more "permanent". I am, again, honoured that you noticed. All well?

  5. Snake eyes is back.

  6. I unexpectedly disappeared for a longer time than I thought.

  7. Where are you?

  8. I am honoured that you noticed. My leave was certainly much more extended than anticipated.

  9. Snake is not as close to the clam chowder place as before :laugh:

  10. Thanks. Currently at Boston airport awaiting the flight to Atlanta with rather paltry "free" internet.

  11. Yeah, about a year now. Meatspace has been a little demanding so I was kinda offline for some time. I have met some forumites I've had in contact outside the forum though. Will probably see one or two more within the year. I love traveling.

    You take care on your upcoming trip home. I'll lurk in your blog to see pictures of you though I know you won't post any haha :p

  12. :surprised: I wasn't aware that you are in the US. Have you been in the US long (say more than a quarter)? Could have certainly arranged something, but as you say, the current timing will not allow for it.

    Getting older isn't always a bad thing. Nice to hear that life is treating you good with so many changes. Must certainly be exciting.