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  1. Haha, yes. I recall being out of town for work and going to a restaurant with a person who has never experienced North-Eastern US culture. He was shocked at how nasty and rude the woman was, and I had to explain that this was just how everyone around here is.... One thing that I would definitely have a problem with would be dating anyone from a culture that doesn't regularly smile. Perhaps I could get used to it, but whenever I travel through a place where no one regularly smiles l am so anxious and wondering what's wrong or if someone is mad at me. Even when I KNOW that they simply are not from a culture like the in the USA where everyone keeps smiles plastered on their faces all day.
  2. Sure, but if you move into a close-knit community you are the outsider.
  3. This sounds like bullshit. Where are all of these women who have no interest in having a family? Sure, I know a few people who are childless by choice, but not most women. In fact, most of the childless women who I know made that decision based on health issues and economic issues. Going off of a medication, risking their lives, possibly having an ill child factored into their decisions--not feminism. Having a horrible childhood may have factored into their decsions--not feminism. Not having maternal feelings may have factored into their decision, and there were women who did not feel maternal even before feminism (though less had a choice about childbearing before birth-control, not feminism). Overall though, most women do want to have a family. If you stopped reading this red-pill whatever, and start perusing dating advice geared towards women, then you would see what issues are important to the majority of women.
  4. In this particular example, no way. However, I would also point out that many southern men in my area do things like chew tobacco, smoke, fly the confederate flag, hate Hispanics, are not that hygienic (regularly hunting, fishing, mudding), would expect me to prepare meat that they have killed/caught, walk around as if they own the room (it is like some sort of Bubba walk). If I met a southern guy who did not do any of those things, then I would consider. ...... added to this post 17 minutes later: A person's accent/dialect/phrases gives away social class. There are huge variations of Southern Accents, and growing up in the South, it is fairly easy to automatically know someone's economic background and education level by the way that they speak. ...... added to this post 33 minutes later: Depends on which southern accents. There is huge difference in the way people speak in the county where I grew up, and a place like Chapel Hill, NC. Compare people born and raised in place like Tobaccoville, NC to Raleigh NC. Anyway, in the county where I spent my childhood, there are very few college educated people. The public schools are not that great. There are a lot of people who would be considered "feeble-minded" and I honestly don't know if it is education, inbreeding or what. Are there intelligent people from the county that I grew up in? Yes, but very few. ...... added to this post 44 minutes later: Other issues between Southerners and Northerners include the fact that even highly intelligent southerners speak so slowly that it can be taxing to follow the conversation. White Southerners, especially upper-class southerners also complain about the LOUDNESS of northerners and get agitated at the quickness of northern speech.
  5. No one said to wait a year. It was suggested that it is not a first-date topic. The fact that you have apparently been putting in a year before bringing it up says that most people do not discuss this on a first date. However, putting this information in one's online dating profile is just fine. Anyway, the OP is having a problem either attracting the right women, or making clear his intentions, or he isn't attracting the caliber of women that he wants to attract. It is not quite clear, and also we have not seen any profile to critique...
  6. Because it can get weird if either brings it up too soon. The guy might seem like a soon-to-be stalker and the woman may look like she is just trying to get any man to fill the role. I do think with online dating and the new "have any type of relationship that you want" culture, it is probably important to bring it up early now. I guess the key is bringing it up in a way that doesnt seem odd. Age is probably a factor, too. If someone at age 20 brings it up, it most likely doesn't mean "right now!", if a woman age 35, or man in his 40's brings it up, it may mean "right now! Any one who is willing!" I have also heard many men in their 30's complain about how women that they date immediately seem to think weddings and babies. I would imagine if a woman was ghosted or the guy lost interest after that sort of conversation several different times, she may wait until she feels more of a connection in the future.
  7. It depends on where you live, for sure, but I used to get about 50 messages a day. The first time I put a profile on POF, I got 200 messages the first day, and over 100 each day for months. Even now, years later, I still get too many messages to bother looking through. I just checked and I got 22 messages so far today and it was the first time that I logged in. I am now 39, live an hour away from 2 cities and made my profile appear wealthy enough/politically left enough that alot of men in my area would steer clear! When I was 35 and 36, the amount of messages were insane. I cannot imagine what a 28yr old in my area would get! So. What the OP is looking for is advice on how to stand out and not be overlooked. Problem is, I am not his target type of woman so I do not really know exactly how those women react. I will say, though, that they probably have their pick so it will be difficult. Also, he is the male and often women do somewhat follow what the man is saying. There are a lot of women who are looking for what he wants, but are not going to say that until several months in. It also is not as if there are only a few guys looking for that. Actually, a lot of the top guys who I went on dates with back when I was 36 are now married and of course they would be, because they have demanding careers and a social circle to fit in with.
  8. I am all for the Trump jokes.
  9. Men who are secure in themselves have no problem dating women who are "smarter". No one knows everything....I have been on plenty of dates where the men were impressed by my knowledge and experience with things, of course my appearance helps....But, all of those men excelled on their fields and were successful (whether they had PHD's or fixed up old cars)
  10. You can get away with shirtless photos if they are in good taste. Selfie flexing in front of a mirror--eww, selfie with your towel suggesrively low-GROSS! Photo of you at the beach or pool--great! Unless it is a weird selfie. Either ask someone else to take the photo or set up your phone/camera on a timer. The photo should look causal, not posed. Plenty of men in my area have shirtless fishing photos that are ok.
  11. Well, you can always post your profile here for a critique :) Other than that, you have to become more like a woman: ALWAYS FILTERING. Don't waste your time on anyone who has definite deal-breaker when it comes to the future. I think that I recall that you once met two womenand stuck with the one who was only around short-term? Don't do it...sure she may have been fun and maybe you had fun/interesting experiences with her, but in the end it didnt align with your goals for the future.
  12. Not in my house. When I grew up, I found supposed gender differences very confusing because I was not taught anything about that at home. We were all expected to do the same things and never told that we should be a certain way or had different rules just because we were male or female.
  13. Well, I couldn't go on any adventures when I was young. I was extremely poor, had to work like CRAZY, got married and had a baby. Began making money, but was tied to my work. I did have many local adventures with my little guy :). When I was 35, my child was 16 and then I had a lot more freedom and began to travel a lot! I am now 39 and don't feel ancient---and I thought that I would, according to what EVERYONE told me! In between my traveling, I have also spent a lot of time caring for my ill son and my parents (now just mother). Now that I dont have to do that, I feel like a 21yr old and sometimes I forget my previous life.
  14. I have no idea, but I will relate a funny incident that I saw a few months ago. I was sitting eating breakfasr in the Himalayas and watched a bull unsuccessfully try to mount female after female. He approached the first one, and she was just like "Nope" and sauntered off in between two road-blocks (where he couldn't fit). It seemed to me that she performs this escape often and knew exactly what she was doing. He immediately turned his attention to another female who ran away from him. The third female kept turning around while continuing to pick through the trash (she paid no attention to him, but was intent on eating whatever was edible in her pile of garbage. She wasnt going anywhere and his presence was no different than that of a fly or mosquito). He tired, gave up, turned and walked off in another direction, finding food instead. Obviously that bull would need to be fairly strong and in good physical shape in order to successfully mate. Perhaps that has a little something to do with the fact that movement is required. The act takes time, one can't just grab a female and impregnate. Depending on the species, the amount of time that it takes to complete the act means that either the male is going to have to be extremely physically fit and/or successfully convince a female to be willing.
  15. Probably depends on how the high school determines the valedictorian, and the level of the other students. At my high school, a kid did not even have the chance to be in the top 25% unless their parents could afford pricey summer courses at Duke University which allowed the kid to skip certain high school courses and take more weighted courses. For example: taking Algebra 2 over the summer and then being able to take an AP math course both Junior and Senior years (as well as an extra AP computer course as an elective). Some kids took Algebra 1 over summer for middle school, then Geometry in 8th grade rather than 9th, Algebra 2 over another summer. Allowing them to only take heavily weighted math courses for high school. Science courses which were prerequisite for AP courses could also be taken, allowing the student to take only weighted honors and heavily weighted AP science courses. Language courses 1 and 2 could be skipped, and levels 3+ were weighted (I personally skipped right to level 4 without paying for any course, and some students were able to simply test into the higher levels). Being in the top was all about how to skip courses worth 4points for courses worth 5 and 6 points. It took money and parental time to do so. We also would have students transfer to a different school for senior year in order to have a top-ten ranking.