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  1. This is a continuation of the What game are you playing right now? thread.
  2. The ending I got was because of the bad translation, I'm pretty sure. When you get to that point, I'd be interested in if you get it too. I ended up going back to my last save and changing one choice and got through it. The bad ending isn't so much "bad" as it is a cutoff point where you can't play the rest.
  3. Okay. So, I finished it. This game was great. It gives me the option of a new game+. But after 136 hours, I need a little break.
  4. I ended up buying it when I got a gift card. I've really liked it so far. But, now I'm nearing the end of the game and it just. Keeps. Going. I'm 130 hours into the game. When does this end?!
  5. I still have several old consoles. I sold a lot of my old games as a kid to buy new games. I've tried to buy them again in recent years. Unfortunately, cartridge prices go up in value not down and I can't afford them.
  6. Will you be doing a let's play of FF12 Zodiac Age when it comes out? I'd like to hear your voice and compare.
  7. I've bought two of those. They are very nice, but I hate the software.
  8. I'd like to see much the same thing you'd see on a DS/3DS/2DS screen. Having a second screen dedicated to a subscreen you have to check often in an adventure game. Or, offload much of the HUD from those really beautiful games you'd like to fill the main screen. Things like that. But instead, the most you ever get is a stretched main screen. Sometimes they don't even bother resizing the HUD elements.
  9. I have yet to see a good use of a second (or third) monitor for a PC game. I do have a laptop next to my computer and run Synergy on both so I can look stuff up.
  10. OOOoooo Sexy 5s.
  11. I've rebought numerous games from the second and third generation of video games that I had as a kid. If I could do it, I'd buy every retro game system. I consider it my one ultimate hobby.
  12. Apologies if this is in the wrong subforum. Some of you know, I'm new to alcohol. I've been wondering if alcohol makes you feel more... normal? I've found that I'm much more outgoing and jovial when I've had a few drinks. I feel as though I'm a normal contributor to society and not an outlier when I've had a few. What say you?
  13. In that case, what you want is a PlayStation VR. You buy a PS4. You buy a PlayStation VR. (And, a PlayStation Move and Camera if you didn't get the complete VR package.)
  14. I wouldn't mind trying it out, but not enough to pay. :/
  15. Preach it, sister!
  16. The Legend of Zelda (NES)
  17. Don't steal other people's content is a good start.