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  1. I wouldn't think much of it unless it was a close friend. I'm usually relieved when most people don't text me back, as I usually feel obliged by "acceptable" social conventions to text them or respond.
  2. This though. Being attractive and intelligent leads to a lot of emotional reservation. It seems that people are more into the idea of you than they actually are you. This brings about shallow people who never actually try to get to know you, but would rather take a picture with you so they can show people that they were with you. It makes me think you'd have to be insane to be a celebrity--to willingly subject yourself to this kind of behavior. How can you ever open up to people if you know they don't really care. Really, what's the point? The achievement prize particularly resonates with me. I literally had someone tell me that they were starting to realize they didn't really want to be with me. They just wanted to be the (type of) person that I would want to be with. Blew my mind, because I knew it all along. It's always nice watching others finally realize something new all on their own. /end rant
  3. I think a lot of depressed people have been mistyped as INTJ. As a typical INTJ is pretty melancholic--not necessarily clinically depressed, although. Reading through a lot of the post on intjf it's quite clear most people here are not actually INTJ--moreso they just wish to be.
  4. Yees, I would like to purchase zee bunny hood. I can't deal with these Stalchildren in Hyrule Field anymore >_<

  5. People no longer debate with you because they know no matter what you'll prove them wrong
  6. That actually makes a lot of sense. Fs, more so than Ts, desire validation from others. They're definitely the type to "fish for compliments."
  7. There's more to Oxytocin than positive emotions. Recent research also shows it is vital in the solidification of negative emotional events as well. http://esciencenews.com/articles/2013/07/22/the.love.hormone.2.faced OP: You're thinking of Oxytocin as very black and white when it's actually a very grey area...
  8. I don't know about anyone else, but I find it extremely difficult to turn off my inner dialogue. Only when I'm engaging in conversation does it turn off--even then, it's only when I'm speaking.
  9. Fascinating research being done in the field of Neuroscience these days. I, personally, find this article to be a little watered-down, but it still has stunning implications of corollary discharge's functions. http://esciencenews.com/articles/2013/07/16/inner.speech.speaks.volumes.about.brain
  10. How is "Juden" an offensive term? It literally means "Jew" in German..."kike" on the other hand is a derogatory term towards semites.
  11. Invisible Monsters, Rant, Choke...basically anything by Chuck Palahniuk Also, A Scanner Darkly by Philip K Dick
  12. ME!! I like Rusko, Krewella, Diplo, Patrick Reza, Sam F, Nero, Adventure Club, Bauuer, Big Gigantic, Pretty Lights, Flinch, Boy Kid Cloud; I could go on all day. I like a lot of the moomba or trap style EDM, dubstep is good too--I've just been growing out of it a little.
  13. "a need" not "need"; a noun and a verb are different things.
  14. This is a pretty daft argument. Just because you need something does NOT mean that you cannot survive without it. I have a need to be alone at the end of the day, but I'm not going to die if something comes up and I cannot be alone. Everyone needs to be alone at some point and time. "Need" and "Must" are in no way synonymous.
  15. It seems like everyone here is misinterpreting "Introversion". Less we forget, Extroverts can also enjoy (and some require) alone time. For example, ENFPs: they tend to disappear at times to solitude, and get lost in their minds. Introversion means you interpret the world inwardly as it affects you, yourself. It does not mean nor imply that you do not like to be around people