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  1. Nowt
  2. If you have a fucked up name, people ask you your ethnicity all the time. I never found it rude. At least it's not as rude as me always assuming no one will be able to spell or pronounce it correctly so when giving my name for paperwork or whatever I always spell it out. I'm white af tho so I'm sure my feelings may be different than others.
  3. idk your grandkids might not appreciate you dying on them like that while they're trying to have a good time
  4. totally homicide, for me. who else?
  5. Comment, like, and subscribe for more FIFA unboxings.

  6. y'all need to check out the guro side of deviantart or something. Shits lit and I doubt theyre all serial killers.
  7. Childish, sure, perhaps unfair in that regard. Unjust, no, since no one can say you are owed communication if the other party is unwilling. As you observed there are people who feel differently about it than you do, that's the crux of compatibility.
  8. cuz one time he was in your mom then you happened
  9. I put on a wig and scared the bejeezus out of myself because I looked just like my sister...not because she's ugly or anything, she's just blonde.
  10. Thought you might like this:

  11. Not pro-Gamergate, but she's been a known trainwreck for quite some time. Finding Kiwi Farms' reaction to being identified by GGers as a 'horrible evil doxing site' hysterical though.
  12. don't talk shit about mrs. frisby she's a badder bitch then all y'all jfc finna whoop some ass, talkin smack about mrs frisby. bitch played chicken with a cat, told an owl what's good, and magicked the fuck out of her house to save her kids. have some respect. why not compare her to that slut bridget from American Tail instead
  13. Intelligence is overrated, there's no shortage of people who think they're intelligent and work tirelessly to cultivate that appearance. It's willful ignorance I can't stand.