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    Show me how you do it and I promise I'll run away with you~
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    Tennis, Linguistics, Philosophy, Graphic Arts
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    A thousand wasted hours a day
    Just to feel my heart for a second
    A thousand hours just thrown away
    Just to feel my heart for a second
  1. If you're at this level with an INTJ, "Sometimes it seems like I annoy him, but other times he's very supportive and encouraging of what I want to do with my life and almost personable. We laugh a lot when we talk," then he's probably just drained when he seems awkward: put on his screensaver as background work is being performed.
  2. 100% Native American, parents are from different tribes, but whatever.
  3. I learned to draw with practice. I hate when people ignore all the work and time I put into becoming decent at drawing, instead giving credit to either god or some other means of wishful thinking, such as being an "intj".
  4. If you would take this scientific test, I will be happy to collect the results: http://www.buzzfeed.com/bradesposito/which-possible-illuminati-member-are-you
  5. Are your worms native to North America?
  6. No, I would kill it before it killed me.
  7. Anyone here work in HR and has real experience?
  8. Don't know your location, or why you're hoarding llama poop, but earthworms are an invasive species to northern North America. Night of the Invasive Earthworms: A Horror Story for Northern Forests
  9. np, glad i could give you my perspective on it.

  10. Thanks for the reply to my question on military spending!

  11. Thanks for answering my questions!

  12. Saw this post today, I figure saving it for future reference would serve that purpose:
  13. Linux user here as well. I installed Chrome (not Chromium) so my flash is up-to-date for the most part. In Firefox I had to update my HAL library to get flash to work again when I use Amazon Prime to watch videos; it doesn't work in Chrome because it doesn't recognize my version of flash is up-to-date... all because of the HAL libraries. You can also install pepperflash or whatever the extension is to fix Linux Firefox's outdated flash.