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  1. You confuse parenting with being as asshole and pointlessy making a kid's life harder than it ought to be. Effective parenting should help make learning enjoyable, not a chore.
  2. Not really. The most effective learning happens when you want to do it, not when you "have to" do it. It should be enjoyable addiction, not a grind.
  3. Why do you feel the need to boss around kids and "establish a hierarchy in the home"? Which is illegal and also reprehensible to use on a child. What a foolish and vacuous way to try to "educate" your children. By curtailing their genuine interests (as if you can't learn from the internet) and forcing them to chase good grades like Pavlov's dogs.
  4. This has to be one of the most retarded things to come out of Western culture. The act of grounding kids. It's hard to say who is dumber, the parents who order the grounding or the children who obey it. Why don't the kids just laugh in their parents faces and do what they want to anyway? And culturally it's no wonder that your (American) prisons are overflowing, you're used to the idea of taking away others' freedoms and restricting their movements from a very young age.
  5. Fuck you commies.
  6. It's been exactly 1 month since I started on naltrexone using the Sinclair method. I'm 100% complaint so far. I've taken 12 pills until now. That means i've had 18 alcohol free days in the month. And I dont think i've drank to excess more than 4 times out of the 12. It's a great start. Very promising.
  7. Great idea!!! Yes, let's profit from cripples.
  8. So... I was reading about a Coke vending machine that raises it's prices as the outside temperature rises- very cool. I admire things like this. It got me thinking..., in this part of the world a lot of times toilets in public places will ask you to pay a small fee to use them. With all of the sensors that they have these days is it possible, perhaps using a raspberry pi system, to detect the level of urine in a person's bladder when they are near a toilet? And to make a device that raises the price the higher the bladder volume and urge to pee.
  9. WTF is this?
  10. What's with the delusional anti-children brigade who are wallowing in denial? And bragging about never having children. The scientific fact of the matter is that reproduction is the purpose of life. If you do not have children, you fail at life. It's biology 101. To think that you are anything more than a piece of meat who was born with the objective of passing on your genes, is delusional. All of your excuses are nonsense. Don't have enough money, can't stand little brats or don't want to clean diapers- none of it matters. You fail at life if you do not have children and it's unconscionable if your reproductive plumbing isn't defective.
  11. Yeah I am still on it. Not had a drink without being on Naltrexone since I started. 7 pills finished already. It's too early to tell for sure but it definitely does seem to be working. People I drink with are amazed that I can stop after 2 or 3 than spiral out of control as I usually do.
  12. kingcon your post isn't constructive or telling me anything new. I am absolutely not trying to increase drinking capacity by reducing drink pleasure and I don't give a fuck about banning myself from opiodergic painkillers. Why are you talking about Modafinil in this thread? Educate yourself about Naltrexone and TSM before you post about it. God, I just don't understand people who feel the need to preach from the rooftop about things they know little or nothing at all about. They do know how it works in fixing a drink problem. It blocks opiod receptors. And you think that makes it an upper?
  13. Well, I think that compliance might be a problem after all. When I usually have a craving like this I relish and baske in the sweet, cathartic relief that the first stiff drink, shot or fresh beer gives me. That did not happen this time. But on the other hand I drank....5x as much as I usually would have trying to "get there" and can still type this relatively coherently and was sensible enough to not drive back. I don't know if it's placebo (especially due to optimism and high hopes fallacy), a combination thereof and the blocked opioid receptors but my initial response to this is..... Meh. I feel like it's fucking with me. I think it might work better if somebody secretly drugged you with the naltrexone before you drank. Because now..... and note once again, it's the first time- but it feels like damn, I have had enough to drink and get completely out of commission but why have I not? Well I'm going to have to say that.... this is not what I had imagined it to be. They say it gets better/worse over time but I feel like, wtf just happened? Sure, I could feel getting progressively drunker and everything that goes with it, but it did not give me the initial RELIEF that I wanted. But I no longer need it as bad (the release). This is the first time, I'm going to keep at it. Important note: My paranoia was on overdrive and highly accentuated. Every little thing was associated in my brain with someone who a) I did not like or b) did not like and it was really, really bad like I was on uppers, not a regular drinking session. I mean, sure I might get aggressive but my internal brain does not work in such a paranoid way when I drink. It's usually what happens after/during the hangover.
  14. Note: This is going to be to my diary or "drink journal" if you will; of my path to fix my excessive drinking by way of The Sinclair method. I already have a blog on INTJf which chronicles my travels and musings, however I think that this specific topic ((hopefully) a way to fix your drinking problem) may be of interest and great assistance to other members on here (such as for Ambra, for example). So I have chosen to post it as it's own thread in this subforum and will try not to digress on to subjects that aren't related to my drinking. I had heard about The Sinclair method in passing many years ago (was even incorectly prescribed Naltrexone itself) but had never fully investigated what it was. I rediscovered it when I Googled "scientific cure for alcoholism" on one particularly nasty morning-after, which lead me to Dr. Roy Eskapa's book. I instantly purchased and read it on my Kindle. To say that I was shocked would be an understatement. It blew my fucking mind. I have since re-read it thrice. So, what is the Sinclair method you ask? In a nutshell, it is the act of taking a Naltrexone pill 1 hour prior to drinking. That's it. That's the cure. Period. Naltrexone blocks opiod receptors. This has been shown to eliminate problem drinking over time- it rewires the brain by removing the compulsion and out of control rewards system that leads to unstoppable drinking. The book says that it does not make drinking any less pleasurable so compliance (taking the damn pill) should not be a problem. I get to enjoy my drink, and not get shitfaced at the same time? This is every problem drinker's dream! And it only works if you drink! Okay, if you want to learn more about it, simply Google it, read Eskapa's book or watch the movie "One Little Pill". The C3 foundation is a great resource. There are at least 2 other forums about TSM and thousands of studies involving naltrexone. Try not to post criticism of the method in itself here. I have chosen this over AA and other paths, and I ask that you respect that. What this has offered me is the hope to fix my excessive drinking. I may still have personality flaws and continue to be an asshole, but that is beyond the scope of this thread. However, I will admit if/when I abuse drugs other than alcohol so that you can judge the efficacy of this method for yourself. So getting on with it. Session #1. November 29, 2016. 05:11AM Just popped a 50MG Naltrexone pill. The first. Decided 10 minutes ago that I'll go mad if I don't have a drink and won't be able to sleep well just like I wasn't able to yesterday. Chose to ignore the advice in the book to start with 25MG the first two times, because a)I don't have a pill cutter and b)fuck it. My plan is to go drink at the beach now, if I can find something open at this hour. 22 minutes left. I should get going. Will report back.
  15. I hope so man. I just hope the fucking thing runs until I leave this country in 3-4 months. ...... added to this post 0 minutes later: It makes me sick how stupid people can be. If you're a gas station attendant how could you possibly fuck this up.