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  1. Silke Bischoff-Under your skin
  2. And Also The Trees-Shaletown
  3. But sometimes what's considered a social or emotional skill is beyond the thinker's control. Do their reputations generally preclude them from forming deeper relationships?
  4. Materials and motivation.
  5. You following me, bro? 

    1. CerealElm


      Sure, why not? If it gives me the option to follow, I'll jump it. ;)

  6. Sure, but that's the thing. Spontaneously generating to do lists probably wouldn't do much for the brain as a whole. He wouldn't be robbing his brain of much.
  7. Well, maybe you're getting better at making lists in your head. Seems like doing that would have similar effects to what you would see from those brain training games.
  8. You first, buddy.

    1. TheStranger


      Fall down the stairs once, shame on me...

  9. I'm leaving a message on your feed. Have fun with that sentence. 

  10. It endures, for sure.

  11. That thread is mostly garbage. Yeah, time is strange, much like garbage.

  12. Your IQ thread is alive and kicking.

    I noticed the date on it. I was about a year before I was here. Time: such a strange occurrence.