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  1. Like any other experience waiting at an airport.
  2. Eclectic/Modern
  3. Twilight Zone-What You Need
  4. The Scholar Denied: W. E. B. Du Bois and the Birth of Modern Sociology
  5. You seem closer to the INFJ side of things because of the accommodating writing style.
  6. Well maybe in some ways it's a cognitive/occupational issue. Working memory impairments are common with the disorder, so would naturally impair occupational performance. If depression or anxiety related to persistent unemployment and social isolation exist, they are deemed as additional failures of the schizophrenic mind rather than culturally appropriate responses to the consequences of abnormal behavior.
  7. It's good for fine-tuning dialogue.
  8. Ne seems pretty noticeable.
  9. Well it would probably depend on a variety of factors. Does the person have a general philosophy of growth that compels change? If so, any deep and fairly lasting change probably relies on individual biological limitations (which aren't always clear), the availability of complementary environments, and the resilience of that philosophy. If the person doesn't look to that type of philosophy as a beacon, a personality evolution can still occur, but not maybe not as linearly.
  10. beauty, time, money
  11. Hitman's Hokkaido mission. It's a pretty good cap to the season.