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  1. Which profession would you choose? Why?
  2. Got INTP and "people who use language of this kind tend to be the epitome of masculinity!" Also, ISTP, ESFJ and "People who use language of this kind tend to be the epitome of feminity!" Estimated age also varied.
  3. You don't seem like ENTP. But eNTJ and INTJ don't quite fit either.
  4. Is the infp anxious about specific things (social), or is it a more general issue?
  5. Inappropriate or not, it allows you to be a rabble-rouser.
  6. It was a way to say that ISFPs can be formidable in their own right. How is that "crap"?
  7. Well no. You have inferior Te too, right? That has its uses.
  8. Don't fret. ISFPs are capable of social experiments (Ni).
  9. Well, QuickTwist, it is possible that you are ISFP. But this type has Ni as the tertiary function. If you were ISFP, then you would be an "intuitive sensor."
  10. But INTjs don't usually doubt themselves or their perceptions in this way. At least, they don't verbalize those thoughts very often. About Ti. You say you don't find yourself grasping for precise words, but relative precision doesn't need to be a conscious effort, right?
  11. Hmm, well, INFJ is possible, and it is more believable than the INFP suggestion. Not much Fi there.
  12. What other thinker label, aside from INTP, appeals or resonates with you?
  13. But the aspirations she has have notable differences to her current profession. Aspirations are just as important as current professions when taking into account tendencies and how they relate to personality theory.
  14. Well but that's the tendency though. Any flavor of thinker might have their own reasons for choosing a more humanistic profession. NF is a possibility but doesn't necessarily follow from the fact that she likes to use theories with other people. NTs do this too.