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    Heaven's Wrath is but a shadow compared to Mankind's will to destroy life.
  1. Thank you.

  2. You visited my profile!

    I am officially ecstatic.

  3. "Hotness" doesn't factor into my decision to procreate with someone, partially because I have no desire to do so in the first place. Personality is far more important in both dating and procreation if I'm not happy being with them on a daily basis then no amount of "hotness" will make up for that.
  4. Just because atrocities were committed at a higher rate in the past does not mean it was acceptable then or now. Rape is one of the worst things that can happen to a person and is a great thing that society is beginning to recognize that both legally and socially. It is such a big deal because it goes against every principle of civilized society and commonly causes significant mental damage for an extended period of time. It has no place in modern society and the laws and attitudes of the people should reflect that no matter how common or acceptable it was in the past.
  5. Generally would lose interest especially since my interest in dating is already very low.
  6. My favorite video game music comes from the Final Fantasy series in particular .
  7. Toaru Majutsu no Index New Testament Volume 13 by Kazuma Kamachi
  8. I managed to last a whole 10 minutes before I replaced the start menu with classic shell. At least they brought it back but in a terrible form as once again you're forced into those horrible tiles if you want to pin anything to your start menu. I'll stick with classic shell if they are going to try and force me to use those worthless things.
  9. The only part about being asexual/aromantic that bothers me is that others can't seem to understand that not everyone wants to be in a relationship and it's perfectly ok to not spend every waking moment thinking about something as unexciting/boring as sex. The way I deal with this is generally indifference and keeping the conversation away from the subject. It helps that I'm anti-social and hard to approach. Though that sometimes leads to them just thinking I'm shy which makes it harder to convince them I'm just not interested in a relationship. I'm not quite as against romance as the OP though as I do still enjoy romance stories for just that, stories. I enjoy several varieties of fiction as well it doesn't mean I want the story to become reality just that I have a very active imagination and a enjoy a well told story.
  10. My favorite would be Final Fantasy VI. Close runner ups would be Illusion of Gaia and Soulblazer
  11. You continue to refer to "gun control" as a "ban". I don't know if you're being intentional or sloppy. I'm Canadian. We have very high gun ownership rates, but much greater gun control than the US. We have fewer handguns than the US. Anyway, cheers. Gun control runs counter to USians notions of personal freedom, so I accept that this will remain one of the dividers between our similar-in-most-ways cultures.

  12. Good luck spewing common sense and open-thinking to people who just want to scream at people.

  13. Someone has to do it and it's fun so why not me? :p

  14. You are violating the sub-forum orthodoxy.