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  1. Google Form is simple and convenient.
  2. So, your ideal clients go to public libraries, phone a friend or something to get answers? How do they know you have the right solution to their problems? As someone stated above, if you don't see your business expanding and are fine with just referrals, you have the right attitude.
  3. Into the Badlands. Season 2 just started last week. Daniel Wu is perfect for his role. I regret I dumped him, darnit.
  4. If you are into shonen and like adventure and fantasy, I recommend the Magi series. To get a better grip of the story, watch the prequel The Adventures of Sinbad first, then Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic and Magi: The Kingdom of Magic. You can watch them on Netflix or Crunchyroll. I'm looking forward to another installment. I am not done with Ren Hakuryuu yet.
  5. I don't think Willy Wonka would agree.
  6. beep boop, do update me on your news, its been a long while ^^

    1. psykhe


      *hugs!!!* what happened to you? I'm still as playful as always. Do you still play the keys?

  7. I don't know if this is true to all male INFJs but the last time I said "okay, let's see if it'll work out" to an INFJ, he took it as getting "steady" when it was not a secret to him I'm seeing other guys. Something started as a good friendship ended really bad. The intellectual compatibility was there without a doubt, but I realised maybe no hearts were broken had I clearly made a distinction between "going out" and "exclusivity". Apparently we had differing views. I put too much value on commitment and see dating as just trial and error. For him, dating is being committed. My advise is to ask her her views on #3 and find out if you're on the same page.
  8. Search engine crawlers aka bots leave a trace of hit(s), they're site-friendly. Spammers using ghost spam usually don't visit your site. They instead use the Analytics Measurement Protocol (AMP), send data directly to Google Analytics, and leave malicious information in your account without a trace. Another type is a Crawler spam, where spammers actually visit your site with a valid hostname(s). You can block crawler spam using the .htaccess rule, ghost spams with a filter. Most of the time, these spams are not harmful. But for people who regularly check online behaviour through data analytics, they're really annoying.
  9. The host should be the one to set the rules, or this 'brainstorming' can go on forever. People have lives to live outside the forum. When rules are set, forumites can choose to join or not. This is a game, not a parliament.
  10. I say INFP. Join the club! We love the dark side of things yet we remain unbreakable. NPs? Intellectual and fun!
  11. This thread...
  12. This guy has some nifty guide updated to date. You might want to create at least two views (one to apply the filter, the other an unfiltered view) before applying any filter, if not already. I've been bugged with these spams for at least a week.
  13. That's the problem: people fail to correctly self-report. A correctly constructed test will eliminate this probability. MBTI is not a test. It's a personality assessment. At best, it remains largely a popular career assessment. Unfortunately, the psychological society still regard it as an unreliable tool with too many unanswered criticisms on its methodology. For the same reason, MBTI still hasn't made it to Psychometrics taught in Psychology schools, unlike the Big 5. Psychology maybe a soft science but it does follow rigid rules on test constructs.
  14. I'm game. Haven't played it in awhile. Themes you're thinking?
  15. FWIW, I can see myself in you, @jphreud. Cognitive process and interests alike, except religion and teaching. I have no passion in both. After years of roaming these personality boards, I've come to understand MBTI is not a cookie cutter and that Thinkers are no better than Feelers. No two INTJs are completely alike. You do sound like a Perceiver to me, your writing is mostly Ti and Fe not Fi and Te. Hope you find what you're looking for.