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  1. Where does one separate the self from life's circumstances? If how I interpret the events of my life from what I've learned, how do I distinguish were I've contributed and changed how that's so? By changing so you change how others view their contributions.
  2. Just throwing it out there. Is it fair to say that males are more hierarchical and that females are more collaborative?
  3. I'm not bothering to go in depth but this article says women have more Gray Matter. A study of artists determined in this article points out that artists have more Gray Matter then non-artists. Men probably accomplished more due to the lack of women's rights.
  4. Yes they are on average. Is it acceptable to throw out the terms such as high psychopathology or high empathy as acceptable titles? Do they both not have their merits and that we should not weigh one as superior to the other? I say this from a practical functional role view.
  5. Gender differences could possibly be seen by discussing two spectrums that are interrelated. The two I want to bring up is the Hare Psychopathology Checklist and the Empathy Quotient. To consider the Hare test men seem to express more items, and also seem to express lower Empathy Quotient scores. Women seem to express the invert of this. Feel free to discuss.
  6. I think that there is a logic in investing in human resource that is of practical value. To be altruistic rationally is to invest in people that learn something from it that will help them not rely on charity. An example could be mentoring or educational training.
  7. It's a self referential problem. In order for a system to be consistent it has to be.
  8. I actually tend to think that women are more creative then men. In not sure if it has to do with estrogen or hemispheric interaction. I tend to think that women are more right brained.
  9. Say a good point your opponent has. Localized currency could effectively work better than state or national currency.
  10. This tells how their doing it. There is also a link to the apk there.
  11. Has anyone here had any experiences with the prescription Gabapentin? I got prescribed it to relieve my anxiety and to treat sleep problems, off label of course. When I take it I just completely mellow out and experience euphoria.
  12. Recently the play store is baring rooted devices from seeing Netflix. Here is how to install it anyways. 1. Install F-Droid 2. Search for and install Yalp Store from F-Droid 3. Search for Netflix in Yalp Store 4. Download apk of Netflix 5. Allow unknown sources to install in your settings 6. Install Netflix apk 7. Enjoy Netflix
  13. There are instances were bad reputation is harmful, such as criminal history. Some acts are irredeemable and people do not benefit from it. That does however make me think about notoriety as being either beneficial or harmful. What I believe is happening is that to be beneficial you must not do something irredeemable. The way it's set up is that people possibly pay more attention to negative news, as I suspect is a product of the limbic system, where there is weighing in the brain towards negative emotions. Things such as fear, anger, or dislike. They are recalled easier than good events. I suppose to circumvent this effect is to provide an environment of overt positivism.
  14. Ancient alien theorists suggest that the true purpose of the great pyramids is to beam a signal into outer space. Everyone knows that. The gods are really aliens and they built them. http://www.occultphysics.com/Great-Pyramid-Power-Plant.html
  15. Life's a meat grinder. The goal is to push others in before you to halt the blades up, so you do not experience your own enviable fate prematurely. Life requires sacrifice.