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  1. I think there is a slight difference between being satisfied and being happy. Being satisfied is thinking something conforms to ones standards, while happy means one is pleased with something. I don't think satisfied is the same thing as being happy. You could be satisfied, but not happy, or happy but not satisfied. There is a correlating sense when ones standard is to be pleased. I think the answer is indeterminate because you have to make a determination at some point in your life. How one judges this is through either internal or external validation.
  2. IMO gossip is the way people determine themselves in the pecking order, without resorting to violence. How politically correct gossip is depends on the environment where it occurs. In an office things are not to be talked about, while on the street anything can be said.
  3. I used to drink two energy drinks a day at work. The caffeine doesn't effect me as much as the other ingredients do. There are energy drinks like Monster that are concoctions of many (including high caffeine), and then there is drinking a lot of Mountain Dew (just caffeine). The Monster lasts a long time, while the Mountain Dew lasts like 30-45 minutes. It's strange I used to get fidgety before being treated with antipsychotics. After it went away, but I still get wide awake from drinking them.
  4. They can be at anytime in your life. Give a title and a brief description of the tv show. Some shows are nostalgic, and they count too. Favorite: American Pickers I think I've seen about every episode of this show, and I keep coming back. The characters are more like me. Runner up: Bizarre Foods This guy comes from the same state as I do. I never could tolerate the things he eats. It's also very interesting to see what people eat.
  5. I tend to see outcomes as possibilities that are realistic and preferred, rarely things that I show passion for are things that show significantly. Things not such as "World Peace", but more like, a world where such principle as "people make this alteration in behavior" applies. What drives me is altered course, not ideal outcomes.
  6. I suppose that "stand for peace" is better. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2013/11/05/peaceful-protest-is-much-more-effective-than-violence-in-toppling-dictators/?utm_term=.df40ef55438e
  7. I think I get this feeling when certain "momentum" of the conversation does not exist any more. It's like the pacing is off and the conversation has no means to build steam. In certain situations, when someone talks about something your interested or passionate about, you just explode at them with conversation, but when it's something you see as trivial it goes nowhere.
  8. I think I've met for sure one psychopath in my life. It was the way he behaved very socially in person and acted like he was your best friend. Then he would steal from people that liked him. He kept asking for money from his grandma under false pretense and act very nicely, then go and by drugs. When you would say anything he didn't like about him he would be very friendly and unresponsive to it, but I suspect he would want to harm people very badly. When he had a girlfriend he would totally control her. She could not talk or even look at other people without him becoming very upset with her. It would show in the way she behaved around him and other people. Thinking about it, I bet he was using her for sex, and didn't care about her at all. His mother was an alcoholic and was constantly drunk and would yell at him, and he would completely ignore it. He would steal money from his mother when she was passed out. I worked with his grandfather at a factory for a time, and he did not have anything nice to say about either him or his mother.
  9. I think I notice a relationship between the terms norm and equilibrium. The norm being the average behavior, and risk being either above or below it. When I say risk I’m thinking of potential harm to the individual versus payoff of the individual. Just thought I’d throw that out there.
  10. I would like to clarify my thoughts on physicalism here. To clarify what I mean i would like to approach the problem from a monist materialist position. As it implies there is a notion of material and the nature of phenomenon is not a distinction of substance but more of the configuration of substance that differentiates properties. To note this I will point out stochastic processes. What this means is that by relating the means of thermodynamics any one instance of material may be transformed from one variant configuration into another, and vice versa. Now from here, and in modern physics, we see that the material is not stationary, it has motion. this motion can be seen as energy, mass, and velocity. This also then gives rise to resonance and vibration, waves. Now you see there is a connection between stoichiometry and waves. To give this an order we then have to apply entropy, the measure of disorder of systems. Also known as the arrow of time, and it moves in one direction, forward. With entropy, stoichiometry, and resonance, you have a situation where in a disputed sense you have objects. Objects that transmit and receive from information of entropy back and forward from each other, especially as waves, kind of like an antenna. What I’m propositioning is that the transmission of these waves cause a stoichiometric release of chemistry in the brain that causes various things known to neuroscience, such as reward chemistry to be released through the transmission of entropy and resonances. ( to give this some visualization, think or a lorentz transform.) This then become memorized and recalled through reinforced learning. Therefore what is aesthetic is that which have you been acted upon by which causes a certain kind of chemistry in your brain. What is consciousness you ask? Well I say it is the configuration of this material or substance.
  11. I honestly wonder if I'm too low class for this place sometime. Anyways my ideal living situation would probably be a shanty in the woods in the middle of nowhere, where the beer and shrooms are plentiful. There I could contemplate life's complexities. The shamans life for me.
  12. It reminded me of this move: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Troll_2
  13. In this thread we make faulty logic that follows. They can be as long as you want. Here is an example: I want women to like me. Women like the smell of testicles. Therefore if I smell like testicles women will like me.
  14. I think sometimes that conformity gives people a sense of identity and fulfills the need of belonging. This can be seen even in counter culture. Which when becomes mainstream culture become potentially dangerous as well as ironic. I suppose as example of this could be Emo kids in high school cutting themselves, or drug use by gangstas. Other times people conform to not stand out. Where they may become the target of stigma, ridicule, insults, or threats.
  15. I suspect there is a genetic or even physical component to aesthetics. It can even be observed in animals without relevant cognitive abilities. I'm not certain about this so I'm not going to vote yet. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bouba/kiki_effect https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bowerbird https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQy_30J4NKLypNMGUWnFh6-8nx5eGG5bcQmTJ9tHYABFiY-nMd-MQ http://www.masaru-emoto.net/english/water-crystal.html Edit: After thinking more I wonder if this is an ontological problem? Possibly depending on views of consciousness. If you think from something like physicalism, it's a property of the entity’s essence of being (which I suspect is resonance). If you think from Dualism, it’s a distinction of perception by consciousness determining aesthetic quality in a separated way. The distinction is important, as by the source of the ontological view of the being, as either consciousness or physical property determines the correctness of either answer. Edit2: To add even further to the physical view, drugs such as LSD alter perception by the shape of the molecule and force binding in the brain. Though I’m not sure how relevant this is. http://www.cell.com/fulltext/S0092-8674(16)31749-4