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    "Knowledge is power. Power corrupts. Study hard. Be Evil."

    Mark Twain
  1. Logistics is another word for analyzing. Very often i find many people say that they are "best suited" for this job. Even find some extroverts doing this role because the stress can be low. I don't have much experience in pure logistic, and the analyzing that i do on my previous job has gone un-noticed and invalued. the story of an introvert.

    however, i recently switched careers into sales within financial industry. oh boi am i in a wrong field lol. but i am focusing on the logical part of the sale and i'm convinced that intj can do well in anything the mind puts its focus onto. i have to say, its been quite a wild ride so far. the benefit that i can speak off is: doing something new each day; trying to find a system for my day-to-day activities (extremely difficult to do in a sales job); and managing the person's needs to match with what makes sense to me. And ofcourse, educate the client as to why i made my recommendation and ask for suggestion if they see a better way. i've been on my own for 5 months, so far i'm surviving. but i feel that i am just getting started...

    my previous work was in grocery retail, serving as a customer service leader and in management role. at that job, i found the systematic ways of doing things better; as long as the mind focuses on that need. hope this helps

  2. I have reasonably high pain tolerance with the exception of gastrointestinal discomfort, which turns me into a whimpering infant. There have been times after particularly bad food poisoning or the like where I was certain I would have killed myself if a firearm had been handy.
  3. Being an Intj can have some serious drawbacks. What are some things you like about it? Do the perks outweigh the negatives in your opinion/experience?
  4. No sex with anyone. ---------- Post added 04-23-2013 at 03:19 PM ---------- Evidence please. Maslow's pyramid is no longer considered useful by the psychiatric community. It's true that frequent ejaculation helps fight prostate cancer, and being married helps to detect health problems, but one could get the same (or better) results through masturbation and regular medical checkups.
  5. For those of you who are or have been celibate, what has your experience/rationale been?
  6. I would be perfectly fine working low-level jobs my whole life if I didn't have to worry about retirement.
  7. Depends on the program, but personally, I think it's applicable. There's a lot of overlap.

  8. I'm more interested in the logistics side of things. In your experience, is a degree in SCM applicable to both?

  9. I have always had this line of work in the back of my mind. How do you prevent yourself from deteriorating physically?
  10. Im currently exploring such trades. Any ones in particular I might not be aware of?

  11. I'm not sure if this is a joke or not. Either way it's brilliant.
  12. 24 and still a virgin. Never even been on a date actually. It used to cause me a great deal of shame, less so now, but I should really get out there and get laid. The longer I wait the harder it will become. Still, I doubt i'll find much enjoyment in casual sex, long-term relationships seem more fulfilling. My sex drive is pretty weak at this point, i'm starting to think if you only feed it pornography it eventually starves to death...
  13. I would probably switch to ISTJ. ESTJ is the type best suited to functioning in the western world as far as I can tell. So really I just wish I was better with details, that's always been my achilles heel. If INTJs could master the details, good lord, nothing could stop us...
  14. I am very interested in a career in logistics. My degree is in geography, and I am considering a nearby MS in Global Logistics. What has been your experience in this field? Would you say it is high stress or particularly reliant upon interpersonal skills?

  15. I'm foggy on the difference between the two. And if degrees do not matter what does? How does one with an irrelevant degree enter the field? Simply become certified in certain technologies?