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  1. Totally. Like, if you piss me off, no-one will ever find your body.

  2. If you can only choose between deep and wide, the depth would be better of course. But now there are the questions which are really hard to answer : 1. Can you be both wide and deep, or not ? 2. Developing a number of appropriate complementary areas / skills / jobs ... to promote the focal areas / skills / jobs ... OR just focusing on one only areas / skills / jobs ... is better ? 3. Is "Be the Best at Something, Not Mediocre at Everything" always right ? Is "If you want to be good at everything, you will end up being mediocre at everything." always right ?
  3. I have seek for some scientific research articles about somatomancy but I found nothing. I wonder why scientists do not care about it. Somatomancy is a superstitious thing because nobody has studied it by scientific methods. Why scientists didn't research on it as part of psychology ? I never believe in the judgment of traditional somatomancy because of its unscientific, but if it be a scientific speciality, it would certainly bring a lot of practical benefits. For anyone who don't know what somatomancy means : For anyone who think that I need my faith proven :
  4. About anima : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anima_and_animus Last night, I dreamed about 3 girls. They are totally strange, I've NEVER met anyone in real life and have NEVER met them in any of my previous dreams. Today, after learning some materials about dreams, I know that they are my animas. The problem is that I fell in love with 2 of the 3 of them. I even jumped with one of them from the terrace of a 5 floors building to the ground in a game which full of excitement. It is not suicide because we know we will survive (it was in a dream, okay?) I want to know that what that dream signals for?
  5. Thank you all!
  6. I am a pharmacist and quite familiar with the handling of medical literature. I am currently interested in finding out more about psychology, although that is not my specialty.
  7. Can you list some recommended sources to free download science research documents (I'm mainly interested in the field of psychology and medicine). The scientific information on wikipedia, electronic media, news and blogs are too short and unreliable.
  8. We all know that the unconscious and subconscious(preconscious) control our activities and our behaviors more than the conscious. I've been thinking about this issues and wondered about the opposite direction : whether conscious can influence to improve/change the preconscious (or even unconscious) and how to do that. I tried searching the scientific documents on this issue, but it's almost impossible to find out anything useful.
  9. It works, but the interpretations of "the secret" are completely bullshit, very very fucking bullshit ! "The secret" is full of silly pseudo-science and superstition
  10. Any more ideas ??? It's my first novel and the design of a detailed plot is quite difficult.
  11. The struggle of earth's people againsts the dominance of aliens.
  12. I am going to write a science fiction novel. It's about people who were gathered on an island (or a certain area) and forced to fight others (sounds like "The Hunger Games" and "Battle Royal") but they will not only fight with weapons but also with superpowers (think of "Heroes" or "Smallville", but with plenty of differences) Who took them to the island and forced them to fight? --> OK, the alien. (Do you have any better ideas ? ) Why did the alien do that ? --> to train mercenaries ? to research ? just for fun ? (Do you have any better ideas ? ) Why have people had superpowers ? --> the aliens have genetically modified them. In addition, the aliens also have provided the players with high-tech weapons. In the process of trying to fight and survive, players will open percents of genetic structure (normal people is 0%, those who have genes modified is 3% at the begin but the percentage will continue to increase over time only if they try to overcome the limits of their body or rush into danger) The increment of the percentages makes their strength, speed, resilience, senses, memory, thinking ability ... also increases with. At the time they reach 10%, they will own the first superpower. Each person will own the various superpowers depending on their body condition, personality, habits, IQ ... or even their occupation. I need some daring, rational and unique ideas to build plot for this story. Can you help ?
  13. INTJ : Ni > Te > Fi > Se > Ne > Ti > Fe > Si The Si fuction is the weakest fuction (8th fuction) of INTJ (and INFJ too). Does it make INTJ and INFJ two types have worst memory in 16 types ? Or I have misunderstood the relationship between Si and memory ?
  14. This is just a simple question : Can a normal person train to become a psychopath ? And how ? Ever since I was a normal man who respect for ethical rules, have the common emotions such as anxiety, stress,appalling and depression. But in recent months, I have been researching on psychopath and I feel pretty excited. I increasingly became more calm, almost never worry or fear about anything, my communication skills are also significantly increased (I feel like I switch from INTJ to ENTJ ). I was inherently a person who lack of empathy. And now, my lack of sympathy is even increased. I also lack of a conscience and sense of guilt. It was a great thing when I recognized the signs and I love to be a psychopath.
  15. Jesus should not be in this discussion. He clearly never was