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  1. Koobideh yo about 60% beef to 40% lamb (I'd reverse it for koftas. I usually make koftas with the leftover ground meat I have) also mix in a little mustard with your sloppy joes. Makes it extra dank
  2. Shame for everyone! Not all shame is created equal.
  3. Plenty of INTJs get butt hurt when you disagree. Probably why I don't have many INTJ friends irl.
  4. sweet lord what a performance
  5. Finland is apparently the biggest producer in the world of caraway. I love it in my potatoes. Sooooo goood. austrian cuisine is actually one of the relatives of soul food.
  6. It's important to some and not others. I don't judge if you're in either camp. The notion of female purity is wack tho. Chastity balls? Bleh. Dads keepin their hot daughters to themselves? Bleh. Pretty sure I'll insist my daughter (when I have one) to have both me and her mom walk her down the aisle. The father handing off the daughter to the husband? Gross. Studies show fidelity is better when you marry a virgin. Though I do think the sex rev was partially responsible for higher divorce rates. I doubt sexual incompatibility was a common reason for divorce before the 70s. It's good that we do have the self respect to prioritize the quality of our sex lives nowadays, but we are no better at picking the right mates for ourselves yet.
  7. Good rice is harder to come by. So generally noodles. But nothing is more heavenly than good Persian rice with tadiq, some sumac and a raw egg yolk
  8. Honey nut? Cougar dates to make up for them having to pay for my bumper?
  9. HAHAHAHA exactly
  10. Gotta say middle aged white mothers are the worst at recognizing when they make mistakes. Due to their maternal obligation and their status as pretty white ladies with important husbands, they view any danger coming their way as not their fault as they consider themselves the barometer for right and wrong. Putting themselves and their kids in danger is outside their imagination. Can't believe the looks I've gotten from them in blown stop signs, bad merges or driving too quick on a bend on a small road. Around school pick up time is what I call the idiot brigade.
  11. Sometimes you are not his priority. Since he is an INTJ, don't take offense. It doesn't mean he doesn't think you are important. Sometimes I do take longer to reply if its to someone dear because I want to write a sincere and thought out reply. That doesn't mean we can't be lazy. So tease him a little bit for one word responses. Sometimes my gf will make a joke and I won't laugh at all. If you are saying something that I don't find interesting then I won't feign interest ...... added to this post 21 minutes later: Sometimes I'll look like I'm in deep though but I'm not. Someone will ask me, "what are you thinking about?" And I'm like, "uhhhhh, the lamp over there." I have trouble with eye contact when spoken to but the opposite issue when I speak to someone.
  12. I'm from New York and there is a ridiculous dichotomy between drivers who just want to go fast and self righteous types who do this. They are arch nemeses. I have only seen accidents in person due to these drivers. There's a line of folks behind the slow driver in the fast lane. People far down the line pass on the right once the middle lane opens, but the slow driver gives in but is driving maybe 20 kmh+ slower than the guy passing on the right (who may even be a perfectly good driver themselves). My dad went 40 years without getting into an accident, but his first happened in the above way. Insurance didn't place fault on my dad. One of the only times you can rear end someone and not be at fault. Left lane should be for passing, but sometimes traffic won't permit. As Jackie Stewart said, it's about being self aware and being in the right lane according to your speed
  13. paradise: american dickhead at 9:03 most likely I learned nothing about highway driving at my American driving school.
  14. I get better mileage going over 55. That said going over the speed limit in residential areas is generally dumb. Traffic light timing has more of an effect than your speed off the highway.
  15. there's more than mustard. There's caraway, celery seeds, horseraddish and some others probably. Cinnamon, paprika, cardamom and black pepper have existed in europe long before the spice trade as well. Can't imagine much "traditional" central/eastern European cuisine without paprika.