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  • Global 5/SLOAN
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    reserved inventor


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    Non fui, fui, non sum, non curo.
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    Somewhere on the planet Earth, mostly in Finland.
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    I used to be the Groke, but now I'm a puppy whisperer.
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    Life, universe and everything, mostly myself.
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    Who can tear
    Your flesh and hair
    And grind your bones to dust?

    Who has claws
    Which have no flaws
    In mittens they're bethrust?

    The lovely Artio

    (Beartio by GenessorDios)
  1. Now what is this function?

    1. bobabrowncoat


      It's a wall. Like Facebook. Aren't you excited?!?!



  2. Finland. Amazing

    1. Artio


      Not for me, though, it's just normal.

  3. Boba helped you out, go see? :)

    1. Artio


      Yes, thank you, I received a notification.

  4. :) Nice update. Glad life is treating you well.

  5. No problem.

    Thanks homie.

  6. Spank you!

  7. OK, thanks for explaining it.

    I found some of your origamis from between one of my notebooks last week. It was a nice memory.

  8. I've stopped for now. It became increasingly apparent that I was being negative and few people would ever respond so I stopped.

    If things change in the future, I may start again.

  9. Yup. That was my gain from updating the map as well.

  10. And I love the heat:devilish:

    Just happy to be able to contribute to the forum in some way and still stay low profile.:disguise:

  11. Have you stopped blogging, boobaa?

  12. You're in flames, as we say here in Finland. :nice:

  13. Merci-Kiitos-Thank you!