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  1. Happy New Year!!

  2. I finally reached level 28 yesterday. As I failed to take a picture of my best pokemons before they did the balancing trick, I decided to do so now. Who knows what they come up with again in future? I also evolved that Machamp yesterday. I had one before, but it wasn't good at all. I need to go to a gym now to test it.
  3. I have one too. What am I supposed to do with it? If it had attacked with Jingle Bells and defended with Ho ho ho, I'd see some value, but this is just silly now.
  4. No excuses. -14C/6F today and I'm going to get at least three drafting candies. Priorities, people, priorities!
  5. They added the feature few weeks ago.
  6. You're gaming like back in the day, husband. :popcorn:

    1. reiven


      i know, right?


    2. Artio


      Just don't hurt yourself. You're not a young forumite anymore.

  7. I had an interesting weekend, even though I didn't walk that much: I caught my first Snorlax, I saw the first wild Dragonite (which I didn't get, but I have one already, so it wasn't too bad), I succesfully caught the first Omanyte and Machamp, that I've ever seen as well as the first , both wild.
  8. Thanks for following me. I feel stalked now, in a good way, and a bit of pressure to make the following worthwhile. I just got back from Prague and East Germany for my Halloween sabbatical. Perhaps I'll have to post some photos on my blog.

    1. Artio


      I'm trying to adjust and make the best out of this new platform. Naturally I want to follow all the interesting forumites, you included - meeting you left me impressed, believe it or not. I'll stalk like a pro and add no pressure, but the pics would be just perfect.



    2. jonnyb


      Yeah, the new format is taking some time to get use to, and I haven't had much time lately to idly play. I'll add more photos to my blog tonight.

  9. Maybe the question wasn't asked in the best possible manner, but that's not a reason to discuss about it, in my opinion. Even though I'm probably known as a Sensor racist here on the forum, that is just my personal preference to spend time rather with iNtuitive minds. I think balanced variety is a factor that predicts success individually and for the whole humankind. First of all, it's not like Sensoring is what lizard brain do, but then again intuition is connected to effective connections in different parts of brain, including areas where language skills dominate: "Intuition, then, is associated with ventral mixed cortical– subcortical interconnected networks extending from the most anterior and posterior reaches of the cerebral cortex. These building blocks of intuition are involved in automatic, nonconscious, and skilled nonverbal decoding especially associated with the right posterior parietal regions. Insight, by contrast, is a conscious and deliberative process at least past the point of restructuring." (Source, worth of reading, in my opinion) The hypothesis of is a bit silly from MBTI's point of view. Sensoring and iNtuition are part of the cognitive function stacks. All individuals have them all. It doesn't matter what is the primary function, if one doesn't develop and mature, relying on that one will bring problems - it wouldn't exclude the others, but the volume of it limits one's capability to survive, I think. For instance, (and I understand that using my personal experience as an evidence isn't scientific, but maybe it helps OP further in this matter), when I have my Ni flow on, I assume false connections, create patterns from within that doesn't exist in external world and get looped in solving puzzles that only are puzzles in my mind. In OP's words, my S-skills in such state are definitely deficient. There are times when I don't notice another person in the same room, when I'm shivering as I don't realize I'm cold and I forget to eat. From the perspective of evolution, my kind of individual would have to be important for the pack or pool - or maybe just an anomaly. It doesn't prove that I'm superior, it's quite pathetic from survival's point of view to accidentally ignore clear current threats in your environment, even your mind is capable to work with future threats. Also, there are MBTI types that blur the difference of clear N- and S-users through their behavior, for instance ISFPs, whose behavior reminds me of iNtuition quite often. Personally I find it interesting, how human language was born, what is it's connection to iNtuitive skills (for instance, written language). I've seen speculations of the impact of Neanderthal genes in MBTI, and statements that NTs would have more of those than other types, but I haven't saved the link as the outcome didn't impress me. However, I'm studying the matter further. The cultures that still used written characters rather than alphabets might have something to do with Neanderthal gene pool (resource) and same cultures tend to do well in current IQ tests. Does it prove that they are mostly iNtuitives, superior, that Neanderthals were superior or that we all should be taught their written language, for instance? The answer clearly is, definitely not, none of the arguments are correct even if premises and propositions were correct. For further reading, may I suggest this article about intuition and logic in human evolution. ...... added to this post 3 minutes later: Oh, and there are game threads where one is able to add their post count easily. The title of this thread is good. How about adding more depth, actual discussion and perspectives to the topic, even if you think OP's statement was lacking valid content?
  10. For how long? I don't want to harm anyone, so this is critical.
  11. What a powerful membrane loaded with irrational cultural expectations. There is something fundamentally wrong in the world where there even is a market for this. However, from the seller's point of view it is definitely better to end up selling hymen rather than kidneys.
  12. How about dating women who have similar preference/value/choices? I don't understand how these two things you've mentioned exclude each other.
  13. I'm only on level 24, but we got it in Finland a bit later. I've also missed two weeks of gaming due to my terrible man flu, that has been killing me. The kids in the neighborhood are giving me hard time because of this. Damned Instincts. I have some badass ones, yet not much stronger than CP2k. My favorite one is Lickitung, though, for obvious reasons (check the name):
  14. There is no Finland video either. It's a cool channel though. Thanks.
  15. As a Northern European I don't understand where is this statement coming from. I think Finnish culture doesn't emphasize gender differences much and strong characters have been useful forever, no matter what their sex was. However, bossy is something that is not appreciated or even easily tolerated here in Finland. The one who is able to lead, leads. The one who has a need to move others around are ignored unless they first gain the respect of others.