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  1. I'm gonna get one, mostly because I'm still on the original 5 -- which still works great except the battery is getting weak and the screen is small. I could get a new battery, I suppose, but I really want a bigger screen. If you can wait a year, you should. The 8 is supposed to be a complete redesign. As for the macs, as others have noted Apple has to wait on Intel for their chipsets. Expect a new Macbook Pro soon. As a side note, Apple's hatred of ports of any kind has always baffled me. If they're going to keep minimizing them, they should at least have an elegant solution for adding hubs (the current one seems bulky to me).
  2. Wins thread. Lol.

  3. Rational thinking is a method that must be learned -- it's not a natural attribute. Rational behavior would be acting in accordance with rational thinking (or feeling, which Jung included in the rational process because it involves decision making and not just information gathering, like intuition or sensation). The IQ test is designed to measure a rational thinking process, so I suppose it would be a good indicator of how people would approach a problem. However, acting on that knowledge is a different thing, as the thebrainpolice has so indisputably shown. There are many forces at work in the life of any individual. I don't know if higher IQ is a guarantee of anything, except maybe an extra escape route or something along those lines should conventional planning prove inadequate.
  4. The proper thing to do is casually step on it and then look around to see if anyone is watching. Then you make like your tying your shoe while you pick it up off the floor. If it was me, I'd immediately go buy something to break it down into smaller denominations. Hookers and booze? What part of town did this happen in where a C-note gets you that?
  5. My guess? The combination of introversion, intuition, and thinking means an awareness of many future possibilities, many of those potentially threatening. If you combine that with a negative bias (because past experience has shown things more often go wrong than go right, which introverts tend to dwell on more than extroverts, for whatever reason), I don't see how one would not be anxious!
  6. I appreciate the words of support. It feels more like I'm battling against the simplistic reasoning of youth, not racial superiority sentiment.

  7. Props for attempting to cut through the fog. Keep up the good work.

  8. Solar powered lightweight travel-trailers.
  9. How much did all that rain weigh? And you're telling me it was just floating along inside a cloud?
  10. Haha indeed he is! Hope you're well & happy - nice to hear from you!

  11. Holy shit -- he's back!

  12. Thank you for pointing that out.