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  1. I have fully admitted that I could have potentially stated things more clearly, but given that up to this point more than 60% of the women have said yes, I think most people understood what I was asking quite well. So would you say that feminism isn't necessary anymore or that it has achieved it's goals?
  2. We're generally referring to the U.S. or western society here. I considered a pro for one side to be a negative for the other and vice versa. E.g. Instead of listing a negative of being a woman, I listed it as a positive for men. Is this considered a positive for men, or women since men are the ones who enjoy looking at it. This one seems far more subjective than anything I listed. Why is that positive necessarily? I mean men don't need or want that do they? I think I covered that in the emotional support statement. I guess I'll buy that, but I'm not sure that's something that more than a very small % of guys would actually want. I'm not sure how you can claim that as a positive. I listed perception of rationality as a positive for men as the stereotype that women are dumb tends to hold them back more. Is this a benefit for women, or a benefit of having a woman around? this seems like another way of restating the emotional support thing I already mentioned. The alimony thing is in my view a mixed bag. Alimony is generally payed by the wealthier spouse to the less well of spouse regardless of sex. The fact that women tend to get it more often is due to the fact that women make less money on average than a man does. That may benefit a woman who has actually gotten a divorce, but it's an indication of a negative toward women in general. ...... added to this post 30 minutes later: The list is more about averages. They typical woman is shorter than the average man. Again this is more about averages, but what causes women to have more endurance strength exactly? Endurance seems like something you could build through effort. I would certainly agree that I know a lot more women who are runners than men, but I'm not sure that's a natural ability of women, or if it's just something women feel like they have to do because being in shape is more important to them. Ummm.... I'm not sure any sane person would agree with you on either of these things. You seem to be taking this personally as if the list implies that men are some how better than women. This is in the sense that a man can reproduce without needing to give birth. Hmmm...I'm still not sure this realistically compares to the issues of women. Either way women tend to have to settle first if they want children. Umm....I'm pretty sure the whole reason sports bra's exist is because they do in fact get in the way. Breast reduction surgery seems to be proof that for many women boobs can be a nuisance. I think again most would beg to differ. Men can generally ingest more calories, they can more easily burn fat, and they can drink more alcohol more regularly. I think you'd have a hard time arguing that they aren't a bigger issue for women than men. I think I addressed this earlier, but this doesn't appear to be quite the same. Furthermore women have to deal with breast cancer. I can include these, but they seem to balance out. I think again you'd have a hard time arguing these aren't positives. I feel like most of the population would radically disagree with you.
  3. Yeah, there kind of is though because if you can't assume that your life would be any easier if you were a man then what basis do you have for being a feminist? You don't seem to think you can verify whether men have advantages women do not. I'm simply trying to understand your reasoning. It doesn't appear logically consistent. Maybe I am wrong and I'm just missing something?
  4. yes it was. Those are technically the same thing. That may very well be true. I don't know it to be true since you don't seem to want to give any more info, but based on what I've heard it kind of seems like it. Yes, but the context of those statements are entirely different so your answer really didn't make sense. This entire thread is about comparing what woman deal with to what men deal with. They are not actually different questions. You're interpreting them differently which is fine, but they are in fact intended to be the same question. Actually I some what take that back. Your initial statement of "would you rather live in a world where women enjoyed the same benefits as men" would obviously be true of all feminists. My question was designed to take it a bit further, but you seem to be taking it significantly further. You seem to think it would radically change your mind and your thoughts. Obviously it might change who you were attracted to, but I would not expect it to change other aspects of your mental faculties much if at all. Of course not, but what I was confused about is where you said you didn't feel like your life would be any easier. That seems a bit contradictory.
  5. I agree that is an annoying symptom of how poll threads are done. The question on the poll itself is probably more accurate, but it seemed stupid to put the same question in three spots so I tried to be more specific at each stage. Maybe that wasn't the best way to do it. That is not the question. Right, that's not the question. Yes, that is the question I am intending to ask.
  6. I don't know, I'm just guessing. I mean if you're not above average, and yet you think life wouldn't have been easier.... the rest just doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. I may not know them, but it does seem based on your statements that it is logical to deduce these things. I guess I'm not sure why you think that is relevant.
  7. I have mistaken nothing, but if you'd like something explain further feel free to ask. Edit: I hope you're not referring to a simple typo. No, I am not, and using your imagination is not that hard. Clearly there are those here who have had no problem with it. ...... added to this post 4 minutes later: So while you're saying you don't think you personally would have been better off, but you agree that it's very possible that many other women have had that problem? That's fine. It does seem however that potentially you have been fortunate to have some above average advantages that many women do not. If that is the case comparing yourself to the average man might not make a lot of sense.
  8. That's literally not possible. I apparently could have explained it better. But it is literally impossible for you to understand my words better than I do. That is not a problem of you understanding me better than I do that is a problem of me not explaining things better. ...... added to this post 1 minute later: Why? If you do not believe your life would be any easier if you were a man then what do you have to gain from feminism? You apparently believe you have already achieved equality.
  9. And do you consider yourself a feminist? ...... added to this post 2 minutes later: Well actually....... I mean I'm not trying to be insulting to you Madden, but it does actually kind of seem that way. @Remszarvas pretty much nailed it on the head in terms of what I was thinking. You're obviously welcome to think about the question how you choose, but I think Rem did get my intentions better.
  10. Yes it does. I am a man myself. I choose to go to school and get a desk job that has very little danger associated with it. With respect to physical violence, I have never really needed to be in a fight. I've gotten close. I've helped break some up. You could maybe make the argument that there have been physical altercations I should have gotten into, and you could make the argument that my size makes other men less likely to want to mess with me I suppose, but realistically men can make choices that dramatically improve these situations. Most don't. No, these are not remotely the same thing. Certainly their are men who get are victims of physical violence through no fault of their own. I would not argue that a man who just happens to be at a bar when a fight breaks out put himself in that position or anything. Much of the violence that you're considering a byproduct of being a man has more to do with being a byproduct of being in a gang. Or cases where a man chooses to get into a fight, and is considered a "victim" because he loses. A woman cannot instigate rape in anything close to the way many men instigate fights. I think you'll find that if you eliminate the victims of this type of violence you'll find women are again on the short end of the stick. Men. If you polled feminists I can assure you they would prefer that either the draft be eliminated in it's entirety, or that women be required to sign up for it as well. https://www.nytimes.com/2016/06/15/us/politics/congress-women-military-draft.html?_r=0 In fact just last year a bill was proposed to require women sign up, and it was opposed by the most misogynist wing of the Republican party (Trump supporters). Liberals supported it, and even John McCain and Mitch McConnell backed it. Again as I have shown your bullshit argument about how men deal with more violence in general has been exposed as nonsense. No you're not. Because you're on a date. When you're on a date the woman is significantly more likely to be the murder victim. You're counting gang violence to inflate your numbers. Like what? Like not joining a gang? Not committing a crime that sends you to prison? Not picking a fight with a guy that's bigger than you? Well I don't know what alternate reality you live in, but when normal people go to clubs, get drunk, do a little dancing.... there's a lot more trouble there than you want to believe. Exclusive? No, but way way way way way way worse for women. If you're a man, brush your teeth, do your laundry, iron your shirt, and you'll be fine. Maybe do some push ups every now and then or join an intramural sports team. With birth control, you can pull if you're really all that worried. Even if their is an accident you can likely bolt and not be stuck with the consequences. If you're not going around fucking everything that moves the likelihood that you'll find yourself in trouble is very very low. More like another incredibly stupid meme. First there is absolutely no reason for a guy to be anywhere even close to that ripped in order to date a very attractive woman. Secondly, there are plenty of guys who are naturally very strong with little or no gym time required. Third, while some younger women may find it easier to look good in their teens and early twenties that small advantage goes away very quickly in the late twenties early 30's. Fourth, you have absolutely no idea how much yoga and running the girl on the left is doing. Sixth, if a guy wants to stay in shape you can do it quite easily by joining one of about a thousand intramural leagues that are fun to take part in while getting yourself a serious work out. These exist for women as well, but they are not anywhere near as common. Shit, I maybe do like 10 push ups a week and go for a decent bike ride. I eat like a king, and I drink way more than I should. My body is definitely not keeping me from meeting the girl of my dreams. Feminist women are not content to sit back, have kids, and marry wealthy. They want the same type of supposedly high stress jobs that men do. So even if you believe this is the case it is again sexism among men which is causing it. They may not believe they have such an expectation, but when it comes to picking out the girl a guy wants to talk to at the bar he's not looking at the woman in the size 16 dress(average dress size of an American woman). Do you know what the words "pressure" and "obligation" even mean? If you can admit they feel obligated then they by definition feel pressure. I'm not sure what this is even supposed to mean. No offense, but you're already getting close to that type of logic. First, are you sure she even has short hair? It looks like she just has a pony tail and you can't see it. Secondly you just claimed that men are victims because they're petrified of being stereotyped. That was your argument for why men die of cardiovascular disease. You claim they feel pressure to succeed because they are men. Also, the hair comment had a lot to do with body hair as well. How much you want to bet her arm pits, legs, and genitals are spotless. Are yours? First, whether or not a large swath of people agree with you has absolutely nothing to do with you being correct. Your pathetic arguments have been absolutely obliterated whether you have the capacity to realize it or not. Second, conservative Americans are not that hard working. That's why they voted Trump. Remember they couldn't find jobs. This insinuation that you are in anyway harder working is delusional. In fact when you look at the U.S. as a whole it is liberal states that have the highest incomes, the highest levels of education, and the highest levels of success in general. Meanwhile conservative states like Mississippi, Alabama are dragging the rest of us down with higher rates of welfare. In fact ironically enough there are actually more people in Red States on Obamacare than there are in Blue states. So drop this crap about being "hardworking." Conservatives are lazy assholes who barely graduated high school, and just expected there to be a decent manufacturing job waiting for them when they got done. Liberals worked hard and went to college so they could be assured a decent paying job when they were done. Lastly, you lost the majority of votes in this election despite going up against an incredibly unpopular democrat. If President Obama had run again against Trump he would have blown him out of the fucking water. Democrats have now won the popular vote in 6 out of the last 7 consecutive presidential elections. Republicans have also lost more votes in the House in 3 out of the last 4 straight elections. Gerrymandering is the only thing keeping them a float there as well. The only reason Republicans have the power they have is because unfortunately too many Democrats put too much emphasis on the Presidency, and fail to show up in mid-term elections. I can assure you that will be changing. Already there are polls showing a random democrat with a double digit lead over Trump in 2020, and he has an approval rating that is approximately equal to a post Katrina George W. Bush. The numbers don't lie. Republican's are only delaying the inevitable. I can assure you that come 2020 Trumpkins will be crawling back under their collective rocks where they belong.
  11. Because they are conspiracy theorists who believe their eyes have opened to a truth that has been obfuscated from them their whole lives by society. They are delusional, but that is what they believe. Yes, it is entirely a play on The Matrix. A show which by the way has many very feminist elements to it oddly enough. (Neo: I always thought Trinity was a guy. Trinity: Most guys do).
  12. I've fallen for some women that looking back on it I'm kind of glad it didn't work out, but I can't say that I knew I was making a mistake in the moment. I think honest my natural strategy for meeting women has done an excellent job of helping me avoid bad women.
  13. Well there are many things that I think are fairly objectively nice, or even if you might not necessarily want them have the option would be great. For example I think most would agree that being taller, stronger, faster would be beneficial too most. I realize there are some taller women who might not mind being shorter because they're women, but if they were men it would be more normal. Or the hair and clothing thing. I'm sure there are someone women who think they wouldn't want to dress like slobs even if they were men, but having the option to get away with it would still be a plus. ...... added to this post 9 minutes later: No, you clearly do not understand feminism at all. As I stated in the OP I would absolutely choose being a man every single time. This is what makes me a feminist the fact that I can acknowledge the reality that being a man comes with a lot of privileges. I'm not sure I could answer that question. I can tell you that I'm doing just fine for myself. Virtually all the guys I know that would lean feminist have done very well for themselves. I've missed out on a few very impressive women. I lost them all to men who would also consider themselves feminists. I will say that back in September I put a meme bashing Trump on my Tinder and Bumble profiles. I noticed a significant increase in matches following that. ...... added to this post 14 minutes later: You can use whatever criteria you want, but I'm not entirely sure it's in the spirit of the question. What I said in the OP is that I'm not asking if you're Trans or anything, I realize most women are probably happy with themselves. They don't feel like lessor people in anyway, and might consider saying yes to this question to be an insult to women. I think @Remszarvas in the post right before this one.
  14. It seems like the women in here who are saying no are kind of picking and choosing something they think may or may not flip. Some seem to think their mental state would change others don't. This seems like it's similar to asking a gay person if they'd rather be straight? Well a gay person can't imagine being straight so they might say they'd rather be gay, but if they were straight there's absolutely no way they'd chose to be gay. I think in the context of this discussion it really doesn't make sense to factor this type of thing into the decision.
  15. Really?? Can you cite that? One of the debates you find around here a lot is "can men and women really be friends?" It seems that women generally think it's absolutely possible where as men are much more likely to say it's not. The idea is that a lot of women who think they have guy "friends" really have guys who are secretly in love with them, but don't know how to say it. When they finally come out with them and the woman has to reject them it kind of ends that friendship. Essentially if a guy wants to be just friends with a girl, he's more likely to be able to make that happen then vice versa. If a woman just wants to be friends with a guy there's a pretty good chance that he's going to fall for her and it's going to get messy. I've heard lots of women say they prefer hanging out with guys, but it often times ends awkwardly. ...... added to this post 5 minutes later: I suppose they can, but is it a problem that the typical man even kind of needs to worry about? I suppose, but I'm not sure I'd consider that genitalia, and it seems to be offset by the whole breast cancer thing. Didn't seem relevant enough to mention, but I did think about it. Yes. There can be a lot of value in learning these types of games and taking part in them. Very often women don't get included. You don't hear as much about girl clubs that men simply can't join, but there seems to be more male oriented activities were women are shunned if they try and join in. Obviously women can play golf and poker, but how many bosses or managers would think to ask a female employee if she wants to go golfing or join the poker game? These are avenues for networking that women often times miss out on.