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  1. Yes, there are plenty of women who consider it a challenge to tame a man, that doesn't really change the fact that it's considered bad form.
  2. That would be mutually beneficial to both of us. We'd both save money, and be able to afford a much nicer house/apartment. Womanizing is considered entirely one sided. The man gets what he wants, and then ditches the woman who thought there was something more long term involved.
  3. They clearly have no fucking clue what affirmative action is all about. In the context of a bake sale this makes absolutely no sense because the prices are clearly public. They aren't choosing who to sell to based on some personal preference they don't have to divulge. The result is that there is no real chance of any kind of bias affecting anything it's all just first come first serve. A better analogy would be if they only had baked 100 cookies. Then tried to make sure at least 7 went to black men, 7 went to black women, 10 were split among Latino men and women, and at least 35 went to white women. The remaining 40 could go to white men or Asians or whoever else came along. If they couldn't find enough minorities to fill any of the quotas they could then give those to whoever came along based on personal preference. Or maybe even a better analogy would be if they had only baked 100 cookies, but instead of just accepting money for them they invented some silly test that the people had to pass before they could have a cookie. In order to make sure the test wasn't inadvertently skewed to favor white men they set up the type of quotes I described in my last example.
  4. This is true of Brits that are not working abroad as well. The election was close which means almost half of people actually living in Britain with British citizenship will be screwed by the decision of the other half. So I guess I'm not sure why your situation is any more or less alarming.
  5. I'm going with cranky. It will pass.
  6. Yet another reason why having opposite sex friends is a bad idea favored by women. It's rude. It's presumptuous. And it's generally grounds for an ass kicking if I've ever seen any.
  7. Well you still seem to want to blame the media for your own failures so you could've fooled me.
  8. Yes, Yes, the media is always trying to make conservatives look bad by asking them questions they should have answers for. I know, I know it's tragic. Why is it that even though you conservatives and libertarians seem to think you're so much smarter than liberals that we are so incredibly good at tricking you into making fools of yourselves? Could it be that maybe they really are fools and we're not really trying at all?
  9. Yeah so obvious that we'd generally refer to that as a "softball question." In the words of the great Jon Stewart, "It's not a gotcha question just because it gotcha."
  10. It is the idea of treating women as a game or trophy for sex. It is wrong because it almost always involves lying or deceit.
  11. If prisoners are not allowed to vote then an easy way to keep winning elections would be to pass laws that get your political opponents thrown in jail. Certainly nobody would have more reason to want the laws of the land changed then those who have been thrown in prison as a result of them. Clearly they do not believe the current laws are just. This is why things like innocent until proven guilty are so incredibly important. As we're currently seeing with the 2016 elections one of the more effective ways of undercutting a political opponent is to just keep accusing them of crimes whether you have any proof they committed them or not. If a person's credibility can be so easily undermined based entirely on an accusation just imagine how much damage a conviction could be? Even if the conviction was an a bullshit charge. At minimum once a person has paid their debt to society their rights should be fully restored.
  12. That may matter in terms of entering into a relationship, but in terms of whether it will last long term I think you'll find there are some objective things that can predict the odds very well. If you believe that then you seem to want to use different definitions of those words than what most people would. If you want to have a general conversation using obscure definitions you're going to want to define them first instead of equivocating later. If you're elevating those above all others in a long term relationship you're doing it wrong. It is likely doomed for failure. These sound like largely invented criteria for incompatibility. Again you are equivocating that is not what you said previously. The words relationship, friend, attraction. They clearly mean completely different things to you than they do to virtually the entire planet earth. Your perspective in this discussion is likely worthless in that case. Most of this is irrelevant, but if you believe it was true then you need to specify these definitions previously. When you say that someone is attractive in the context we were using previously it does in fact mean sexual attraction. If you're going to constantly equivocate like this your words are meaningless. ...... added to this post 8 minutes later: I'm not. I'm defining words. They need to be agreed upon in order to have any kind of meaningful discussion. If you insist on using ridiculous definitions of words that nobody else would agree to then it is pointless to have a discussion with you. The word best by it's very definition implies that it is a singular term. If you can't grasp that, go read a fucking dictionary. In the context of this discussion there most certainly is. By your definition of attraction I could say that literally every person in existence is attractive. If that is the case then it serves no purpose as an adjective, and it is useless in this discussion. Acknowledging someone's attractiveness is irrelevant in the context you are using. Everyone is attractive by your definition. Either restrict it to be something meaningful or stop saying it.
  13. What makes someone compatible to you may be subjective, but whether two people are compatible is significantly less so. I think you'll find objective observers are pretty good at look at many couples and are easily able to agree that they are incompatible. They are correct more than they are not. But all the qualities you want in a relationship should equal all the qualities you want in a friendship + physical attraction. So if you admit that your friend is attractive then the stuff you seem to think your missing is likely fluff or just flat out invented. Then either you're not talking about the same type of close friends we are referring to or you need to rethink friendships. Why? Are you sure that is really something that makes you more compatible? If you're elevating a partners physical fitness above other general compatibility traits I think that is something you should really question about yourself. Again I think you're referring to a different definition of friendship than what most people are referring to here. And I think most people would agree that most women/men a person meets you would NOT want to be close friends with. Unless you want to be close friends with anyone with a pulse, or anyone who will hang out with you back. ...... added to this post 9 minutes later: Difficulty of choosing which one is "the best" doesn't negate the definition of the word best. You have several very good friends not several best friends. I'll forgive you the nitpicking on accuracy. Again I would consider this a contradiction. At least in this context. You could say that anybody is attractive, but not sexually attractive to you. Someone being attractive is a subjective thing, so if you are saying someone is attractive it that would indicate that they are in fact sexually attractive to you. I think you might be emphasizing this more than you really should.
  14. I don't know if I would lump what all women want in a friend into one basket, but generally in a male friend women want a clown. Someone who's not all that intimidating or challenging. Someone that is fun, dependable and reliable. They want someone that is low maintenance. This is kind of where the perception that nice guys finish last comes with. Guys who tend to be easy going and not challenging to women are seen as doormats who let women walk all over them. Guys like that find it easy to make friends with women, but very difficult to get into relationships with them. ...... added to this post 5 minutes later: By definition the words "several", and "best" are contradictions. In the examples above it was admitted that they considered the friend attractive.
  15. I think you should really re-think what it means to be compatible. No, people who ignore this reality fail to grasp compatibility. They look for attributes in a partner that are radically different than what they look for in a best friend, but your partner should be your best friend. If they are not then you are doing it wrong. People like this seem to be more interested in impressing friends and family members than they are with actually entering into a healthy relationship with someone that is a good fit for them. They are often in denial about who they themselves are. You see women all the time who want to marry a high status man to move up in society regardless of how he treats them. We see men that want a trophy wife regardless of her intellectual liabilities. They have these delusions in their heads about who they are and who they want to be and they try and force compatibility by changing who they are instead of accepting who they are. It's more about impressing others than it is about building a strong relationship.