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  1. largely yes. I also have a theory that Racism doesn't have the same types of negative effects on Asians that it does on African Americans, and latinos because Asians have a tendency to be naturally smaller and less physically threatening. I think that white men are generally okay believing that Asians are as intelligent as them if not more so because they feel like they have them dominated physically. Whereas most blacks, and many latino's are at least as big, as fast, and as strong, as the typical white guy if not more so. Therefore admitting that a black guy who is already physically superior to you in every way is also mentally superior to you is too much to handle.
  2. Pray to god, he doesn't get a "few" years. America's best hope would be to survive that, nothing good can come from it I assure you.
  3. This is his an honest opinion. Not all criticism is designed to shame or put a person down. You can criticize a person constructively. She already has self-confidence issues so it's unlikely that this is going to make it worse. Telling her that her lack of self confidence is in and of itself the problem can only help. Wanting someone to experiment on is not wanting someone to love long term. She wants someone that loves her long term, and her current behavior has allowed herself to be manipulated by an asshole. The best thing this guy could do in order to make up for the fact that he's been treating her like shit and wasting her time, is to stop wasting her time, and give her some information, that might prevent the next shit bag from doing this to her.
  4. Poverty stricken single parent homes. The problem here isn't the lack of a father, it's the fact that the father himself is likely out of the picture because he's in prison, Is the gentleman above the one doing all the murdering, pimping and drug dealing? Is he reading stormfront? He's obviously not joining the Klan, voting for Trump, or posting anti-gay hate speech all over the internet. While you may not particularly like the guy in your picture, I'm willing to bet that he is well educated, gainfully employed, and has a lot more respect for women and other minorities than this young man...
  5. No they weren't. He lied his ass off, and blew smoke up people's asses. Those are tactics that any asshole salesmen knows, the problem is that most career politicians know that you can only fudge the facts, and over promise so much before it catches up to you. Divide and conquer is a strategy that has long been known to win you an election, but experienced politicians know that while it may win you the election if taken too far it will destroy any hope you have of actually governing.
  6. Yes, you should. Yes, self-esteem issues, and you should tell her that when you break up with her. Tell her she's generally a great girl, but she's way to clingy and needy. Tell her you want to be with a woman who is stronger and who can handle being her own person.
  7. Please, from my experience it actually seems the opposite. Most of the worst men in our society are that way because they grew up learning misogyny and racism from their fathers. Men who grew up being largely raised by their mothers have significantly more respect for women, and other minorities than those who grew up viewing their father as some kind of super hero. Better to be raised without a father, than to be raised by a racist misogynist father. Again ludicrous. You look at virtually all the young men today that support Republicans, and across the board they are the product of right wing extremist fathers, and even if they were divorced the father was around often enough to foster their hatred for women and minorities.
  8. Again, you missed the main point of my argument. http://www.slate.com/articles/business/the_united_states_of_debt/2016/05/the_latte_is_a_lie_and_buying_coffee_has_nothing_to_do_with_debt_an_excerpt.html Splurging a bit here, and a bit there to enjoy the simple things in life is not the reason why people struggle and are in debt. Student loans, health care costs, and low wages while you work your way through college are. I for example know full well that I should be contributing money to a 401k, avoiding credit cards, and saving money for a house, but despite my excellent salary there is no way for a single guy to save that kind of money while enjoying anything close to the quality of life I desire. I'm not wasting the best years of my life living in the ghetto with a 2 hour commute to work, and eating roman noodles just so that I can be financially secure when I'm 70 and can barely walk. My parents generation was able to secure a solid job almost immediately following high school. Not only were they able to be gainfully employed 6 years earlier than I was they started out with zero debt and minimal if any health care costs. Today you have almost no realistic choice, but to go to college. Contrary to what some believe it is still the wisest decision, you just have to be a little more selective about what major you choose and what college you attend. But for people who started college in the early to mid 2000's, the world radically changed and they had no way of anticipating that at the time. They were told to go to school, get a degree, it didn't even matter what you majored in because you'd make way more money than your peers who didn't regardless. Millions of young people who made very intelligent decisions at the time, are not stuck spending decades paying down the debt they have before they can even begin to start planning for the future. Young single people with disposable income are usually some of the single biggest drivers of the economy, and their struggle is the single biggest reason for our economic difficulties today. The government holds the vast majority of their debt today, and for the price of a few air craft carriers could wipe the slate clean and give a huge shot in the arm to consumer confidence. College graduates are not struggling because they don't know how to balance a check book.
  9. Millennials aren't making these "decisions" because they don't know better, or because they forgot they were bad. They're making them because they have little or no choice. Most millennials are going to school longer(wisely), but the result is that they are entering the work force 5 and 6 years later than previous generations, and already loaded with a good chunk of debt. In the long run their investments will more often than not pay off, but it may take time, and in the mean time they have little or no choice, but to rent, use credit cards, lease cars...... This is the fundamental problem that conservatives simply do not seem to grasp. When you already have money it's incredibly easy to make more of it, but when you're poor and in debt you basically get forced into making bad decisions even if you know they're bad. When you're living paycheck to paycheck you have no choice, but to put the cost of a major car repair on a credit card. When you can't afford a full car payment leasing in the short term sounds great. When you can't afford a down payment on a house renting is realistically your only option. When don't have good health insurance taking out a second mortgage to pay for cancer treatments is about the only option you have. That is why it is so important for the long term health of the economy to insure that people don't end up in these shitty situations. Finding ways to make college more affordable is good for the whole country. Making sure everyone has decent health insurance is good for the whole country.
  10. Nothing. Particularly in this day and age of the internet anything can be learned online or through some other means.
  11. You'll also notice that on your map the countries that eat the most meat tend to be in the colder parts of the world where there is a significant difference between summer and winter. It is highly likely that the tendency to eat more meat was derived out of necessity. In winter when plants and vegetation die the eating of animals becomes more necessary. Also the need to pack on a layer of fat to help insulate you in the winter likely benefited meat eaters.
  12. The fact that human beings have varying diets all over the world should be all the evidence you need to realize that food choices are heavily influenced by the society you grow up in. Now thousands of years ago these choices were made in large part due to what was available at the time. Your local climate, and environment limited your choice of food. Today much of our food choices are derived from our ancestors, but there is absolutely no reason why we need to eat one thing or another. Now, it is entirely possible that your taste for a specific type of food is genetic, and that you are likely to be born with a preference for eating certain foods over others which may develop whether you are influenced by outside sources or not. But that doesn't mean you can't expand your horizons and learn to enjoy other types of food. It's entirely possible that you learn to prefer something your parents hated. It's entirely possible that over the course of a generation or two your children's choice in diets could be radically different than their grand parents if they are allowed to try different things.
  13. But if Lance Armstrong is cheating then you have every right to stand up and say something about it. ...... added to this post 2 minutes later: People like him aren't smart enough to do these things intentionally. As we're finding out now, it was his voters who were "played" and the media as always will get the last laugh. ...... added to this post 5 minutes later: I disagree. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be recognized for accomplishments, and being rewarded for doing what is right. The saying goes it's not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game. That doesn't mean you shouldn't want to win the game. It just means you want the game to be played in such away that the best player truly does win. ...... added to this post 8 minutes later:
  14. To me that's like saying you should focus on winning the Tour de France and not on what other people are doing to win the Tour de France. Obviously if other people are doping or using steroids to win they are interfering with your goals of winning. How one plays a game is important to insure that the winners deserve that title in the minds of people. We can all win when we play by the rules, but we'd like assurances that following the rules should be a prerequisite to winning.
  15. That depends largely on what you mean by utopia. One could argue that everyone has a different idea of what a utopia would look like. A world where non-suffer and everyone has everything could ever want is largely ridiculous and couldn't happen. I think if nothing else the term "first world problems" is emblematic of why a Utopia is unacheivable. As a society gets "better" over time people uncover new problems to complain about and overcome. To those living in parts of Sub-Saharan Africa our society may have the appearance of a Utopia, but clearly many of us are unhappy with what we have and want it to keep improving.