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  1. No ESP, just a very....odd....sense of humor.

  2. Isn't that the truth!

  3. I had such a good laugh over your post. You must have ESP.

  4. Welcome
  5. I read the brief bio on him (how he starts the book) and I can so relate. I won't be jumping into the book until I can give it the time. These next three weeks will be busy. Thanks for the warning though.

  6. If you go for it, take it easy on yourself to get it read - it's a lot to read.

  7. I made note of the book suggestion yesterday, and today I looked further into it. I was previously not familiar with Campbell's work. I think this will be good reading not only for me, but I can think of a few "runner ups" for whom the reading could be more of a deal breaker. Thanks

  8. Read this: http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/personality-disorders/basics/symptoms/con-20030111 See which one the people who trouble you seem to fit into. Then learn about that disorder, because only then will you know how to be ONE step ahead of them. Your only other option is to go "no contact" with them, and some people are not quite ready to go there.
  9. I don't doubt two weeks, if a background check is done.

  10. I felt really in my element, but you can never count on anything.

  11. They said not to panic, because decision at that place takes about two weeks. Background checks etc. etc.

  12. You're right...I did laugh. The visual of a flight attendant not looking down is hilarious. Talk about impossible to do your job.

  13. If I heard the Star Wars quote, I don't recall it. Ahh, that's a really unusual strategy. Was hearing back something that was explicitly discussed, or something you're putting together through your intuition ?