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    Type O Negative, Q1a31 Y


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    I think I have something in my eye =P

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  1. I'd say some time matters. I mean if you claim to fall in love with someone after knowing them for two minutes based on "nice ass", well...
  2. A violet fluid
  3. Actually, I could blame Capitalism for creating a mass marketed product devoid of emotion that strips away the cultural relevancy of music and prepackages it so it can sell the most. Look at what happened to rap, it used to be poetry, it used to be about the African-American experience and political. Now it's largely about money and sex. That happened after it became commercialized. The same thing happened to metal with glam metal, the same thing happened to metal with nu-metal. The same thing happened to punk with pop-punk. Capitalism encourages mass production of an easily accessible product. Otherwise, I'd be seeing a lot more Throbbing Gristle on tv. Granted, I don't detest pop in the slightest, if it sounds good and the lyrics aren't dumb, I'll have a listen to it, despite that my primary musical styles are Industrial and Metal.
  4. No. Marxism is the idea that those who do the labour should share the profit. Basically the means of production in the hands of the working class receiving dividends instead of wages up until a theoretical withering of the state and/or money which may or may not happen depending on which type of the Marxist subgroups you refer to. There is no such thing as Cultural Marxism, this explains it far better than I can with enough snark as if I were to explain it: http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Cultural_Marxism
  5. Y'all motherfuckers need Jesus
  6. How is Selemene?
  7. Toxikk, Dota2, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territories, Heroes of Might and Magic, Oh Sir...The insult simulator, Unreal Tournament, Portal, Quake 3, Command and Conquer: Generals, Mortal Kombat X, Marvel vs Capcom.
  8. When I was a kid I did Karate and (Japanese) Ju-Jitsu briefly. Also did some light boxing. I'm starting out with Judo and want to look into more boxing and Muai Thai.
  9. I've got Kubuntu on my other hard disk. It's useful for use as a home server or server for development. Played some games with it, sadly my GPU isn't supported in the newer version so I'm on an older version of Kubuntu, but Dota2 and Amnesia work fine
  10. It can't be both you AND momorawr wearing that.

    It's confusing and wrong.

    Come on.

  11. Toxikk. I'm rekking noobs like it's 1999!
  12. Ah my pardon, sorry, the quote system is a little odd at the moment getting used to. 

    1. plotthickens


      Yeah, it's funky as hell.  No worries.  :)

  13. You know the bullshit has started to get out of the hole when you hear "white nationalist doesn't mean racist"  

  14. Tenoch my friend!!! How you are doing? I hope everything is fine!

    Love your new av!! Best regards :)

    1. TenochAcampicht


      Thanks kindly :). Doing okay, lovely profile pic of you.

      This is Mickey Knox from Natural Born Killers, which is now my profile pic as unbeknownst to me before seeing it,

      I kinda had the same style lol. Would explain why I get scanned so much at banks and airports. Only difference is I have longer buzzcut and stubble.

    2. irini


      Thank you Tenoch! I have finally decided to use an original photo of mine-that doesn't reveal my real age!!

      I am sure you look as cool as Mickey Knox but lot. lot better than him!!! Especially with this buzzcut of yours and stubble!! Best regards my friend!!:hug: