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  1. Based on most evidence, yes. I don't like Hillary, but at least she and her supporters are sane.
  2. Yeah, you can link such very credible sources as random YouTube videos, Breitbart and Infowars. Fight the fight against the fish people!
  3. Except that the Bell Curve theory has serious flaws. Also what were the metrics behind the test? Was it in the host people's native language? Did the question takers have access to higher learning? Did they have the means to complete high school? If someone gave you an IQ test in Chinese, you wouldn't know wtf is going on there. IQ tests also use some questions mathematically that you would need at least a partial high school education to complete. In areas with dire poverty people don't have the means to go to high school often. You might want to look at North Korea vs South Korea. South Koreans have the same ethnicity and ancestry as North Koreans, but score higher on IQ tests. Could it be that having a freer society, better access to education and a higher quality of life makes it easier for people to improve their education and thus score higher on IQ tests?
  4. No, that's exactly why my argument works. Cultures don't exist in a vacuum and all cultures influence one another. To create some strange cultural isolation, to be historically consistent, you'd have to remove all foreign influences and potential hinder your nation to progress by way of exclude foreign elements that could advance your culture, if we look at things from a nationalist perspective.
  5. The only sane voice regarding illegal immigration you should listen to: http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi?u=walmart http://maddox.xmission.com/hatemail.cgi?p=1
  6. Doesn't she have more bad alt-rock and anti-vax crap to be doing?
  7. Economic exploitation refers to taking the natural resources of a country for the benefit of the aggressor. If you don't think that the UK and US profited from invading other countries and that gave a better quality of life and thereby education at sometimes the expense of the nations invaded, you might want to open a history book.
  8. Not really in the Leninist sense either. Russia, contrary to what Dangime just claimed, is not a "Communist" nation. Putin has allowed increased private enterprise, albeit closely monitored by the government. I'll take the claim of Communist Russia seriously when I start seeing calls for proletarian nationalization of state and industry. Putin profts from invading other countries and those business in cahoots with the government do too. There's no difference between Western imperialism vs Russian imperialism. Both profit the bigger powers. Look at how Russia plays Azerbaijan and Armenia. They sell arms to both, take a side with neither knowing full well that if things interfere too much and stop their profits, they can just keep them both in line as neither have the resources to compete independently.
  9. And Greek philosophy took a lot from Egyptians, Anatolians, Persians and Mesopotamians. You might want to know that the very alphabet we used is Proto-Sinaic in origin from Canaan which is based on Egyptian hieroglyphs. The first declaration of human rights is Persian. The first codex of law is Babylonian under Hammurabi. The concept of the circle and 365 days and the sundisk is also Babylonian. Even Greek gods aren't all Greek. Hecate is Anatolian, Thoth was made Trismegistus. Also, again, you don't see that this doesn't apply to all of Europe. Before Germanic invasions and Roman colonisation, much of Western Europe was Celtic, which itself has Indo-European partial influence from Anatolia. In fact Irish DNA has markers consistent with Anatolians and Ukrainians.
  10. Except many people came from cultures in Europe that weren't part of the established Anglo-American Protestant base stock. The second most common ancestry among white Americans is Irish American. Irish people came during An Gorta Mor and were NOT treated as being welcome nor were even seen as white. Italians also were later day immigrants. Hence it is true that America is a nation of immigrants, not to mention if weren't for immigration one of his ancestors (assuming he's Irish or Italian of ancestry) coming to America, he wouldn't be in America. Or in his case Canada.
  11. I'd prefer the chef be Italian though, cause Italians can fucking cook, man!
  12. No, you believe foreigners tried to change it significantly and that's why it fell. Again, explain to me what modern Europe culture is and when it starts. And last I checked the UKIP and BNP complained about Polish immigrants too. This may shock you, but Poles are European and white.
  13. Yes those millions of Ecuadorias illegals who swim so easily from South America into the US. 4688 km and Nicaragua is easy to swim across.
  14. No, I'm saying all great cultures draw influence from other cultures because there is such a thing as cultural flow. And like as like not mate, when most of Europe was in its infancy, Near Eastern civilizations already started flourishing. All cultures start at different times, all cultures influence one another. The Greatest European civilizations had foreign influence as did the greatest Asian and African cultures. In short, chill. Europe influenced the Near East, the Americas and Asia and vice versa. No one is saying your family is dumb. This looks now more like insecurity than anything else.
  15. You're failing reading comprehension. No one said Europe has no culture, Europe has many cultures and there are influences from Europe and outside influences, just as with East Asia, West Asia, etc. all cultures influence one another. I don't see how this point is difficult to understand