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  1. I was in the G&T program from 7th through 12th grade. Most of the kids in it were merely smart, not gifted. My graduating class from my high school was 646 people. Of those, I'd say about 6 were what you would consider gifted. And this was from a mostly upper-middle class suburb where most of the students of my high school came from households where both parents were college educated. When I say gifted, I'm talking about the kids who could write a compelling short-story at the age of 16, or who could pass a Chem 2 AP or Calc test without studying. Our valedictorian and salutorian both came from the G&T program, but neither of them were gifted. They were just smart kids who had the time, means, and motivations to get straight A's.
  2. That's where I'm heavily considering moving when me and my wife relocate back to the states in the fall. Nice quality of life and legal weed.
  3. If you have 1st down at your opponents 22 yard line with a couple of minutes left to go, and you're up by 8 points....run it three times and then kick a field goal, or even run it four times if it's very short yardage for the first down. Or fucking run a bootleg if you're going to pass and have your tackle push the rusher to the inside. I'm not an NFL coach, but if you're going to give your super bowl opponent free yardage and free time, then you deserve to lose. The most unfortunate part of this game is that people in Boston might falsely believe that they're awesome, which they're most certainly not.
  4. When you have to ask the question "Should I quit my job?" , the answer is always yes. Whatever sucks about a job normally doesn't get better, with the exception being when everything that sucks is mostly focused into one toxic coworker or boss who gets fired or leaves and is replaced by someone who doesn't suck. Doesn't mean quit it immediately, but you should definitely begin making your exit plan.
  5. Tyson was also able to beat guys down because he had amazing striking defense. His head movement and footwork were incredible. He's known for his punching power and aggression, but the reason he was able to get away with being so aggressive is because he slipped and bobbed so well. Tyson didn't trade punches with people, or take damage to give damage. He moved in close, dodged hits, and delivered damage. Rousey mostly moved in close, clinched, worked a trip, and then submitted someone. More of a Demian Maia than a Mike Tyson.
  6. 3D print it in the US. It might come out cheaper and better built than having it made in China or wherever.
  7. More forums need speech to text built into the reply options.
  8. Skip freelancer.com. It's full of people from Pakistan, India, and other 3rd world countries bidding pennies on the dollar. I've got a good resume and a pretty damn good skillset and I couldn't get any hits there. I personally know people who have gotten real jobs through flexjobs.com, and I'm going to start looking through there. Thanks for the head's up for upworks, going to try them as well. I'm currently working for a start up but it's full of Russians and I'm tired of working with/for Russians.
  9. I think that women's MMA is at about the point that men's MMA was 10 years ago. Super-specialists like Rousey would go on win streaks and seem unbeatable...right up until someone figured out how to exploit their weakness. In the case of Rousey, it's very poor defense striking and foot movement. She needs to spend some serious time with a real striking coach and real sparring partners.
  10. When people talk about pie in the sky shit about how everyone can be a programmer or lawyer or coder and make lots of money, if they just put their minds to it, I'm going to point them to this thread. Lots of people can never be those things. They can be a packer, because that's about their limit, and they can only do that if they're supervised. How often people forget that the world is full of total fucking morons who are only here because society has engineered things so that it's harder for them to accidentally kill themselves.
  11. Do they want you to solve all of their problems, but then question your decisions, but then ask you to implement their solutions, but then bitch at you about how it's not working right? Biggest reason I don't want to work with NGOs is that I don't ever want to find myself explaining to some important donor's child why they're a fucking moron.
  12. How far are you down on the Introvert and Judging part of the spectrum? I'm not very far down the Introvert side, in that I don't have a problem talking to people, even though I prefer to work alone. I'm pretty high up on the judging part though, in that I judge the fuck out of other people and find it difficult to withhold my judgment. I'm almost always right in my judgment, but it breaks a lot of social etiquette to tell people they're wrong, no matter how many times they've ignored your recommendations. I don't get fired, but at most jobs I find that after about 3 years I've had just about enough of everyone I'm working with, and I start becoming increasingly sarcastic and less willing to shoulder the burden of doing my job plus the jobs of less capable people. So that's when I move on to something else. Every time I resign from a position my bosses are usually surprised, but I feel incredibly free for a month or two while I find a new position.
  13. B2B is completely different. You have to present a real value proposition, and most of the hardsell tactics of car salesmen will fail to persuade customers because it's often not just one guy making the decision. For service deals, financing deals etc., sales tactics that work on impulse buyers are ineffective because generally the deal has to be reviewed by the finance team, the legal team, etc. When more than one person is involved in the decision making process, you have to present your product as being the best value for the money that meets the stated needs of the client, because they're a sophisticated buyer. An INTJ can be phenomenal technical sales reps. A technical sales rep's job is to convince the IT/Engineering/IS decision maker that they're offering a solution that matches the actual needs, while the main sales rep's job is to handle the contract negotiations and hash out the terms and scope of work with the business side of things. If the technical sales rep does their job, then the technical BDM makes a positive recommendation to the bigger BDM who's had a relationship built with the CRM sales rep. CRMs will almost always make more money than technical sales reps, since they're the deal closers, but technical sales reps can make good money as well.
  14. Well, there's bullshit sales jobs, mostly the low level stuff. The stereotypical car salesman, for example. Those guys and gals are getting replaced because people don't want that kind of pressure and the "expertise" of the salesman is not needed in order for the consumer to make an informed choice on a major purchase. Higher level sales are still a big deal though. I'm referring to business to business sales, and anything that involves getting wealthy people to part with significant sums of money.
  15. As a music teacher, the odds of her not having enjoyed weed at some point in her life are pretty freaking low.