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  1. My son is only five weeks old, but since I'm a qualified English teacher, I'm going to teach him to read before he gets to kindergarten and do my best to instill a love books and writing. Will try to get him interested in math and engineering, with activities designed to encourage and supplement those fields. I don't trust public school to do much in the early years, since most of the kids are going to be dumped off by weary parents happy to have a free babysitter for 5-7 hours of the day. I think it's important that I have him in public school by 7th grade though, where the math goes beyond basic retard stuff and he'll be itching to meet girls. Me and my wife aren't religious, so he won't have that avenue of socialization.
  2. Well, a lateral solution would be to put a lot of it into bitcoin, ethereum, or another cryptocurrency, since those are appreciating right now, rather than inflating away.
  3. In the Japanese model of the family business, they often "adopt" full grown adults into the family, giving them the family surname. They do this when there is a lack of suitable candidates within the family, or no male heirs. They don't suffer from the following situation: "Grandad was an innovative businessman who took a small business and turned it into a great company, dad sort of maintained the status quo, and grandson is about to run it into the ground because he was spoiled and has no idea how to actually grow a business or compete with other businesses because he's had everything handed to him throughout his life." I think for a family business to succeed, the child has to be raised within the business, so to speak. They need to know how everything works, how business relationships are formed and maintained, how clients need to be treated, how the market changes over time, etc.
  4. I chose to step down into being a super specialist instead of trying to manage a team. I was working for some overly demanding people anyways, and I had a good team, but I have too much self-respect and sense of fairness to whip my employees because the other managers in the marketing department are clueless morons. I think I could maybe manage again in the future, but they'll need to pay me for it. I like working on teams where we're all working towards one goal and I'm coordinating them, but if I don't have freedom of action to accomplish my goals then it's going to be misery.
  5. If he buys an ATV, he's buying it from a local dealership, getting it service from local mechanics, etc. I don't see that as being a big deal, and I already said he'd spend it locally. That's actually a good thing. If everyone saved like the Germans did, the economy would be shit because we're not an export-driven nation. In order for Germany to run at a trade surplus, someone else has to run at a trade deficit. So you're saying your job could be replaced by three years of trade school. Thanks for clarifying that. We could write something into law that provides a tax break to healthcare organizations who subsidize training for people. I mean, those organizations are the ones who are fully aware of what jobs they actually want to fill, correct?
  6. That industry you speak of in Wall Street employs fewer and fewer people each year, thanks to automation. :) You don't have to trust Hank Hill to invest a few billion, but if Hank Hill has $5,000 extra at the end of the year, there's a very strong chance he spends it locally. If Warren Buffet has $50 million extra at the end of the year, how much do you think he spends locally? There are zero large scale economic case studies where putting all of the economic power in the hands of a wealthy few benefited all of society and created a healthy economy. Look at Saudi Arabia, for a modern example. Why would I want you to double your working hours? You work in a lab, but surely there are more fulfilling things you could do if you had more personal time? All of these college graduates in the U.S. making coffee and waiting tables...are you really going to tell me they couldn't be retrained to do what you do? The money and time investment is what prevents many people from entering the more technical fields of the medical industry, as well as a general lack of guidance at the high school and collegiate levels, and a lack of training programs.
  7. When 3,000,000 people threaten to elevate their own interests above that of the one rich guy, he's got the power to fund a media and PR campaign to convince them that it's a bad idea, and that they really need to focus on how taxes are too high, which of course is the only thing that prevents rich guy from creating more high-paying jobs for people. I don't think society is in a better place just because Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet, etc have been allowed to accumulate massive wealth. If they're so eager to give a lot of their wealth back to charity, then I guess it means that even they've figured out that they've done very little in their lives to justify how much they've gained. These guys didn't exactly cure cancer, invent faster than light travel, or establish colonies on Mars and beyond. People nominally get a say in how some taxes are spent. No one gets a say in what the super wealthy get to spend their rent-seeking dividends on. They could just as easily buy a few more yachts, the European oligarch's preferred method of dumping excess funds, as they could spend it on some charity that may or may not be useful. If someone's only incentive for doing work is "getting really rich", then fuck 'em if they don't feel there's enough incentive due to high taxes on high income. I thought hard work was its own reward? That's the bullshit line they feed the people who work for them.
  8. It's hard to be a crook when the legal and regulatory systems in place are all designed to specifically work for your benefit and interests once you've achieved a certain level of wealth and income. Theoretically, if you could make a few million dollars selling drugs, killing rivals, etc., without getting caught, and could launder the money to make it usable in conventional businesses, all of a sudden you can go from being a crook to being a rich guy who invests in rent-seeking activities and hangs out at the country club. From crook to legit overnight, and everything you do to increase your pile of cash can be done legitimately from there on out. The only difference is in how you achieved the capital necessary to move up into the rent-seeker tier. Ex: Over a 20 year timeline, it's much harder to start with $5,000 and turn it into $50,000 than it is to start with $500,000 and turn it into $5,000,000. A whole new world of loopholes and preferred investments opens up once you pass a minimum investment threshold. Wealthy people can be charitable, and it doesn't impress me a great deal. They're deciding which parts of society get blessed with their largess. If they want to save the pandas, they can spend $30 million to do so rather than funding something much more useful to citizens in need. Most of our federal elected officials are millionaires, so they have zero interest in changing the tax structure in any way that doesn't allow the wealthy to pay a much lower tax rate on the wealth they're gaining every year. This is where self-interest fucks us as a society. Basically what I'm saying is that society should get to decide where the billionaire's charity money goes, and we should get to decide what percentage of their wealth gets donated to social, environmental, education, and infrastructure improvement programs.
  9. Google Docs has the benefit of working across lots of devices, and it's free.
  10. My perfect office would be a 3 sided glass walled addition to my house in the back yard. Triple-paned glazed glass so it doesn't turn into a greenhouse, built in bluetooth speaker system, uncluttered desk, comfortable computer chair, small filing cabinet just for odds and ends. I actually saw this on a house my wife and I were looking to buy, and I thought it was perfect. Unfortunately we're not buying until October so the house has been sold.
  11. The previous company I worked for were total assholes, so the marketing director would have us do the legwork and get proposals for campaigns from creative agencies. Then he wouldn't hire any of them, would take their proposal, and task us with recreating it using very limited resources. I got really tired of it because I felt like I was burning my personal reputation with a lot of very good agencies.
  12. I do a lot of work with social media, among other things. You'd think I'd love mobile devices, but for professional social media tablets and smartphones are pure ass. I have a need for a big screen and a keyboard for doing serious work. I can write press releases and articles just using my laptop, but when I need to evaluate design layouts and work with data in spreadsheets, a 24"+ monitor is so unbelievably helpful.
  13. Have you done any additions to a home, where you added an additional room or converted half the garage into a living/occupancy space? Ex: I'm considering taking a two car garage and converting half of it into an office and man cave for myself, but not sure if it will hurt the value of the house in case we decide to sell at some point.
  14. Yeah, people think it's nice and soft, not realizing that it's absolutely packed with dust, dirt, dead skin, and god knows what else. Tile/laminate requires more sweeping and mopping, but a roomba can be really handy for that.
  15. I was thinking more of the leveling and making sure all the angles are cut correctly for decking. In Houston, you need to drive the corner piles deeper or one side might settle more than the other due to the soft ground that comes from frequent rains. ...... added to this post 4 minutes later: To be realistic, it's very likely that I'll be doing the brunt of the measuring, cutting, sawing, gluing, cementing, nailing, and bolting for any project. She'll be doing the delicate finishing touches and painting. We both hate carpet, and a lot of the houses we're looking at have carpet in the bedrooms, which we want to get rid of. ...... added to this post 5 minutes later: Good call on the housing inspector and budgeting for permitting. Didn't even think about permits.