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  1. Credibility not complicated? Is that why you cry about ad hominems and how "you're the only one staying on the issues and it just proves your arguments are amazing" whenever anyone else brings it up?
  2. I resized the image, two choices. 

  3. Princeton is now giving her a 96% chance of winning, lol.
  4. 5D, but 6D was a close second.
  5. To be fair, they might reasonably point out that his apology is more likely a recognition of how much this hurts him (for whatever reason) and therefore "good politics" than a sincere mea culpa. I'm sure that's what it is for at least some of the politicians now "coming out" against him. Of course, even that defense doesn't really apply to the Trumpets who are insisting that this won't hurt him in the polls. Remember, we're talking about a group whose raison d'etre is making the socially unacceptable more socially acceptable. It doesn't surprise me one bit that they'd lend vocal support to him in the hope that politicians will see that approval and be less pragmatic-apologetic going forward. Trump needs to lose by a landslide if that attempt at moving the Overton window is going to fail.
  6. I really, really enjoyed how the response was predicted in the first six posts of this thread and then played out exactly in that order.
  7. Yep! Here you go: https://m.mic.com/articles/150640/donald-trump-donations-how-to-stop-recurring-payments-credit-cards?utm_source=policymicFB&utm_medium=main&utm_campaign=social#.5FNpvqUmr You're not the only one to speculate that, which I doubt will surprise you. Edit: you could cancel it in a certain way, apparently, but only if you took steps beforehand. I think I read an article somewhere explaining that there being no remove card option isn't something likely to happen by accident or negligence.
  8. No, it's the worst shit that the people who previously supported him and now don't can imagine. That apparently includes quite a few people, judging from his implosion of support among GOP senators etc. That's why this is getting attention. Your righteous evo-psych is misdirected. No small number of people in this thread, including me, specifically said that they're surprised this of all things has stuck. Personally, him twice implying that Hillary should be assassinated is the worst thing he's done, followed second by blocking campaign donors from cancelling recurring donations unless they literally cancel their credit cards. Or talking about how he'd torture people even if there wasn't a reason to do it just because they deserve it, or talking about flat-out invading countries explicitly to plunder their resources, or so many other things that it would take all day to list them. Really I'm just glad that *something* has stuck.
  9. Britain First "profoundly promotes different belief" in roughly the same sense that I "profoundly promote my different belief" about where someone should be when I yell "fuck off" at someone. But I'm not remotely surprised to see you here unapologetically repeating their talking points, nor do I have the slightest doubt about how you'd react if the roles were reversed.
  10. Or a Romney landslide in 2012 based on unskewed polling. Where's Dean Chambers when you need him?

    I miss the days when these were the most absurd predictions going around here.

  11. So what you're saying is that it would be an October Surprise if this one actually sticks? Considering the withdrawal of endorsements, it's gonna get really embarrassing if the people doing that withdrawing then withdraw their withdrawal.
  12. There's this thing called the quote function for situations like commenting on a minutia of a post three posts above yours. If you choose not to use it, that's you communicating poorly, not me failing to be thorough enough in digging through everything for a post that *might* make yours make sense. (Obviously I tried, hence the word search.) Anyway, the thing about "you can't criticise my guy for something because someone else I don't like did it too" arguments is that by necessity, they cut both ways: it raises the obvious question of whether you're flat-out OK with it or whether you're criticising Bill Clinton for doing something that you're cool with Trump doing. Or, as Seablue said, stop pretending you actually care about anything Bill Clinton has done beyond how you can use it to score points.
  13. This is an almost completely irrelevant story from 2015. A word search in this thread for "Ivanka" only turns up this post. (Well, this one too now.) Did you even read the topic?
  14. Serious question: putting aside how likely it is to happen for a moment (because wild theorising is more fun), what happens if Trump steps down at this point? How would it affect the polls or election if, say, he announces that he would resign the presidency to Pence as soon as he was elected (would this be binding?) and Pence chose Ryan as a VP? I mean, Trump got this far as an unknown quantity, people haven't been paying much attention to Pence, and the general consensus seems to be that Pence won the last debate.
  15. Did anyone else read this in their head and imagine Trump reading it as a wrestling commentator? Agreed. I've never felt any desire to do it either. It's not uncommon (people thought I was weird when I didn't do it in the boy scouts), but definitely not ubiquitous. And I say this as someone who doesn't filter his thoughts about sexuality very much. I have to admit, though -- I'm surprised that this of all things is as much of a scandal as it is, after all the ridiculous things he's done up to now.