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  1. I know Richard. But this thread is hypothetical. Still I strongly believe that humanity has managed to decrease wars-at least wars are not as much appreciated as they used to be hundreds of years ago-and human life is much more appreciated nowadays than it used to be in the past. So, I guess at some point future generations will manage to create a global society where war wii be considered ... uncivilized.
  2. I wouldn't have any problem to forget about it and not even celebrate it. But my husband bought me flowers and that was very thoughtful of him. So, I bought some chocolates in heart shape in return. They were delicious and we both enjoyed them!!
  3. Cooking, listening to music, join the social media, go to the gym. Or go out with friends for a drink. If you have a hobby helps a lot, you can deal with your hobby (for example my hobby is photography and I spend hours editing my photos or putting them in order or participating to photographic communities).
  4. Yes, but it would act according to rules that would be accepted by every state globally-with no exception. And war would have been forbitten and out of question...Maybe disarmement of states would also be part of the deal.
  5. Lullaby - I like the way it sounds
  6. I would abolish wars. Member states globally would have to find ways to solve peacefully their problems and if a State would create troubles it would have to face a a global partnership of all other states in order to comply.
  7. Hi, welcome here :)
  8. Almost seven years in this forum and there are still some things to inspire me. I dedicate this post to every member of this forum Home
  9. But of course! Kids as all humans might need comforting at some point and their parenst are just the ones who need to comfort them by being patient with them and trying to help them to get over whatever makes them upset.
  10. Today I have made an orange pie (greek recipe). It is really delicious and so easy to make.
  11. I have notice that children or even teenagers that are being treated with affection by their parents do not really need much comforting. They feel supported, independent and accepted, their feelings are not being disturbed easily and they do not seek attention all the time. Signs of affection might be a kiss on forehead when you wake your kids in the morning in order to go to school or a caress on their head while they are commited on doing something, even if that something is playing a videogame on laptop.
  12. I am not driven to succeed at all. I do not really like being competitive, I hated it when I had to. I like working alone, with my own pace, and doing things that I enjoy doing. But I also feel good when people appreciate what I do. This is a sign for me that what I am doing -for my own happiness and development- is actually something worthy for many.
  13. In my country (I am from Greece) there is a regression in woman's position into the society the last seven years as an economical crisis has plagued my country and women's position in society was much affected. Many women came out on unemployment as employers find it much easier to lay off women than men. So they are oblidged to stay at home dealing with their housekeeping and being economically dependant on their husband. I do not know how the situation is going to develop during the following years, but it won't be easy for women in Greece to reach the levels of independancy that they had reached during the previous decade and continue their professional progress. Still, I guess the situation is not as bad as it used to be like... 20 years ago but there is definitely a regression. Now economical crisis can hit any country -as the economical situation of the countries around the planet is changing rapidly. So, this is not good news for women that despite the fact they have done much progress on their social development the last decades they still seem to be frigile and easily affected on situation of social turmoil.