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  1. Healed and cured into what exactly? A neuro-typical?
  2. im alive

    1. Savagelight


      Thats good, I hadn't heard from you in some years. Then again I haven't been on this site as much.

  3. More intelligence = more suffering. Ignorance is bliss? On the other hand more intelligence means more intricate appreciation. It means detail and complexity, deeper shades of understanding. So you get the lightest of light and darkest of dark.
  4. A combination of both. Since I'm a chameleon my personality is just a result of whatever works. If it wasn't working for me then I shed the behavior or thought pattern. The INTJ thought pattern and personality type is what works for my environment or for what I'm trying to do. So it's mostly programmed by environment but there is also a genetic component. If you're mentally disfigured, ill, such as incapable of empathy that is genetic. Whether you go on to become a serial killer is programmed. Whether you go to prison or not is based on how intelligent you are and how quickly you learn from your environment, but some of that is chance as well. Basically if everyone who was an INTJ was unsuccessful at life then INTJ would become a less popular personality type because less people would adopt the behaviors in the first place. Now if you don't like people naturally, then you'll probably be an introvert but you could still put on the extrovert mask if you had to for survival. It's just not something you prefer, that means you're an introvert and that is based on your experiences. If you never had those experiences you would have more patience with people and might be an extrovert.
  5. You've giving up control when you love someone, that is the point. Being in love is being someone elses puppet.
  6. Yes. They are persons and should have rights and be given humane treatment.
  7. I agree. Alimony should not exist.
  8. Brain implants aren't necessary. Optical methods can work just fine.
  9. It's better to be over qualified than under qualified. Get a masters degree and then get as many certifications as you can as fast as you can. I would say aim for 2 certs per year post graduate. That is what I'm doing anyway, cannot speak for anyone else. I'll have a masters with multiple certifications. Experience is everything of course no doubt, but when experience is equal that is when the masters and those certifications become job security. CISSP is the best cert you can get. It's not superficial at all. Security+ (which is what I have) is one of the best certs you can start with. There are also the CISCO and Network+ type certs which are good to have as well. Get a masters with certs and you'll have all the education you'll ever need and will just need to work your way up by gaining experience. If you gain 5 years experience or more you can go for a CISSP which by then will be easy for you because you'll have the masters degree education and multiple certs you used to build up to it. VMWare cert is excellent, Security+ is excellent, Hadoop certification is excellent, anything involving Health IT or Cloud Computing is excellent, Linux certification is excellent. I would avoid going the programmer route (You will be replaced by cheaper programmers in India). Experience is the most important in the equation. Get an education so you can get an entry level job. If it takes a masters degree to do NOC monitoring then get a masters degree if it can guarantee you that entry level position. The point is to find any position doing anything and work your way into better positions later. If you have education and certs you can always do NOC monitoring for a few years and then move up into a higher position. If you don't have the education or certs, it's less likely you'll be getting promoted. ---------- Post added 03-20-2013 at 03:24 PM ---------- The problem with software engineers, those jobs aren't going to last. There is no job security hardly at all in that. If you're over 40 you're considered too old to be a software engineer. If you're too expensive then you could get replaced by Indians willing to write software for cheaper. It's a really crappy place to make a living unless its for a really small company or really highly specialized code. ---------- Post added 03-20-2013 at 03:31 PM ---------- AnaK I'll give you some advice based on how I write code. I'm self taught as well. Always learn your coding style from a good book, so you learn some basic rules of how to write easily readable code. Comment your code so even if it's not the most organized code, it can still be figured out. Learn the algorithms behind the different functions, read a lot of other peoples code to learn those algorithms, and learn to write your code based on the cleanest example of an implementation. Finally choose a language which is naturally easy to ready like Ruby or Python instead of something like Javascript, Perl, or C++. These days most people are self taught. But it's really not hard. You can give yourself an education in programming and be a competent enough programmer to read and write code just fine. Python code is usually just a few hundred lines if that, it's simple enough that it's just like writing scripts. C++ on the other hand can swell into the millions of lines of code, so pick your poison. If you want to spend 6-12 months writing code and are being paid to do so then C++ but if you're essentially a hobbyist or doing it to solve some short term problem then avoid languages with excess syntax because it takes longer to write and debug and it's harder for another person to understand.
  10. Your Total: 29 Between 12 and 15 is average. Celebrities often score closer to 18. Narcissists score over 20. It's a bullshit test though. It was asking questions like, who would you rather be in charge or be forced to rely on the incompetent other. Why would anyone want some incompetent other to have power over their lives? Narcissistic Trait Strength of Trait Authority: 7.00 Self-Sufficiency: 4.00 Superiority: 5.00 Exhibitionism: 2.00 Exploitativeness: 4.00 Vanity: 2.00 Entitlement: 5.00 Okay here is the fatal flaw with these tests. These tests are self reported. I don't know how exploitative I actually am, just my own perception of myself (which is always going to be biased and high until proven false). There has to be a feedback loop so that I can compare my exploits to that of others. As far as superiority, entitlement, self sufficiency and authority, yeah that is correct. But once again who exactly would answer that they don't want the best life, they don't want as much power as possible (in order to give themselves the best life?), success, to be a leader, etc? The people who have problems with narcissism are probably the low self esteem types who think they are shit and then seek approval from others to prove to them they aren't. Whether your a narcissist or not, you should be able to love yourself. If you can't then that in my opinion is the mental illness, not narcissism. If you don't think you're awesome then something is wrong with you, not me or any of the others like me who think they are awesome. I think the natural state for some people is to feel better than anyone else because that is the state to be in to feel happy and to want to live a long life. ---------- Post added 03-17-2013 at 05:10 PM ---------- Ego-stroking.
  11. The high IQ kids get bullied by the lower IQ kids for being too smart in class, for asking too many questions in class, for being know it all. All kids manipulate their parents though.
  12. There are no accidents in physics. Everything is predetermined by something else. So if the universe is a computer simulation running in a multiverse then the probability for life is mapped already.