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    I'm an english dude. A bit of a geek, I like fantasy novels, video games, Star Wars, D&D etc. et
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    Occasional PC Technician, Administrator, Charity Worker and other things.
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  1. Sorry I took so long to get back to you guys. I appreciate all the help and advice, and will start with a clean driver re-install and let you folks know how it goes. Thanks again guys.
  2. Having some odd issues with my pc lately, so I had a look in event viewer. This is on Windows 10 64-bit. First problem is my screen randomly going black very briefly, sometimes 2 or 3 flashes at a time. A rare occurence mostly, but this just started lately and I'm hoping to figure out the cause. Possible Event Viewer related ID, under "Warning": 4101. Source: Display. I'm using an amd r9 390, if that helps. The next thing I saaw looking in event viewer was under "Error" and had the event ID 10016. Source: DistributedCOM. I have zero idea what this means, even after looking it up online. Can anyone give me some idea what this might be? 2 cases in the last hour, 6 cases in the last 24 hours, 16 in the last 7 days. Seems a bit much. I also have 14 cases in the last 7 days of an error with amdpusrsvc (event ID: 0), 2 of those in the last 24 hours. Don't know if this is related or serious. Any help is much appreciated.
  3. Well my motherboard is pretty new and high spec, so I would guess the onboard sound quality would be better than on most mobos. Is it really that good these days? I use my pc a lot for gaming, music and programmes.
  4. As the topic title says, I'm considering getting a new sound card for my PC. I'm currently using the same sound card I had when I built my machine 7 years ago, a Creative x-fi titanium fatality pro (whatever the fudge the proper 1337 spelling is, you know the one I mean). I've had various problems with this card over time, from crackling sound (which I switched modes for, this would either fix it or cause me to lose sound until the pc restarted), to problems with openAL. It's been through 3 operating systems, Vista, 7, and now running it on 10. I don't really have any huge issues with it now, every now and then I still get the crackling issue but it's much rarer than it used to be, and Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition has some audio problems I've contacted their support about. I get that this is an old card now, but the driver support doesn't quite seem to be there as long-time problems still have yet to be fixed. I have some really nice Logitech x-230 speakers, and I love it when the whole 3D sound and EAX features in games are used to full effect, though I guess changing my card might lose me some of those features. Is it worth me getting a new card? If so, any recommendations?
  5. I just read "What to expect from the poster in person where you came in after me and wrote, "Hugs":

    Yup, for you, oh yes. :heart: 

  6. @counterstrike I do have hair slightly past my shoulders, though it's always clean and tied back for interviews. I find it amusing you say "They might think you're a metalhead". I do enjoy some metal music. @cak Thank you for your kind words. Working for a company from home was something I hadn't even considered and didn't know was a thing! This is definitely a good idea and something I will look into. @lor6 I must admit I don't know many good places to look for the kind of work I want to do. I look around the typical job sites, but the sort of jobs I want don't seem very common on the sites I use, and the ones I do find almost always say professional experience required, which I just don't have. I often apply anyways, but no luck yet. @byhisello99 To answer your first question: No, no I'm not. I always get nervous about and in an interview, sometimes I talk too much, sometimes not enough. My thought process becomes scattered and I'm not very confident in interviews. I've tried practice interviews and such, but it doesn't seem to help. I always do my best to prepare, to research the business and field I'll be working in, and I've often been on the nose in the subject of my research when it comes to the questions I'm asked. My nerves just get to me and it comes out either in a nervous, repetitive rush, or slow and stuttering. I think I may suffer with undiagnosed anxiety in some respects, but that's really another subject. Your question as an interviewee is a really good one, and I think I will make use of that in future, thank you.
  7. @Cinder: I had a look on their site, everything they have in my area is along the lines of finance/admin. I'll have a think about your offer. :) @counterstrike: I know that's the case for some larger companies, but there are those who have contracted or on-site service support. I'm not necessarily after working at a call centre/IT helpdesk, I'm quite happy to do field work if given the chance. I'd probably prefer that actually.
  8. I feel kinda lost, career-wise. Let me give a little background info here... I'm in England, and when I left school like... 15 years or so ago now, I did a Business Admin NVQ level 2. On finishing that, I've had a few admin jobs in the years since, all temporary work through agencies. The work has had some diversity to it, supplies ordering for the town roadworks, survey processing, reception desk, call centre to name a few. After a while, I grew bored with the lack of challenge, and decided to retrain into IT support. I started with a college evening course, and then a full-time college course, and on finishing those and trying to get work, I had no luck. I decided to gain some more qualifications last year, and this year I finished CompTIA's A+ and Network+ qualifications. Back in the job hunt again, I'm having little luck in finding work in the sort of entry level tech support job I want, and the few I've found, I've had one interview, which I wasn't successful with. What am I doing wrong? What am I missing? Where should I go from here? I'm loathe to give up trying to get a job in IT support, as that's really where my passion lies. Can anyone give me some advice?
  9. I think this can be common to INTJ's and INFJ's both. Both types have Ni as the primary function, and Ni needs to discard or shut out information it percieves as useless to prevent being overwhelmed by sheer volume of information. Ni just says "This is boring/useless info" and wanders off to play.
  10. Ni is hard to describe to one who doesn't use it, but... I'll do my best here. Being an INTJ, Ni is our primary function. Our minds see and make patterns from what we percieve in the world around us. I have patterned wallpaper and I often draw imaginary lines and shapes between them, hehe. To be more serious and to expound though... we may not see so much as what is there, as what might be there with a few adjustments. We take in SO much information, and Ni is not selective in what it takes in. It IS selective in what is held onto though and this is what's really important in understanding Ni. Our minds take in so much, and buzzes away making abstract links, connections and patterns between things. If we held onto everything we take in, our minds would be overwhelmed with a sheer flood of information. As we grow we learn to discard useless or irrelevant information, and only send on useful, relevant, or interesting things to our secondary function, Te, to be processed. A mature INTJ does this effectively, but an immature INTJ may well discard useful ideas, or hold onto ones that aren't useful or even necessarily true. This is more likely when Te is skipped out, and there's an Ni/Fi loop. I digress, but funnily enough, it's all linked together. A healthy Ni will constantly be gaining ideas, insight, and seeing patterns and connections in the world around them, and use those to their benefit, and sometimes the benefit of people around them. Ni lets us see links that others might miss, and this can be a powerful tool. In terms of imagination... it can be quite distracting sometimes actually. We may be given one task, or give ourselves a task, and our Ni nudges us with a pattern in what we sense, and our minds might wander onto weaving more patterns in our heads. It can be great for creative or deductive endeavours, as one thought can lead to another, to another and we can get all sorts of ideas pop up from our memories, creative mind, or whatever you'd like to call it. Hope that's interesting/useful to you.
  11. It would depend on how close you are with this person, and what you want out of them. If you're not yet in a relationship with them, and you DO want more, I would advise to not pursue it. A relationship where one wants more than the other is willing or able to give is not healthy and will lead to frustration and discontent. If you're already with a person, and this is the state of things, then it becomes more complicated and difficult. You have to consider and weigh up what the person means to you, how happy you are, what future you have as things stand, what compromises either of you may be willing to make and how you feel about that. It may be that you're totally fine with them prioritising a career over you, in which case there's no real problem. If everyone's okay with things as they are, no change is needed. If I was with someone who said that, I wouldn't really mind, so long as there were still reasonable time and effort given to our relationship.
  12. My opinion can be summed up with this, hahaha.
  13. Is this a serious question? Seems like the sorta topic that would belong in the lounge if not, but I'll answer as if you're serious. I think whether you're asking about our own perceptions, or the perceptions of other types to us, it depends on the person you ask. To some we're scary, to others we're not. Some like that, some don't. To some we're arrogant, some might think we're aloof or too impersonal. Not only does it depend on who you ask, but it also depends on the INTJ. There is much diversity among any given type. My gf is an INTJ, and she's awesome, but another INTJ I know is one who never matured, is full of his own self-assured arrogance and refuses to recognise or apologise when he's in the wrong. So... some of us might be cool to some people, some might not be. Depends who you're talking about, and who you ask.
  14. I think it is entirely dependant on the patient and doctor. I don't think it's fair to say that all psychiatrists are useless. As with any sort of medical care, it is HUGELY dependant on where you go and who you see. The doctor has to be good at it, and the patient has to be willing. You won't get that in all cases, but that doesn't mean the entire field of study and practice is useless or harmful. I would imagine some doctors who are inept or just don't care would be useless or harmful, but I doubt every one of them is like that.
  15. So IQ is all about pattern recognition? Hmm, I didn't think that was the case. I scored 102. A lot of them made no sense to me, especially later on, so I just clicked at random. Perhaps understanding the question is part of the test, but... eh, I didn't get on with it at all.