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    canal fulton ohio
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    Pet stylist
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  1. The original map was destroyed, so in case you want to do it again, answer to the INTJf map thread, please.

  2. I like that pic, thanks.

  3. beautiful image...

  4. I hope you feel better soon

  5. I commented on your blog. Why not update it next chance you get. :)

  6. Halloween was ok. I had a good time. Carved a pumkin and ate lots of candy.

  7. -Decided to go back to school. -got a new job. -potty training my 2 year old.
  8. Happy belated Halloween... How was your halloween?

  9. Happy Halloween!

  10. Well, now I live about 4 hours away in Indiana. But I remember those stomping grounds well. I was back there for a funeral at Schermesser on Turkeyfoot Road and got there early so drove around and around for awhile, looking at the homes we lived in back then. The Portage Lakes are really very beautiful. :)

  11. Yay! someone that actually lives close to me. lol. I live in what used to be the Rafferty nursing home. :)

  12. I just saw you talking about Ohio on Johnny's blog and now find out you are from very close to where I'm from. (I went to Manchester HS.) Funny how that area is not the boonies but feels like it sometimes...

    Anyway, howdy! :-)

  13. I used to be able to go on just 1-2 hours alone time. Right now I dont even get that and I am pretty much a bitch to everyone that gets to close. On the flip side I would go weeks on end without anyone around me and had to hve contact with someone, even if it was just an hour a week.
  14. 60% i, 40% e, 67% n, 33% s, 50% f, 50% t, 33% p, 67% j