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  1. I had a very good American history teacher, though as far as knowledge of other places in the world it's not really that great. We have a general picture of regions of the world, their patterns of history, their customs, etc. but not much else. I remember we had to study medieval history of Europe, especially Britain, and medieval and ancient history of Asia. We also studied a bit of the indigenous cultures that came before the English, though education in that regard is minimal and definitely lacking. Though honestly history education isn't what concerns me - it's not like knowing the medieval leaders of Norway are going to help anyone through life. What concerns me most with regards to these subjects is the time that isn't spent on civic or legal education. So many people don't know their rights, it's scary.
  2. I'm fine with them - my mother is an ISFJ and we get along fine. We both have a mutual understanding and respect for each other. For example, I find it quite impressive the amount of details that sensors are able to notice that completely escape me. They also have excellent memories, at least in comparison to my own.
  3. You're fine in my opinion except for this detail. Don't punch walls when you're angry because it reinforces the idea that this is the way you deal with anger. Try to find some other way to deal with your anger instead of this; meditation as you previously mentioned might be a better alternative.
  4. The death penalty is always punitive. Besides that, life imprisonment is equivalent to death from the viewpoint of society. I see no reason for the death penalty, except maybe for mass murderers.
  5. In my experience confrontation isn't worth it with anyone. Just try to ignore any bad comments or looks you get, and be nice. That's what I usually do anyway, and it hasn't gotten me punched in the face. So at least there's that.
  6. I do actually want kids. I have a sister with a 13 year age gap, so I got the fun of kids without too much of the work. Though I was left alone with a few nasty diapers. My sister convinced me that I do want kids. The thing that scares me is that I might need a marriage to make this happen, and I do not want a divorce.
  7. I like some extroverts and dislike others. Just like introverts. That said, talking to extroverts is easier generally because I don't have to say as much. They happily carry the conversation for me in most cases. Then again, there are other extroverts which get upset when I use one word responses. Honestly I really don't know what I'm supposed to respond with most of the time.
  8. I think my iq is 100, but I can't remember any of the tests I've taken. Go figure.
  9. I'd rather just change myself. It's much less work than changing the world.
  10. My grandma is silent gen. My parents are gen x. I have no boomers in my family. Oh, and every generation of my family has come from poor to middle class. My grandmother did, and so did my father and mother. I'll probably be the first in my family not to start out completely destitute.
  11. From what I can tell, she probably genuinely needed the help. People who are actually scammers almost always want cash so they can buy their drugs or whatever.
  12. From a computer security standpoint, they need to exist. The vulnerabilities in software they expose on a regular basis are embarrassing, particularly because many of them we've known about since the 1970's. Buffer overflows, SQL injections, and all the other ilk is completely preventable. The problem is, it takes a skilled professional to ensure that these vulnerabilities are dealt with correctly. Skilled professionals tend to cost a bit more money than your average code monkey though, so companies skimp until they get caught with their pants down. This might be hard to believe, but Anonymous should be the least of anyone's concerns with regards to getting something hacked. The real bad guys don't tell anyone that they've stolen a bunch of SSNs; people find out way too late to do anything about it usually.
  13. Color:Blue Music:House, Classical, Ambient Car: Toyota Camry
  14. Small talk is about delivery, not content. It does have meaning, it just isn't as obvious.
  15. Unlimited resources + fairly liberal government. The rest will work itself out, I think.