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    I just live an incognito life, blend in real well :)
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    IT, cars, technical things, mechanical things, my Stratocaster.
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    Lost in Space
  1. It's a fundamentally skewed poll by looking at the answers ... S types are most common in the world, yet are significantly under-reported here. Perhaps it's because intuitives are drawn toward this sort of thing a bit more.
  2. They come here in an attempt to figure us out.
  3. "Oh NO! It's the end of the world. Where are my car keys?"
  4. That little green light does not always illuminate when the cam is in use - it can be toggled off.
  5. I disable the hardware in Device Mangler. No need to cover it; besides you have a microphone too ...
  6. I am honestly surprised there are not more posts on this thread.
  7. Began playing since during the second week of August. ENL, currently level 8 in the Mesa, AZ area.
  8. That was a perfect response!

  9. More and more with each passing day. Intellectual laziness is the order of the day and that's no way to run a civilization - but unfortunately it is how civilization is 'run'. Mike Judge was right, and Idiocracy isn't a movie - it's a prophecy.
  10. Wish I had said that

  11. If you stick with a name brand, such as ASUS, Samsung, etc ... you should be in for a decent experience. Keep the crappy apps off of it and they should be fine. If you go with one of those craptastic generic tablets that are forged from chinesium, which is perhaps about 70%+ of the Android market (i.e. Kocaso, etc), you're in for a 'unique' experience which will probably sour you away from all of them.
  12. Ludwig Mozart. You're a true introvert and Type A perfectionist, with an attention to detail and focus that drives your success. You get these traits from Wolfgang Mozart, the prodigious and influential composer, and Ludwig van Beethoven, the German composer and pianist whose influence on music is immeasurable. You might worry a little too much, but you believe people are good and the best outcome will always surface. You also take calculated risks that have the potential to pay off big time; you get this trait from Beethoven.
  13. If I eat a sandwich with multigrain bread, cheese, turkey and ham for lunch, I won't be hungry again until dinner - and sometimes not even then. I've noticed that if I eat a double cheeseburger and fries at, say Wendy's or Carl's Jr, I am hungry again within 3 hours. I don't have that reaction with a burger from In-N-Out. There might be some merit to the OP's post. I think it's the fat and salt content of the food.
  14. OS/2 Warp Connect 3.0
  15. I scored a 4.